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Author Topic: ~ RDR Achievement Guide ~ 95 ACHIEVEMENTS ~ BASE GAME & DLC  (Read 10140 times)

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~ RDR Achievement Guide ~ 95 ACHIEVEMENTS ~ BASE GAME & DLC
« on: February 25, 2011, 11:46:57 AM »

[align=center]Below I have listed all of the 95 achievements which are in Red Dead Redemption Base Game, and its DLC.[/align]

[align=center]I have sorted the Base Game achievements and the different DLC packs achievements into their own category so you can easily find the achievement which you need help for.[/align]

There are 48 achievements in the RDR base game.
There are 10 achievements in the DLC pack, "Outlaws to the End".
There are 10 achievements in the DLC pack, "Legends & Killers".
There are 15 achievements in the DLC pack, "Liars & Cheats".
There is a final, 12 achievements in the DLC pack, "Undead Nightmare".

[align=center]There are certain achievements, such as mission achievements where I will not go into directly, and not give away any story.[/align]


[ Any achievement which is highlighted in blue, is a secret achievement ]

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
A Savage Soul[/color], 10G]
Complete "At Home with Dutch"

For this achievement all you have to do is finish the stated mission.  This mission takes place in West Elizabeth.

Show content for Austin Overpowered, 25G:

In single player, complete the hideouts, Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin and Gaptooth Breach.

For this achievement, you have to complete all three hideouts. They do not have to be done in any order, and do not have to be completed in a single session.

The Twin Rocks hideout can be unlocked after the Bonnie MacFarlane mission, "New Friends, Old Problems".
The Pike's Basin hideout can be unlocked after the Marshal Johnson mission, "Justice in Pike's Basin.
The Gaptooth Breach hideout can be unlocked after the Irish mission, "Man is Born Unto Trouble".

Here is a map showing the locations of the three hideouts.

Show content for Bearly Legal, 5G:

Kill and skin 18 Grizzly Bears.

For this achievement you have to have unlocked the West Elizabeth area. Bears can only be found in the Tall Trees area.

Bears can usually be found wandering about pretty anywhere in the Tall Trees. However they can be found usually in two's, if not three's at Bearclaw Camp. If they cannot be found here, they are usually wandering about in the snowy area of the Tall Trees.

It is best to kill bears when equipped with some dead eye items, some medicine and a decent powered weapon. Such as the semi-auto shotgun, or the buffalo rifle.

Show content for Buckin' Awesome, 10G:

Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred and the Hungarian Half-Bred.

These are the three top tier horses in Red Dead Redemption.

The Kentucky Saddler is a golden horse which is given to you in the Bonnie MacFarlane mission, "Wild Horses, Tames Passions". This horse can also be found south of MacFarlane's Ranch, east of Armadillo and around Rattlesnake Hollow.

The American Standardbred can be found in the West Elizabeth area, The Great Plains. It is just one of the horses which can be found here, this horse is a full black horse.

The Hungarian Half-Bred can be found in the Great Plains area of Nuevo Paraiso. More specifically, the Diez Coronas area.

Even when you have broke all three horses, the achievement is sometimes not given. To fix this, you should try breaking the Kentucky Saddler again.

Show content for Bullseye, 20G:

Get 250 headshots in any game mode, with any gun.

This achievement is fairly simple and can be done within playing throughout the main storyline.

A faster way would be to complete all gang hideouts, specifically focusing on headshots only.

If you get headshots in multiplayer, as well as single player. The two counts to do not stack. It is recommended to focus getting headshots in one game mode only.

Show content for Clemency Pays, 10G:

Capture a bounty, alive.

For this achievement you have complete a bounty mission with the bounty alive.

In order to do this, you have to have aquirred the lasso. In order to do so complete the Bonnie Macfarlane Mission, "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions".

Just like in any bounty mission, you have to first kill all of the men which are guarding him. Then you have to lasso him, hogtie him and place him on your horse. Take him back to the nearest jail and claim your reward.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Dastardly[/color], 5G]
Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

For this achievement, you must first have the lasso. To aquire it simply complete the Bonnie Macfarlane mission, "Wild Horses, Tame Passions".

This is pretty basic achievement and pretty much speaks for itself. Patience is possibly required, and the bandanna if you do not wish to lose any honor points.

Show content for Evil Spirits, 25G:

In single player, complete the hideouts, Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul.

The Tumbleweed hideout can be unlocked after the Marshal Johnson mission, "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane".#
The Tesoro Azul hideout can be unlocked after the Vincente de Santa mission, "The Demon Drink".

Here is a map showing the locations of the two hideouts.

Show content for Exquisite Taste, 10G:

Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith.

There are 5 rare weapons in total.

Carcano Rifle - Blackwater
Evans Repeater - Blackwater
Mauser Pistol - Blackwater
LeMat Revolver - Escalera
Semi-Auto Shotgun - Escalera

Two of which can be bought in the Escalera gunsmith, the other three can be bought in the Blackwater gunsmith.

Show content for Fightin' Around the World, 5G:

In single player, Knock somebody out with melee in every saloon.

There are 7 saloons in Red Dead Redemption.

Armadillo - New Austin
Thieves' Landing - New Austin
Rathskeller Fork - New Austin
Escalera - Nuevo Paraiso
Chuparosa - Nuevo Paraiso
Casa Madrugada - Nuevo Paraiso
Blackwater - West Elizabeth

Here is a map

Show content for Friends in High Places, 10G:

Use a pardon latter to pay off a $5000 bounty.

For this achievement, you must kill your way up a $5000 bounty, then go to any foreman's office, and use a pardon letter at the desk.

There is a guide on how to get this achievement below.

First, head to Armadillo, preferably at morning. Go to the doctors office and kill him. Hide behind the desk in that room and kill any lawman that walks through that door. Eventually, the lawmen will stop coming. When this happens, head over to MacFarlane's Ranch, go ahead and kill as many lawmen as you can there. When no more lawmen are coming, go back to Armadillo and do the same.

Repeat this method until you have a $5000 bounty.

Show content for Frontiersman, 20G:

Obtain rank 10 in any single player ambient challenge.

While I am not going to go into detail of every challenge, I will redirect here, where you find guides on all challenges.

Show content for Go Team!, 20G:

Be on a winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in a public match.

The best and possibly fastest way to get this achievement is to play with your friends, therefore you will have full contact with them and be able to work together a lot better.

Teamwork is very much the key to this achievement, as well as being good in multiplayer and having a good team.

Show content for Gold Medal, 25G:

Earn a Gold Medal rank for a combat mission in single player.

The easiest combat mission to achieve a gold medal on is the Marshal Johnson mission, "Political Realities in Armadillo".

In the mission, you will kill 5 people. However Walton, at the end, is optional to kill, as you can shoot him in the leg and it will finish the mission.

You might want to take two run through's of the mission, to get a fast time the first try, and a 100% accuracy the second time.

The first try, simply rush through the whole mission. Don't bother with accuracy or headshots, just kill the people and finish the mission as fast as you can, this should be done in under 2:35 minutes.

The second try, don't bother about timing, bother about headshots. Use dead-eye to kill everyone with a headshot, then at the end, if you wish, use dead-eye to shoot Walton's leg.

If you do this, and get 100% accuracy, 5 headshots and a time of under 2:35 minutes you will get the gold medal.

Show content for Have Gun Will Travel, 20G:

Complete all hideouts in a single, public free roam session.

This achievement can be very easily done if you are in a friendly free roam session. This way, people cannot kill you and stop you from completing the hideouts.

If you have a posse helping you help with the hideouts, this is fine as well, as long as you are there to gain the XP from each one, it will count as a completed hideout.

Going to the outfitter does not stop you from getting this achievement.

Here is a map showing all of the hideout locations.

Show content for He Cleans Up Well!, 10G:

Obtain the Elegant Suit.

For 10G, this is a very, very easy achievement. Simply travel to Thieves' Landing and purchase the Elegant Suit scrap from the tailors for $70.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Heading South on a White Bronco[/color], 5G]
Escape from the US Marshals while riding a Hungarian Half-Bred.

To do this you must have this horse as a mount.

[ See the "Buckin' Awesome" achievement, to find out where you can break one ]

Next, attract the attention of the lawmen until you have a bounty of over $2500, if you have maxed out fame, your bounty only has to be $1500.

[ See the "Friends in High Places" achievement for a guide on how to get the attention of lawmen ]

Then, when the US Marshal's come after you, use horse pills and apples to quickly escape from them.

If you want, you can get your bounty to $5000, get this achievement and then pay your bounty off with a pardon letter to get the "Friends in High Places" achievement.

Show content for High Roller, 10G:

Win 2000 chips in one hand in a single game of poker.

Use the Gentlemen's Attire outfit to enter a high stakes game in Blackwater.

NOTE: It is best to save your game before using this method.

When the game starts, bet about 200 chips. Everybody else will have to either fold their hand or they will have call or raise your bet.

When the first three cards are put on the table, bet another 200. Hopefully the remaining people will fold, and you will win all of the chips in the pot.

If the pot has over 2000 chips in it when everyone folds, you will get this achievement.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Show content for Hit the Trail, 10G:

Travel from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown, in a public free roam session.

This can very easily be done in a friendly free roam session. Although you may want to wait until about 1:00am, in-game time, to ensure maximum time of travel possible.

You will most likely make it to Escalera at about 10:00am, in-game time.

Your horse may also just die randomly, this happens when you travel for too long. If this happens, do not worry, you don't have to stay on horseback for the whole journey. This glitch will not effect your progress on the achievement.

Show content for How the West was Won, 20G:

Reach the top rank in multiplayer.

This one can be very time consuming, obviously. But if you are an avid player of RDR multiplayer, this one should came on its own.

If you want to speed up the process, you may want to replay the same hideout about a million times in a friendly free roam session.

Completing Fort Mercer can get you a very easy 1000 XP at least. If you don't have anybody else participating in the hideout with you, and if you chain a lot of kills together, you can get up 1500 XP.

Show content for In Hail of Bullets, 20G:

Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode.

This one can be achieved by just playing through the game storyline, doing hideouts, and doing wanted posters.

If you want to speed things up a bit though, you can just go round every hideout, in multiplayer, using only a revolver. You will not run out of ammo because in each hideout there is at least one ammo box.

Show content for Instinto Asesino, 25G:

In single player, complete the hideouts, Fort Mercer and Nosalida.

The Fort Mercer hideout can be unlocked by doing the Marshal Johnson mission, "The Assault on Fort Mercer".
The Nosalida hideout can be unlocked by doing the Irish mission, "We Shall be Together in Paradise".

Here is a map showing the locations of the two hideouts.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Into the Sunset[/color], 100G]
Complete the mission, "The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed".

This is the last mission in the game. It takes place in West Elizabeth.

Show content for Land of Opportunity, 30G:

Complete the mission, "The Assault on Fort Mercer".

This is last mission that will take place in New Austin. After this mission you unlock mexico.

Show content for Long Arm of Marston, 20G:

In any game mode, kill 500 enemies enemies with any rifle, repeater or shotgun.

This one you will most likely get from progressing through the storyline.

If you want to speed things up, you can complete every hideout in multiplayer using only a repeater. Do this a few times and you will have the achievement.

Show content for Man of Honor/Chivalry's Dead, 25G:

Attain the highest fame rank and either the highest honor rank or the lowest honor rank.

You will get fame from pretty much everything. The main thing obviously being missions. You get a small fame bonus after almost every mission. You will also get fame from winning a duel, completing random encounters, etc.

Honor can be raised from multiple things, from doing certain missions, from disarming your opponent in a duel and for doing certain random encounters. However not all mission or random encounters give you honor.

Honor can very easily be lowered by simply killing innocent people. This includes civilians and lawmen. Doing the, "Friends in High Places" achievement will most likely get you the lowest honor rank.

See here, for more info on fame and honor.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Manifest Destiny[/color], 5G]
Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in single player.

This is a fairly easy achievement. A good way of doing would be to use some Moonshine, and an Evans Repeater, and simply pick as many as you can off. You might want to skin the one's you have killed and let the rest of the herd run off, as buffalo is worth a great price in Mexico.

Next time you see them running around, simply do the same thing.

Show content for More than a Fistful, 10G:

Earn $10,000 in single player.

The easiest method of doing this is to simply complete the game, (as you will gain a lot of money through doing so) and then go hunting for Bears, Elk and Beaver in the Tall Trees. All three of the animals stated are worth a lot in Mexico.

Buffalo, if there is any left, are also worth a lot in Mexico.

Show content for Most Wanted, 10G:

In a public free roam session, you have to become a public enemy for 10 minutes or more, and escape from the law without being killed.

This achievement can be done easily if you take cover behind the sign on the roof of the Armadillo saloon.

Just shoot the lawmen as they come, and eventually you will hit $1000 bounty and become public enemy. When you do, fight for 10 minutes and then hide behind the sign until the wanted sign goes away.

Show content for Mowing them Down, 20G:

In any game mode, kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon.

This is a very tricky achievement, and can be done easiest when in a friendly free roam session.

Go to El Presidio and use the Gatling Gun by the gate, get a bounty, and kill the army as they come at you.

Show content for No Dice, 10G:

Don't lose a die in a game of Liar's Dice.

The best way of doing this is when there is only 2 people at the table.

When there is just the 2 players, they will normally call each others bluffs, and not yours.

If you start of by saying 1 die, this will usually force the other players to raise it up to 2 or 3 die. When they do this the other person will either call it a bluff or spot on, if they don't, they will raise it up to 4 or 5 die. If they do raise it then call it a bluff.

This achievement obviously needs a little bit of luck as well.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
No More Fancy Words[/color],20G]
Finish the mission, "An Appointed Time".

This is the last mission you do in Mexico.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Nurture or Nature?[/color], 50G]
Finish the mission, "Remember my Family".

This is a stranger mission and only takes place after the main storyline is complete.

Show content for On the Trail of de Veca, 10G:

In single player, visit every location on the map.

There are 94 locations in the map, most of which can be discovered by buying maps at general stores. Some however, can't be.

There is an area in New Austin which cannot be found by purchasing maps, this is the location.

Another location which cannot be discovered by purchasing maps is the Plata Grande mine. In Nuevo Paraiso.

Here is a map showing all 94 locations.

Show content for People are Still Strange, 25G:

Finish 15 stranger tasks.

This is a map showing all of the stranger locations.

Strangers are marked by a "?" on the map.  And there are 18 in total.

Show content for Posse Up!, 10G:

Make a posse and get the maximum amount of people within the posse.

The maximum amount of people that can be in a posse at one time is eight. You can either simply invite people to your posse in free roam, or invite friends to your free roam session, and invite them to your posse.

Show content for Red Dead Rockstar, 10G:

Kill a Rockstar or somebody with this achievement in a public multiplayer match.

If you play enough games you will get this achievement without you even being aware of it.

A lot of people have got this achievement, so it shouldn't be hard.

Show content for Redeemed, 100G:

Attain 100% in single player.

Go here to ScarletLady's 100% guide.

Show content for Slow on the Draw, 10G:

In a public free roam session, acquire 10 assists in a hideout.

Obviously, to do this you will have to have a person assisting you, if not a whole posse. If you have a posse, then look at a person shooting somebody, and shoot the person they are shooting at.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Sons of Mexico[/color], 40G]
Finish the mission, "The Gates of El Presidio".

Finish the stated mission, which takes place in Mexico.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Spurred to Victory[/color], 10G]
Without changing horses at a hitching post, finish 20 story missions.

You can either go through 20 missions with the horse you begin with, or use the horse you get from the Bonnie MacFarlane mission, "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions". Do not change your horse until you get this achievement.

Show content for Strange things are Afoot, 10G:

Finish one stranger task.

The first stranger task you encounter is the "Jenny's Faith" stranger task.

To unlock the mission, finish the Bonnie MacFarlane mission, "This is Armadillo, USA". Which is the third mission you do for Bonnie MacFarlane.

This the location of the stranger task.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
The Benefits of Civilization[/color], 90G]
Finish the mission, "And the Truth will Set You Free".

Finish the stated mission. This mission is located in the West Elizabeth area.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
The Government Boy[/color], 10G]
Finish the mission, "Exodus in America".

This is the very first mission in Red Dead Redemption.

Show content for The Gunslinger, 5G:

In expert targeting mode, kill an enemy with a headshot.

To very easily get this achievement, simply switch to expert targeting mode, go to Armadillo saloon, and shoot one of the Walton Gang members sitting at one of the tables. You can use dead eye to get this achievement as well.

Show content for The Quick and Everyone Else..., 20G:

Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive Free for All games in public matches.

An easy way of getting this achievement is to find a public Free Roam session that has very few people in it, from 4 to 7, then go to a Free for All post and enter it.

Another method is to invite a few friends into the game, and start a free for all game with them and have them let you win.

Show content for Unnatural Selection, 20G:

In any game mode, kill at least one of each animal.

Animal List:

1. Armadillo
2. Bear
3. Beaver
4. Bighorn Sheep
5. Boar
6. Bobcat
7. Buffalo
8. Cougar
9. Coyote
10. Crow
11. Deer
12. Duck
13. Eagle
14. Elk
15. Fox
16. Hawk
17. Wild Horse
18. Owl
19. Rabbit
20. Raccoon
21. Seagull
22. Skunk
23. Snake
24. Songbird
25. Vulture
26. Wolf

Go here for information about each animal.

Show content for What about Hand Grenades?, 10G:

Get a ringer in a game of horseshoes.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Show content for 2 Guys, 1 Coop, 10G:

Complete a Co-Op mission with just 2 people.

For this achievement, you have go through an entire co-op mission with just a two person posse.

An easy way of doing this is to The River mission, as most of the time you spend performing long range shots from a raft, which has cover for you to hide behind.

You will spend time on land on three occasions, two of which has good covering locations, and can be easily completed if your partner gets dies.

The only hard part of the mission is when you assault Nosalida. Just take it slow and use cover. If your partner gets died and it is too risky to revive him, leave him until the next checkpoint.

Show content for Bulletproof, 5G:

Complete of Co-Op mission without dying.

This is a fairly easy achievement if you pick a mission which you are familiar with and have four people doing the mission with you.

You are allowed to get downed, and be revived, but cannot bleed out.

Show content for Dodge This, 10G:

Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any advanced Co-Op mission.

If you choose the Marksman II class, and play the "The Herd" mission, you will begin by looking down at the enemies in the canyon. Use the Carcano rifle to kill the enemies and you can easily get a 10-kill chain.

Show content for Friends Indeed, 5G:

Complete a Co-Op mission without anyone dying.

This is pretty easy if you have a four person posse, as people can be downed, but can't be allowed to bleed out. If this is done with two people, you can get this achievement, the "2 Girls, 1 Coop" and the "Bulletproof" achievement.

Show content for Have Posse, Will Travel, 15G:

Complete all Co-Op missions.

There are 6 co-op missions all together. "The Escape", "The Kidnapped Girl", "The Herd", "The River", "Ammunition" and "Walton's Gold".

These missions are easiest with a four person posse.

Show content for Stake a Claim, 5G:

Get a Gold Medal in any Co-Op mission.

This one is pretty simple, and will probably be got while you are progressing naturally through the missions.

Having a four people posse can help also.

Show content for Struck Gold, 10G:

Get a Gold Medal in all Co-Op missions.

This can be done quite easily if you have a four person posse of highly skilled players.

Show content for The Mother Lode, 20G:

Get a Gold Medal in all advanced co-op missions.

A very tricky achievement, and should be done with 4 people.

You should start with the missions that you are familiar with, and you should work as a team and talk to each other. Stay behind cover at all times and do not rush too far into a mission when there are still enemies around.

On the "Walton's Gold" mission, one person should stay back and pick off people with a sniper. While the other three people should fight from up-close. When you are in the mine everyone should stick together and at least two people shoot at the same person, as you will die very, very fast while you are in the mine.

Show content for Well Done, 5G:

Complete a co-op mission.

Most likely your first achievement from the co-op DLC.

Show content for You Rule!, 15G:

Complete all advanced co-op missions.

You should posse up with 4 people for this achievement, people who are willing to work as a team.

This can be hard so it might not be done on your first playthrough of the missions. You will want to keep behind cover and try to keep everyone alive at all times, so you can achieve the maximum score.


Show content for Axe Master, 10G:

Complete all Tomahawk challenges in single player.

Rank 1: Purchase it from the general store at Manzanita Post.

The Tomahawk can be bought from here at any time. Obviously you will have to wait until you have unlocked West Elizabeth to reach Manzanita Post. However West Elizabeth can accessed without having unlocked it, so you can use the Tomahawk early. Click here.

Rank 2: Kill one enemy with a thrown Tomahawk, one with a Tomahawk melee, and one while on horseback.

This can easily be done by clearing out Twin Rocks. You should approach while on horseback, and throw a Tomahawk at somebody, using dead-eye. Then, jump off your horse and kill another person in the same way, and lastly, when you go in the house where the rancher's daughter is, you can kill the person in there by going up close to him and if you press LT + RT, you can melee them.

Rank 3: Kill a bird with a tomahawk without using dead-eye.

This can be done right after clearing Twin Rocks, vulture's will appear, and they will move in a pretty simple circular motion, so they aren't very hard to hit.

Rank 4: Kill five enemies in a row with the Tomahawk without missing.

This should be attempted when clearing out the Nosalida hideout. There will enemies scattered around everywhere, and pretty close together. You can use dead-eye and the Tomahawk will automatically follow them, like a heat-seeking missile.

Rank 5: Clear a gang hideout using only the tomahawk.

If you are at Nosalida doing the previous Rank, then this can also be done while at Nosalida. If not, then Twin Rocks is your best bet of getting this rank.

Show content for Call it a Comeback, 10G:

Comeback from a 2-0 deficit and win a "Hold Your Own" game.

If you are good at "Hold Your Own", then you should just let your opponent get two bags, then move in and get three bags.

If you are playing with a few friends, it is best that once your opponent has the two bags, at least two of your friends should stay back and defend, while you or a friend movie in and grab their bag.

Show content for Double Bagger, 10G:

Double capture 3 times in a single game of "Gold Rush".

This might take a bit of practice and you will have to be good at "Gold Rush".

Don't focus on kills and just run in and grab the bags. If you die then try again. Do not focus on kills.

Show content for Hail Mary, 10G:

Get a kill greater than 35 yards with a Tomahawk.

You can only get this achievement in multiplayer, so I recommend you go into a friendly free roam session and go to Pike's Basin. Go on top of the cliff where it looks down on to the camp, and aim at one of the people around the camp.

You can also ask a friend to help out in a private free roam session.

Show content for Headhunter, 10G:

Kill 5 players via headshot in a single shootout or gang shootout.

If you use dead-eye a lot, and stay in one place. This one should be easy, being familiar with a certain map, or being skills at multiplayer will help as well.

Show content for Legendary, 10G :

Reach level 50 and pass into Legend.

With time this can be achieved. There is no one way to get this achievement apart from playing the game constantly, which isn't really recommended.

Show content for Original Gunslinger, 10G:

Get 25 dead-eye kills with Red Harlow.

You can only get kills on actually players, to NPC's. You can get a couple of friends to help out in private free roam if this achievement is proving to hard. But if not, then just go into free roam, go to a green box to fill up your dead-eye, and simply just kill as many people as you can.

Show content for Reeeeal Good, 10G:

Get 25 dynamite kills with Pig Josh.

Like the last one, this can only be done on actual players, and not NPC's. So again,

Getting dynamite kills can be quite easy since they have quite a big area effect, however if you don't want to get them in public free roam, you can get them against your friends in private free roam.

Show content for Stick and Move, 10G:

Get 3 kills with knives or throwing knives in a single competitive match.

The best method of doing this is to do it with a friend. Just simply cut him three times with your knife, and let him do the same to you.

Show content for Who Needs Deadeye?, 10G:

Kill 3 or more players in a standoff or showdown.

As soon at the shootout or showdown starts, immediately roll away from the action and get behind cover. Then just open fire on anyone and everyone you can. Hoping you will get 3 kills and nobody will kill you, because shootouts are normally about luck.


Show content for Avatar of Death, 5G:

Successfully complete either round of a "Stronghold" map without dying.

To get this achievement, the player must not only survive, but they must also contribute. Your team must also win that round as well.

If you play enough games then you will probably get it, just stick back, and keep behind cover. Even if you only kill about 3 people, this will count of contribution.

Show content for Compulsive Liar, 5G:

In a full multiplayer "Liar's Dice" game, win without losing a single die.

Show content for From Glue to Mon Dieux, 5G:

During a "Grand Prix", finish a race in first after placing last in the previous race.

I you are already good at this game type, you can lose on purpose one game, and then win the next.

However if you are not so good at racing, then it is obviously easier with fewer people, so you may want to leave a few games until you find one with less people in. Also, if you have a friend is who is willing to help out, that that just makes it a whole lot easier.

What you do is just, win the first race, lose the second, and then win again, you should both have it after that.

Show content for Good Call, 5G:

In a single multiplayer "Liar's Dice" game, win without losing a single die.

This can be very tricky when played in a public game, because if anybody leaves after they have lost all of the dice, then it doesn't count.

It is recommended that you play this in a private game with freinds who are willing to help out.

Show content for In a Van Down by the River, 5G:

In a multiplayer "Poker" game, win a hand on the last card when you were losing prior.

You may just get this achievement without realizing it, if you play poker enough.

There is no way to force this to happen, so if you play enough poker games you will get this achievement.

Show content for Legion of Boom, 5G:

Get a triple kill while on the attacking team in "Stronghold".

The best way of doing this is obviously with dynamite. The defending team will most likely be around the objective. Use your dynamite and just throw it in the direction. Hoping you will get three people.

On Fort Mercer, the third flag has cannons around it. When you take over, use the cannons to fire into the Fort, doing this is pretty efficient way to get this achievement.

Show content for Master Exploder, 10G:

Complete the Explosive Rifle single player challenges.

Go here, for help on these challenges.

Show content for One Die to Rule Them All, 5G:

In a multiplayer "Liar's Dice" game, win with only on dice left.

If you wish, you can lose die on purpose, or you can try to hold out until everybody has just the one die left. When they do, play as normal and hope that you win.

This can be done a lot easier when done with friends in a private free roam.

Show content for Over 9001, 5G:

Attain over 9,001 points in a single free roam session.

The easiest, and fastest way to do this is enter a friendly free roam session and you can either progress through all the hideouts, or replay Fort Mercer until you get 9,001 points.

Not only will this grant you the achievement, but also earn you a fair amount of XP.

Show content for Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace, 10G:

In a full, multiplayer "Poker" game, beat the table when the blinds are at maximum.

With patience this can be achievable. When you have 6 players at the table, you must last until the blinds have doubled 5 times. Don't risk your hand on pairs. You have to know when to play on, and when fold.

You have to play for about half an hour until the blinds have been raised by 5 times. Some time can be bought if you just fold and let the other players gather chips. The people with the most chips tend to go all in when they are last person, so you might want to take advantage of this and call it, hopefully they will either fold, or you will have a better hand.

Show content for Peacewalker, 5G:

Finish a single race without getting shot or killed, and without shooting a bullet.

You could obviously do the easy thing and just stay back in last place, as people don't usually shoot behind them. As long and you finish the race, you will get this achievement.

You could also find a race with just you and somebody else. If he is an honest racer, or if you don't shoot at him, chances are he wont bother shooting you.

Show content for Put the Posse on the Pedestal, 5G:

Attain over 50,000 posse points in a single free roam session.

This can be done best with more people, obviously. It is also recommended that everybody takes their own hideout. So maximum points can be gathered.

This is best with friends so you can assure that nobody will leave or kick you from the posse. If you switch free roam sessions, your progress will not count.

Show content for The Big Bluff, 5G:

In a multiplayer "Poker" game, win a hand by forcing someone with better hand to fold.

This can be done if you play enough poker games and you know well enough when to bluff, and when to not.

You can always play a game with friends, and help each other get this achievement.

Show content for Triple Crown, 10G:

Get first place in all races in any "Grand Prix".

The best way to do this is to play a game with friends, in a private session. Obviously ask your friends if they can ensure you will come first, although there are different races, this shouldn't take to long.

Show content for We Must Protect this House, 10G:

While on defense, do not allow the attacking team to capture any of their objectives.

Obviously if you are playing with a few friends you can all agree to sit back and defend, otherwise you could just play a few games with strangers and just let the game play. This achievement can be gotten without even trying to get it.


Show content for [color=#0000CD:
All's Right with the World[/color], 25G]
Complete, "On a Pale Horse".

This is last mission in Undead Nightmare. Once the mission has finished, you will be awarded with the horse, "Death".

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Chupathingy[/color], 10G]
Find and kill the Chupacabra.

Like the four mythical horses, when the Chupacabra is in the area it tells you a mythical creature has appeared, and a blue circle will appear on the map.

You can find this roaming around the Diez Coronas area of Nuevo Paraiso.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Fan Service[/color], 10G]
Find and break the mythical unicorn.

The unicorn can also be found in the Diez Coronas area of Nuevo Paraiso. However, when it appears in the area you are not notified and no blue circle appears. But finding it shouldn't be too difficult, considering it is a bright white and has rainbows coming off its backside.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Judge a Man by the...[/color], 30G]
Complete, "A Cure for Most of what Ails You" and "Get Back in That Hole, Partner".

Two missions, given by Seth and Nigel West Dickens.

Show content for Kingpin, 10G:

Fight off 8 unique players during your time on on top during "Land Grab" in multiplayer.

This is easiest when you go to the "Land Grab" post in Blackwater, as the only way to attack the player is through the alleyway, and you can also hide on the roof.

Show content for Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior, 10G:

Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges.

For a guide on how to do all these challenges, please click -here.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
Six Years in the Making[/color], 10G]
Find and kill a Sasquatch.

This is achievement cannot be missed, as you are required to kill a Sasquatch in the stranger mission, "Birth of the Conservation Movement".

Show content for Smoke that Skinwagon, 10G:

Make it to wave 15 in the "Undead Overrun" gametype in multiplayer.

Depending on what map your on, you should climb up onto a roof or some sort of raised ground, so the zombies cannot get you. If you are playing with four players, which it is very much advised that you do, two people should stay up on a roof which long ranged weapons, while two people on the ground use shotguns, and running around getting the coffins.

The two people stood on the roof, should provide help to the two on the ground by using bait and dynamite. Throw bait and wait until it attracts the zombies, then follow it up with dynamite.

It is recommended that the two people on the ground stick to using shotguns, and when phosphorous rounds are loaded, they should use revolvers and pistols.

Show content for Spinning Plates, 25G:

Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare.

This is a fairly easy achievement, it is advised that you save the towns as you progress, so you would save Blackwater, then Mazanita Post, then Cochinay, etc.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
The Downward Spiral[/color], 10G]
Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA".

This is the first Undead Nightmare mission.

Show content for [color=#0000CD:
The Superior Dance[/color], 10G]
Complete, "Mother Superior Blues".

This is a mission in Nuevo Paraiso, which you do for Mother Superior.

Show content for Zed's Dead, Baby, 40G:

Attain 100% game completion statistic in Undead Nightmare.

Go here, for help on this achievement.


[align=center]Well that is all 95 achievements covered. If more achievements or DLC get introduced, I will be sure to add them to the list straight away.

Also, if you see any mistakes in this guide, please be sure to tell me, so I can correct them and make the guide right.

If you provide feedback on the artwork and the guides, that would be really helpful. Thanks.


[align=center]VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the folks at Red Dead Wiki, that is where the majority of information in this guide came from. As well other websites such as the Xbox 360 Achievements and Voodoo Extreme.

Thanks to ScarletLady for the 100% Guide, which was also used, and thanks to Ikkarus for the Undead Nightmare 100% Guide.



Show content for Version 0.99, 24/02/2011:

- Started the guide

Show content for Version 1.0, 25/02/2011:

- Finished the guide

Show content for Version 1.1, 27/02/2011:

- Added videos to, "High Roller" and "What About Hand Grenades", achievements.
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Wow, dude!  A lot of work putting all this together!  Laid out well and easy to navigate! Beautiful job! :2thumbsup:


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Never saw this before, what a hidden Jem!

Thank you for the "Thank You" :P

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Never saw this before, what a hidden Jem!

Thank you for the "Thank You" :P

No problem :) You helped with a few Undead Nightmare achievements :P

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Good work for sure, thanks Apache.  I have only clicked on the ones i still need to get, but I noticed that 'motherlode' should be advanced gold co=op, not 'you rule' which doesnt require gold.

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Quote from: 'floofgoofer' pid='310351' dateline='1298882911'

Good work for sure, thanks Apache.  I have only clicked on the ones i still need to get, but I noticed that 'motherlode' should be advanced gold co=op, not 'you rule' which doesnt require gold.

Thanks for that :) I changed it now.

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ty! Love you for the help xoxox