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Author Topic: Red Dead Lawmen Recruiting for PS3 and XBox360  (Read 557 times)

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Red Dead Lawmen Recruiting for PS3 and XBox360
« on: August 23, 2010, 08:09:39 PM »

[align=center]Red Dead Lawmen Recruitment Page[/align]

The Red Dead Lawmen are looking for a few good men and women for organized clan activities. We are looking for mature responsible people who are willing to make a commitment to the clan. Our requirements are not hard if you are truly looking for a group experience like ours. Friends hanging out in multiplayer chasing Public Enemys and generally upholding the law. If you haven't looked at us lately come to the new website and check us out.

Like I said our requirements aren't hard.

The probationary rules are:

1. 6 week probationary period with mandatory online patrols.
2. In those 6 weeks you are required to attend 3 of the Saturday mandatory patrols.
The patrols are at 12pm Eastern Standard Time, 6pm GMT.
3. Stay active on the Red Dead Lawmen Forum.

The member rules are:

1. We don't kill NPCs, Animals that aren't a threat unless hunting. Other players who are minding their own business.
2. We don't kill clan members under any circumstances with the following exceptions.
The member has gained a Public Enemy status, which can easly happen with the new RDR dlc.
The members have agreed to it for the purposes of boosting etc. (personally I don't like boosting, but whatever floats your boat)
3. We don't kill posse members that have joined our posse unless that player has turned on our posse.
4. There will be no knifing or tommyhawking of members/other players who have not attacked us/our horses/other animals not a threat(unless hunting).

Our rank structure is:

Trainee Ranks:
Private - given when accepted
Cadett - given after first manditory probationary patrol
Junior Officer - given after second manditory probationary patrol

NCO Ranks - Full Member
Officer - given after completion of probationary period

Command Ranks

Clan Leader Ranks
Major - XBox360 Co-Leader
Major - PS3 Co-Leader
Colonel - XBox360 Leader
Colonel - PS3 Leader
Chief - Clan Leader
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