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Author Topic: Bad Company Mercenaries  (Read 701 times)

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Bad Company Mercenaries
« on: November 27, 2010, 12:37:47 AM »

                          Bad Company Mercenaries

- Storyline

In the year 1903, a group of about 40 Native Americans and Mexicans began an uprising. They were tired of being suppressed by the Mexican Government. They snuck around like guerillas.. One day, they climbed up the side of the mountain at torquemada with ropes, and they captured 25 mexican troops. They took their tomahawks.. chopped all their heads off, threw their corpses off the cliff. They busted into the armoury, they grabbed as many supplies as they could get, and they rappeled to the bottom of the cliff, landing on the corpses.

 The year is 1905.                             This group of assassins are massing. In Christmas of 1905, 4 elite assassins sneaked into the Presidential Palace in Escalera. There was an important meeting going on at the time. The men took at throwing knives, and knifed four of the generals in the throat. They cut the Dictator's head off with a Tomahawk. In four years, after the rest of the oppressors were knocked out, The Black Hand and the Assassins joined together. Now, they are just called the Black Hand.                    


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There have been numerous treaties that other clans would not honor, and death was brought to them by the full force of the Black Hand.

The Black Hand is led by Chiefpoonzbury. There are many extensions to the clan itself. You can contact ElementSkater57 if you want to join.

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