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Author Topic: The Member Interview Thread #2  (Read 23403 times)

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The Member Interview Thread #2
« on: April 14, 2011, 04:16:22 PM »
This is the continuation of the old thread (it got stuffed).

you can find the old thread and interviews HERE


- if you want in on the poll , PM me!!! not via the thread, not via IRC, I WILL IGNORE YOU!!
- NO VOTING ON YOURSELF! if you do, you are a jerk and a hypocrite, yes you are.

Interview with Apache Kid

Show content for Hiden:
Apache Kid! Tell me, how did you find this forum? It was called red dead forums back in the days.
Indeed it was, it was such a long time ago though I can hardly remember. I think I was looking for a guide on where to find certain animals and I found the forum! Back then that also happened to be the first time I registered on a forum actually.
What made you stay?
Well I suppose I wanted to see what the whole forum thing was about, and then eventually I started getting to know people which made me want to further my stay of course, everyone was really friendly so I figured why not get to know more people? I think the first person I got to know and talk to was The Nex, from then on I just got to know more and more people, and of course I joined The Bandits which was awesome too!
Great! And how did you discover RDR? was it your first R* game?
Definitely not my first R* game, that might of been GTA 3... Anyway, I found RDR through advertisements and YouTube commentators making videos, it looked like my type of game so I went out and bought it, which was a good choice since. It's one of the best games I've played./
What are some of those other games you think are absolutely amazing and spent a lot of time on?
Now this is something which isn't too hard to answer actually, I'd have to say Skyrim is the best game I've ever played for Gameplay, but RDR or Mass Effect (one) compete for best storyline. Fable is also a game which I've played a lot and induces heavy nostalgia every time I play it or even just hear the music, that game has a lot of really good memories in it for me.
I agree with all your selections, great games without doubt! what are some upcoming games that make you excited?
Well of course there is GTA V! But who isn't excited for that right? The Elder Scrolls Online is a game I'm really looking forward too, I love RPG games and the Elder Scrolls franchise especially so there is that. The new Splinter Cell game looks pretty good too so I'll probably end up buying that.
What is the most terrible game you ever played? Or the game that gave you the most buyers remorse?
Hmm, that's actually pretty tough... I'd have to say Prey, remember that? Granted it did come out around the time that the 360 came out, but it was still pretty terrible, other than that I haven't bought many bad games.
I don't remember that game, maybe that's a good thing! Are you gonna buy a next gen console?
I'd say it is a good thing hah, it was pretty bad. As for then next gen consoles? I haven't chosen which one I'm gonna buy, but when I do buy one it will be next year or maybe even the year after, I'm not too fussed about the exclusive releases but I'm going to base my decision off reviews and stuff I guess.
Well enough about video games! What other things do you do in your time off?
My spare time usually consists of either going out with friends or chilling at home playing video games, like any other teenager I suppose! My life isn't particularly interesting but when I go out it's usually football, or going out into the Lake District for a swim, which is exciting enough for me I suppose, I'm very easily amused as I'm sure a lot of people on the forums know my weekends get a bit more exciting though when alcohol is introduced of course.
Cool, sounds chill. So tell me about your country, the UK: are you proud of your country?
Well the UK could be better, y'know government wise but I suppose loosely I am proud of my country, and I like being British. We've done a lot of great things in the past and hey, we had the biggest empire ever remember but right now it's looking bleak.
The government eh? What would you change in the country to make things better?
Well I'm not exactly prime minister material or anything so I'm not sure how everything works, but in my opinion the biggest issue is the fact that too many get benefits, lazy people who have 5 kids just so they can claim some money instead of going and getting a job, reason being? It's a lot easier to do it that way and I'd say you probably get more money too. It's stupid, but that's my rant over.
Hey, I think we are on the same side of the spectrum politically! What are some other countries you like?
I'm glad you agree! Well I really like Sweden and Iceland for some reason, I tend to prefer cold temperatures over hot ones so that might have something to do with it, but my favorite hot country would have to be Australia, not to live there because every animal wants to kill you, but to visit for a few months would be nice.
Do you plan to live in the UK for your entire life? No secret daydreams of escaping to some far away country?
Honestly? As boring as it sounds, I really do plan to live in the UK all my life, I enjoy it here, the weather is my type of weather to be honest, for as much as everybody complains about it, of course I do want to move away from my hometown for university and possibly even a job, but other than that I don't really want to go away. I'd happily live in another country for a few months, but no long-term plans.
University, that's quite a goal. Are you a good student?
I'd say I'm an above average student, but nothing special. I'm really interested in computing so that's what I'd hope to at university, I'd be really motivated to do well in that.
Good luck with that! Are you a popular kid in school?
I'd say so, obviously every school has popularity 'ladders' or whatever you wanna call them. I'm in Post 16 so everybody knows everybody really and we all tend to get along apart from a few. In the lower years though I was fairly popular, but it wasn't always that way, in year 7 and 8 I wasn't particularly popular but I changed my friend groups along the way due to falling outs and whatnot.
High school troubles! Are you dating someone?
Well everyone has them don't they and no not at the moment, I'm not too bothered though.
Single life, big up! Do you have any sisters/brothers?
I do! I have two sisters and a brother, technically that should be half sisters and brother, but they've always been around so I never consider them as half.
Nice! Do you get along well?
Yeah we all get along really well! There have a been a few upsets but it's always been settled, I'd say I'm closest to my brother though.
Cool! What is your biggest dream in life?
That's a big question, and I'm not entirely sure how to even answer that at the moment I haven't exactly thought of that too much, but I'd say it would a long the lines of just to be successful in live, be good at life basically! I like to think I am a good person and I like helping out from time to time. Ultimately I'd like to achieve my goal of getting a degree in computing, then going on to be a big programmer in some large company, preferably a game company.
Lot's of ambition! What are your biggest fears?
As much as I'd love to say I don't have any, I do have a few. They aren't the typical ones like spiders and heights, but my biggest one is Crane Flies, or daddy longlegs, I hate them! I literally freeze when I see one, they freak me out so much. I can't handle those.
Yea those long legged creepers can be scary! Shit! we haven't discussed my favorite topic yet! MUSIC!!! tell me all about your style?
They really can! But Music!! I love music, I listen to it at least 70% of the time when I'm awake, usually at school on my iPod, my favorite style though? That's tough, you should see my iPod, my style is definitely not specific. It ranges from Bob Marley, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, The Killers, Muse, Wham!, Jose Gonzalez and Johnny Cash, I mean seriously, if that's not vague I'm not sure what is, if I really had to choose I'd have to go with House music, it's such a wide genre and there are just many great artists.
That's good! What a great and varied taste. Do you make any music yourself/play an instrument?
I'd love to say I do, but unfortunately I don't, I either don't posses the talent or I'm just too lazy to try and develop it.
That's ok! Do you express yourself in any other art form, uhh idk, drawing/painting/poetry?
As a kid all I'd do is either draw or write, and while I'm not exactly amazing at drawing I still try from time to time, I like using Photoshop so I suppose that counts for something. As for writing? My imagination has kind of slipped as I've got old...other things to think about I guess. I do still try and write sometimes, I've had several stories I've worked on but then just forgot about them.
Ah, right, you even make signatures! I'd say, jump in that request thread and get shit done!
Why did you leave the forum a while back? We missed you...

Well, there was actually a few reasons... I loved being on the forum and being part of the community, but I left because of one moderator, maybe two. As I recall you literally couldn't say or do anything without them saying something back. I'm not sure whether they were just joking or not, but it got annoying after a while, but of course I wouldn't just leave a community like this for that, I saw it as my 'motivation' to leave since my GSCE's were coming up soon and I really wanted to do well on them. I always planned on returning though, after everything had passed, and I'm really glad I did return, and I'm really grateful that I was not only allowed but wanted back in RRR, so thanks for making me feel so welcome when I returned.
I'm glad you returned! and yes, you belong in RRR!
And now to end with the traditional final question: any questions for me?

RRR is just so awesome! And well, do you plan on doing more of these interviews? Now that the thread is back up again.
Definitely! But i'll be working with some sort of little program that selects a number at random. so the person who gets interviewed will be picked randomly like a lottery. No more polls that last for weeks. You did great btw!
Sounds good! I love reading these interviews, and thank you!
See you around!
Back at ya!

Interview with Kryten & Rudely !!

About time this got a reboot! ;) Expect more in the near future!

Show content for Hiden:
- yes! so lets take off!! Kryten! tell us a bit more about the daily life of kryten?
I normally wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 most morning (if I'm working), go to work for a 10+ hour day, come home and sit at the PC and browse the net or watch TV till about midnight, then retire to bed and do it all over again. If I'm not working I sometimes sleep in, but spend much of the day at the PC or TV again.
- mmh, what kind of work do you do anyway?
Retail management. The easiest way to describe it would be a department manager for one of the larger chains in Australia.
Big boss.
I'd say more middle management at best.
- indeed ! haha, yea, so you're an aussie! do you love your country?
I do. Its a really great place to live. A bit far away from everywhere else, its not exactly like I can take a day trip to another country, but it has its benefits.
- like the climate i suppose? do you spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer?
The climate is pretty good most of the time. I wouldn't say a lot of time at the beach during summer. Summer for us is over Christmas so being in retail means I don't get many days off. But I do take trips there when I can. I'm also not a big beach person, so pools are a good option as well.
- what about you rudely? wouldn't you just love to spend all your time at a hot australian beach?
With a hot Australian boy. xD
Haha, if the company is right. I tend to avoid the sand and jump straight in the water.
- I see, haha how does a day in the life of rudely look like?
Well, it can be fairly dull. I wake up anywhere between 9am-11am, eat, watch TV, check in on the forum. I'd be on the PS3 a lot more if I owned one. I'll also try to get in the odd drawing if I can.
Rudely is a great artist
-I noticed! what about work/studies?
Ahh, unfortunately I've hit a rut in my life where work is difficult for me. But I'm slowly working at it, and I do have aspirations of returning to college to study English.
- good! I have no doubt you'll manage (: So guys, how are your love lives going ?
Lol, non-existant. Maybe not the ideal answer to give with V-day right around the corner.
Been talking to this girl, but its complicated. Otherwise, non-existant.
- mmh i see, i see. Rudely you know what to do! get out there and fix it Kryten, got a plan for valentine then? it might do miracles.
Ha, I'm working on it, slowly.
Its not quite that simple. Its always been a bit more difficult since I started working as a manager as I don't have a lot of free time to meet anyone, and most of those who I do meet I can't date because I work with them. I'd say I'd fairly rarely meet someone who I can date, let alone want to date.
- yes, that is complicated...are you planning to get a different job some day to get more time off some day or anything? this can't be healthy
Perhaps, but times are tough at the moment so I'm not about to quit my current job without knowing what I'm going to do. Growing up I had planned on working overseas whilst traveling, but that plan sorta fell through so I'm just buying my time at the moment. I'm still young enough.
- good thinking dude! times are too uncertain to act without careful thought behind it. Are you guys people who would want to get married? or do you think that's just old bullshit?
I've always wanted to get married and have kids.....eventually. I wouldn't want to rush into it without having the ability to see the world, and find the right person for it. I little bit soppy I know, but its just how I've always imagined the old version of me.
Ha. I'm not one of those people who believe you can plan something like that, since you have to factor in the other person who doesn't exist yet. So I'm more ''See how it goes''. If it happens, it happens. And only because it feels right.
That's a good point. I'm not exactly going to find someone for the sake of finding someone. I'm fairly relaxed in that I just believe what will happen, will happen. How does that song go again? Que Sera, Sera. Whatever Will Be, Will Be. The futures not ours to see, etc
- exactly, i think that's a very good approach in life moving onto another topic. we are here right now because in the end, we all started playing red dead redemption. how did you guys discover the games?
Through my dad, actually. He'd found a new trailer of some western-styled game by Rockstar. And of course, since I love the GTA series of games, this caught my attention. And it went from there, really. I feel bad for neglecting it, but when you've completed it 100% a few times and reached the highest level in multiplayer, your motivation wanes a tad.
Wow, seems like a long time ago now. I was sent the link to one of the early information pages just before the release of the first big trailer. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Followed along the progress of the trailers getting more and more excited. Its actually the first (and only) game I've ever pre-ordered and had home delivered on release day. I was lucky enough to have my holidays planned already and it just happened to coincide with the release day. I spent the entire two weeks at home playing it for hours on end each day.
- awesome xD Rudely you raise a valid point there. are you burned out on the game now Kryten or do you still pop it in from time to time?
To be honest I haven't played many XBOX games lately. Been mostly PC games that I've been playing. But I would like to get into it a bit more, and possibly even have a few free roam sessions with some guys from RedDead.Net
- nice (: what other games do you guys play then? also a fan of gta kryten?
Most indeed. It was actually a member from that sent me the link to the RDR information.
Uh.. when I manage to steal some time on the PS3, I do sometimes hop back on GTA IV multiplayer. There are also the likes of Tekken and LittleBigPlanet.
Other games I play are often first person shooters or sports games. Most recently Skyrim and Crysis (again)
I suck at FPS, so I avoid those.
I do too. I still don't avoid them.
- Rudely, i refuse to believe that. you are a known ass kicker in RDR MP. how is your competitive side Kryten?
I have played a few competitive games like the Modern Warfare series etc. But I'd much prefer to just muck about in a free roam type environment. I don't have the temperament to sit there and get killed over and over again too much.
Haha, tell my dexterity that.
Sounds hot.
- Fair enough! Kryten you sound like RRR material AHEM. what do you think of the various awesome gangs that have made their base on RD.NET?
Its great to have such a good community on the site. Its lovely to see all the posse's that have decided to make RD.Net home. The site would be nothing without such great members helping to keep the site alive.
- you are one of the first original staff members on the site correct? has the forum evolved positively in the last two years? or would you have liked certain things to have unfolded differently?
Less trolls!
The site was initially run by Andy and Adam (adamcs). I believe I was one of the early promotions to moderator and then to admin. We did have some issues at times when we required a move to the same server as GTAF. We expected such a spike in the bandwidth when the game was released that we had to convert to that server so we could be sure the site wouldn't crash under the stress. Unfortunately this did lead to some issues later down the track with not having as much control as what we would of liked. Therefore it took a while for some modifications and changes to occur. Thankfully the hacking attempts last year was a sort of blessing in disguise. Allowed us the time to move to a different server and a different software. We were finding a few issues with myBB not coping with some things as much as what we'd like. I'm glad with how things are right now, the site is holding up well and we finally have the adbots under control. Its funny to see the logs of the accounts that are being stopped by the protection. We are still getting a fair amount of bots trying to get in but the changes we have made are doing their job well.
- yes, indeed, they have completely vanished! good job on that! Rudely, you just got promoted to mod! how does it feel like?
It. Feels. Awesome. I have, unfortunately, been beaten to a few reports, but I managed my first locked topic just last night! Now I strive for my first ban. I imagine the feeling to be exquisite.
- careful with the hammer eh! Kryten, can we know the motivations for making these crazy (but wonderful) people mods?! especially RedemptionByRevolver? hehehe
Crazy? *laughs maniacally* We're all mad here.
The decision was not mine and mine alone. I sought advice from the entire staff about who have shown themselves not only as active, but responsible, reliable and respected. There were a long list of names that have been mentioned, and some are still being mentioned.
Ooh, mystery.
The main reason we put more staff on was that a large amount of the current staff were inactive, so with the promotions of the two new Admins, we needed some more to take their place. Its doing its job though, the reports get sorted out quite quickly, which in the end is the main goal. I think everyone can agree that having reports sorted out quickly is the best scenario.
Especially when the new mods are scrapping on who beats who to the report. *cough* hudweiser
Its great because it leaves me more time to attend to other duties.
- cool cool haha. but i like the new promotions! there will always be a staff member around now and the people who got it really earned it IMO. can you tell us a cool/bizarre story about something you ran into during your mod/admin career?
Wow, good question. Let me think.
There was one time where I came back (during the old software) to about 130 reports. I nearly shot myself but then realized that all bar about 2 were all about the same post. Was the easiest 130 reports I've ever had to do.
- hahaha I bet you also get a lot of annoying Private messages?
Not as many as what I might expect actually. Its been fairly tame, bar one or two members.
- alright! what are the biggest plans that you have for the future of the site?
Everyone must pay $1 a day to use.
Just kidding.
I have sought some feedback on a mature forum. Nothing thats restricted or goes against other forum rules, but more just a place to have a more mature discussion for those that wish to. I also want to get some in game events organized. Other than that, I am always open to suggestions.
- noted! hey, that somehow reminds me, what do you guys think of the internet censorship that has been happening lately? megaupload, bitjunkie, ACTA/SOPA, etc?
Simply put; it sucks. I particularly liked the protest of blacking out websites like Wikipedia.
Pretty much what Rudely just said. A few weeks ago we actually had a few hours of blackout, like what Wikipedia did.
But can you REALLY censor the internet? It's this giant...being, that everyone uses, and if you try to cut that off, be prepared for a certain something to hit the fan.
Ok maybe it gets a bit frustrating for those wanting the site at those times, but the publicity it can create is only a good thing. Awareness is key. I don't think that censorship is the right way of going about it. We don't want the entire internet to become like it has in some countries where certain sites are just not able to be accessed for political reasons. The internet should NEVER become a tool to be manipulated by politics.
You think the riots in Syria are bad? Just cut off the internet to all those millions, even billions of people. See what happens.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I agree with some of the things that the internet presents. Piracy, Child Exploitation, Cyber-terrorism etc. I don't agree with that but I believe that there are better options to explore.
- do you think piracy has such a big impact on the music industry etc? do you ever buy any music online btw?
I like to buy CDs still. I know, so old-school. But I'd be lying if I said I've never downloaded songs with the help of youtube to mp3. But it's always going to be a debate over whether it's right or wrong. Some singers are dead set against it, and feels they're being robbed of what's rightfully theirs i.e. money. Whereas some other singers/bands feel ''Hey, if people are listening to our music and it's out there, that's all that matters''. Which I feel is a much healthier standpoint. New artists are managing to be successful, so how much of an impact is it REALLY having?
I do use iTunes actually. I understand why people choose to pirate music, movies and software. Its a debate that could be argued for days with no real outcome. Sure, I think the artists deserve compensation for their work, but sometimes a greedy executive may be taking a bit more than what could be considered "fair". Its about having that balance. Ever since I started working full time I've only purchased everything I guess as I've grown so has my appreciation for ensuring I'm doing what I can to keep some good people in business.
- yea, good points (: i personally believe piracy can be defeated by offering better service than the pirates. like valve has done with their steam platform/promotions. but hey, what kind of music do you guys enjoy then?
I'm fairly easy when it comes to music. I'll pretty much listen to anything decent, but I prefer a lot of Rock and Alternative style music. Some bands include Creed, Muse, Coldplay, U2, Foo Fighters and Blink 182, Amongst others.
Ooh, well. I'm certainly not one for pop songs, too upbeat or soppy songs about love or gettin' down on da dancefloor. I like dark undertones in my music, which can be found in the likes of Triphop, rock, metal, indie and alternative. My favourite bands being 30 Seconds to Mars, Massive Attack, Muse, Evanescence, The XX etc.
- very cool hehe. do you guys happen to play any instruments yourself? or do you sing in the shower sometimes?
I wish I could play an instrument. Any instrument. But alas cannot. I can sing, but only badly. So I restrict myself to my car, my bedroom, and when I'm under the influence of alcohol.
I can't sing, at all. If I do, it's in a way that's silly so it's more amusing. And unfortunately, I don't play any instruments. But on my to-do list before I die, learn to play the piano is on there. I'm a sucker for the sounds of the piano.
I do like a girl who can play the piano. Its almost a forgotten art form.
- LOL! do you think you two would get along well In real life?
Perhaps. If not I'd just have to kidnap her and keep her in my lair. (If the FBI is reading this, that was a joke)
Ha, I think we would. We seem to have a good rapport and similar outlooks on life.
Yeah I'd agree with that. When I travel to the UK (which is on my to do list) I would like to maybe meet up for a drink or something.
- great! that's settled then who are the most interesting individuals you guys have met here on the forum or the chat?
Ooh. Time for name-dropping.
Apart from Rudely?
- yes :p
It has been great to work with Andy and Adam. They are the reason that we are all here today really. There has been a lot of great people I've had the pleasure of meeting. And a few other ones which you just wonder what goes on inside their heads. A few aren't around anymore (like Grandpah Death), but their legacy will live on.
Well, the first two people I started to properly talk to in the chat were Tyler and Hudweiser. A fun trio for a while before other people came into the mix. Of course, there's you Uca, with your musical contributions. There is also Teigen aka RedemptionbyRevolver - who teaches me Norwegian, Vlad - who makes things in Minecraft in my honour, Mace, JamieGreat360 - fought many battles with zombies in the chat. Apologies to anyone I missed.
- very interesting individuals indeed! and yea, some members will be missed greatly! I seem to have run out of questions here so im going to end with my typical final question...any questions for me?
When do we get nekkid?
The answer: IN THE SHOWER!
...You dirty minded people.
- LOL, you had me there!
Nothing except; merci beaucoup for the interview. I hope it's a pleasure to read as much as it was to do.
Merci. I know that. It means Thank you in french, I remember from my year 7 high school class.
- yea, you guys were wonderful! thx for taking the time to participate!
Thanks for having us, it was a blast.
- any time

Interview with Dandy

Show content for Hiden:
So,as the hip kids say these days,sup?
beaumont, white hat warrior, better known as dandy, is there something specifically you wanna talk about? i read you wanted to state some opinions xD
Not really,I was just gonna rant on things you mention,maybe politics,or my opinion on the movie Good Burger.
oh, alright, you live in canada, are you happy with the canadian government then?
Well,as much as I like to shit on harper,I can't find any faults.One thing I'm sad to see is Jack Layton's death.He was as close to a sane person in the political runnings as I could see.
mmh alrighty were you born in canada?
Yes.I was born in Amherst,Nova Scotia Land,and live quite close to there.Still in NS. Springhill is where I currently reside,town famed for blowing the fuck up whenever it wants.
LOL! where do you wanna live as adult? (btw, you are 14?)
(Yes,I am.)I plan to either stay here,as it is quite cozy,or make my way to Prince Edward Island.My brother did so,which may have colored my desired residence. Big cities can fuck off.Smells horrible,and too crowded./
I kinda agree with you there how is your school going?
Oh,I honestly cannot remember.We haven't started back up yet,on the 6th.Grrr.Anyways,it's fine,aside from some of the teachers not knowing what they're doing. I'm not quite an overachiever in school,but I have yet to finish a year with a single grade below 80.So.......WOOT.
that's pretty good dandy, be sure to keep that up! what kind of career are you aiming for later?
Well,not quite sure yet,but i've been hinting towards a career in medicine. One of my biggest idols is "Teh Honurrabel" Tommy Douglas,creator of canada's curect healthcare system. I just want to help teh peepels.
ah, pretty cool a very nice goal! what do you like to do in your free time?
Honestly,the only thing I've really done this summer is game. Call me an antisocial,but when the majority of teens are as dumbfounded near you as they are here,you want to be a Seth-Like as possible. Besides that,there really isn't that much shit to do here,besides an unfinished skatepark,with penises painted on it.
well shit xD aren't you atleast chasing any girls bro? (:
Well,haven't seen any around as of late.Most of em have already betrothed,or so say facebook.Pffh.Anyways,yeah.I attempt when i can. Don't take me for no hommasekshul.No offense meant of course.
yea, you should move out ASAP IMO if there seem to be none around sooo gaming! Loads of red dead i guess? (:
Well,actually I've been off o RDR for a while.Not that it's losing it's shine,but I recently got back into Skate 3.Great game,shitty online.I've been on a nostalgic binge as well. San Andreas,went back to that. Thinking of playing some more Socom.Old PS2 games,mostly.
aye, ye old ps2. what's the first game you ever played and how did you discover it?
Oh,shit.First game?Must have been OG Metal Gear Solid.Or at least,that's the oldest one I remember. My elder brother played that all the time,and I got into it.My family was always Sony based,and I only played N64 when his friend brought it over. So unfortunately,I never experienced the great vanilla Ocarina of Time or nothing.Only emulations.
nice what other genres do you enjoy, besides sandbox and skate games?
Well,I love me my racing games,Gran Turismo and such.RPG's I can get into,when they don't force turn based gameplay or stats jargon down your throat. Love my stealth action games,such as the great MGS,or Splinter cell,and...hell,let's count the tactical Socom series. Finally,we have FPSes.As much as I shit on it,Call of Duty has been a mainstay since Finest hour came out.Halo is okay,not my favorite. I consider myself widely tasted,love all era's and genres.
cool, that's a shitload of games xD what games are you looking forward to the most?
Well,I notice a lot of people nerdgasming over Skyrim,has to be a good sign.Me liking the new Fallout's,I hope I can get into it fine. I'm also hoping Halo 4,CEA,and modern Warfare 3 don't suck balls. Not that I'm worried about CEA.
aight tell us how you got into the red river resistance
Hm......long story. So,admittedly,when i first got on RD.Net,I was a lowly troll,looking for a laugh before an inevitable ban. When I got a warning for a spam thread,I said "The fuck is this shit?" and stopped meself.Thank god,because otherwise I would have missed out on this community! Anyways,I looked through the posses,and the RRR stuck out for me,since Red River is in Crack Canadia. I applied,yall thankfully looked overit,and I'm here now.
what are the greatest moments you had with the RRR so far?
Well....Hm.So many,that it's a tough one. I guess when we all first started playing PvP together,the life suddenly just,reanimated,so to speak. Very fun,so many games where we completely accosted random people in Armadillah. Also,our friendly skirmishes with the Mad Men. Anyways,I think the best moment was the instant I realized the RRR witheld some of the finest people I will ever know,the most understanding,friendly,and funny people I think this world has to offer. It's pretty fucking awesome.
agreee you make a fine addition bro! i always wondered...what kind of music does dandy listen to?
Oh,I like a wide variety of music as well. My main genre has gotta be classic rock,and hard as well.get my ACDC on,gimme some Agent Orange,throw some punk in derr,got your Aerosmith,your Journey... Like my rap when it's good enough.Snoop has to be the catchiest shit I've ever listened too. Like my old 80's techno,and elctronic.Johnny Harris' Odyssey,motherfucker. Classical has some hits in it I like. Pop.........get outta here with that shit. Country has some hidden diamonds in the rough,like say,hank Williams. Anyways,my musical taste is very influenced by soundtracks for games.Mostly GTA. But yah,that's bout it.
dude, very nice taste do you play any instruments yourself or anything?
No....was thinking about learning the drums,but when I learned I had to do menial labor?Fuck it. I will synthesize the shit outta your tunes though.SYNTHESIZE,DAMNIT. My brother however,plays his guitar,and pretty well at that.
aight is there anything you really really wanna learn?
Well,would like to learn some physics,medicinal skills.. i'd like to be more mathematically inclined. Other than that,since I plan on a medical career,I don't rightly need to know how to make triangles and shit,geometry.
ha, of course! is there anything you're scared of?
Thanks to Final Destination,I'm afraid of rollercoasters,tanning beds,eye surgery,bottles of lotion,trucks,small areas,anything metal,and The Ohio Players.
lol! what are your favorite movies anyway? xD
Well,I prefer comedies,so...I gotta say The Hangover,Mr.Deeds,Hancock,stuff like that. Can't say I don't like more serious movies though. Also gotta have me my classics,westerns,Sergio Leone,Eastwood,you know. Favorite movie ever,probably The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly.Just perfect acting and scripting,plus a pretty funny Eli Wallach backstory.Wanna hear it?
So,Eli Wallach is on set recording as Tuco of course,when he goes to drink his Coke he had ocamera. So a gaffer or someone went and switched the can with,corrosive alki acid.WHy the fuck they had acid on the set,I'll never know. Eli takes a sip,and immediately spits the shit all over a camera,and starts yelling at the filmers that he could have burned his vocal cords. I suppose I'd be more worried about the corrosive acid being in my esohagus and hirting like hell,but ends justify the means. Funny shit,I say.
lol, well thanks for sharing! haha! well, shit, i'm out of questions so i'll just finish with our two traditional questions; where do you see yourself in 20 years?
20 years?In Houston Texas wearing a white hat and murdering people for wearing tp hats......or practicing medicine.Fuck it,whichever comes first.
i hope the second one xD soo do you have any questions for me? xD,sorry.But may I mention something,or rather rant about it?
yes, please, go ahead
I needa blow some steam off.
So a lot of people like to complain about me not using conjunctions properly,or not spacing after punctuations.My response is that as a god and part time Baskin Robins employee,I am not bound to your primitive grammatical guidelines,damnit.BEGONE! Seriously,it doesn't hinder yals ability to read my pos in any way,so therefore it shouldn't matter.It's a bad habit I've had since my first time using a keyboard,and I'll be damned if I'm gonna stop now.
got moar? xD
Nah,that's about it.
thanks for participating!
Thank you for letting me,I've been hoping to get an interview.
not a problem!
To get it in just two polls is pretty surprising.
you are loved
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
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Interview with Richard (Trojan Man!)

Special guest: CHAXI
Read: I wanted to do a double interview. who would i match up with richard? the one he voted on in the poll. and that was chaxi. proud to be presenting the first double interview!
Show content for Hiden:
okay, so, richard, What have you been up to this summer?
mostly work. And dealing with the wife. (She's due in a few weeks) I'm also going on vacation for a month starting tomorrow.
Holy shit! congratulations man! I didn't know about this do you know anything of the sex of the baby or is it a secret?
We'll find out.
Okay, that's awesome, i wish your wife a uhhh smooth labor and you both a healthy child! What are you gonna do on your time off? travel?
We're going to visit our family back in England, pretty much.
Nice. you are living in america now, the state NY if i remember correctly. why did you move there?
Mostly my job. Perhaps get a better house. Thought it would be a good place to raise our children as well.
Nice! How long have you been gaming?
Not so long. I guess one of the first I had was the SNES. I still have it sitting somewhere. I occasionally play some Mario.
of course, everyone loves that italian fatty xD how did you eventually discover red dead?
I believe my friends told me about Red Dead. Then I read up on it and eventually ended up pre-ordering it. It was fun while it lasted.
uhuu don't you play it anymore?
Not anymore. If I do, I have to be really bored.
and yet, you are still on these forums! your one of the regulars! did the forum grow on you as well?
Yeah, yeah. Too bad I haven't reached my 500th post yet. xD
what is your best experience on this forum so far?
Meeting all these people. Especially in the IRC.
*chaxi agrees by using a "^"*
haha awesome the irc is a rather unique place on the internet indeed!
okay, chaxi! you are a special guest in the interview! I guess you didn't see this coming! what do you think of our buddy richard?
He's a really chill but funny guy; I could see him as some sort of mediator. For some odd reason, he really does remind me of Reyes, although he claims to be a Trojan man. XD
I agree. i like his new identity as trojan man! How did you end up on this forum, chax?
To be honest, I was really bored that particular day, and I was like: "Well, why don't I give multiplayer a chance?" So, in order to get a feel for things, I looked up some multiplayer tips online, and the first result was a particular topic on the forums.
what made you sign up eventually?
The RDNet forum isn't an inactive one; that was probably what drew me in. I've always liked forums, but a lot of them were either inactive or just too casually updated. Plus, the people here weren't all elitist.
Yes, Elitism, it's a damn disease on most forums. This was the first topic i was going to ask you guys about. what is your stance on the MP elitism we have on this forum
There comes a point where self-assurance and ignorance blend together, and I don't really understand some of the crazy fanaticism that borders on cult rage. Normal? Okay. Casual? Okay. Hardcore? Okay. A game is a game.
I think that you should just enjoy the game, really.
^ This
I agree. But do you think Boosting is okay? like getting golden guns with friends in a private session. you could also say thats just part of the game
I doesn't really affect me. I wouldn't personally do it, but if that's what they want to do, I can't stop them.
Same here. Personally, even as a mediocre kind of player, I wouldn't go so far as to waste my time like that. Out there where there are other real type of players with different tactics, those guns will mean nothing.
okay, i agree oh, Chaxi, how are the BOTW? looks like a fun bunch
Yes, it really is fun. The members are so chill, and we joke around a lot in our private forums. We are known for extreme flower picking, so if anyone needs to fulfill those Survivalist missions, you know who to come to. XD Plus, Manly Becky is boss man, Llama is the secret agent, and gringo_hunter is trigger happy. And toni only wants drinks. And I want bananas.
ohwut D:<
xD No comment!! haha sounds fun indeed why did you never join a gang in your golden age on rdr rich?
I didn't have Live. But now I'm in SrsBsnsMen.
Da intern.
okay, no live..does that mean you never played RDR MP since you quit it now?
Well, I had live but it was running out. I occasionally went on RDR to go on Multiplayer. But it was just a matter of me having too much work to do, and not wanting to get on. I didn't go on...almost at all.
like me, Lol
okay hehe now about real life, you both moved to america. what can you tell us about the country, what is the main difference in culture compared to your countries of birth?
be honest, where I live, people aren't polite at all. Atleast where I lived in England, we would always greet eachother in the morning, anytime really. But when I got here, it was a big surprise. And just the difference in the words we use can be challenging.
America is really open, diverse, and respectful of other ways, but sometimes, it's intimidating. English was my main obstacle. I had no idea how to speak English, and I relied on Korean a lot.
America is a great place. But, it's quite different. Which is not a bad thing.
The taxes here are pretty damn high, but a lot of international goods are acessible. In China, the people there are hasty, strict, and blunt. America is more keen when it comes to language and poise. And America requires too much paperwork. XD
Do you guys plan on staying in the big us of a forever ?
Not forever.
I don't really know. However, I would like to.    Maybe I'll settle down in ... well, just North Carolina again.
I plan on moving back to England eventually.
After undergrad, med, and all my residency programs, I still think I'd stay here. Maybe study abroad in Germany for cardio surgery, but that's it.
ah, yes, your still a student this will be interesting i hope.....what are your views on todays music industry? you are both from a totally different generations...some say the music of this generation sucks balls.
I'd have to tread carefully with this question; there's still that elitist streak that'll show up if I'm let loose. LOL
I wouldn't say this generation sucks, but it's different. Usually, I'll flip on a radio station to listen to rock. And that's about it.
Honestly, the modern day music isn't that bad. I love video game soundtracks and new compositions by contemporary composers such as Yani; electro, of course, is also included in my list. However, if you are referring to the top pop hits, I'd say ... well, I don't think it's all that. Pop music is only pop because the media is centered on the "hottest" stars.
do you think people like justin bieber and uhh rebecca black should have kept their mouths shut?
looooooooooool! Yes, no matter how mean it is.
I personally think that if they want to make some..."Music" if you want to call it that..They should be able to. But Friday just sucked ass. In my opinion of course.
I tend to agree hehe Are you afraid the future will bring us worse stuff? also in the movie industry and game industry? games too have changed...a new COD under the same engine every year and devs trying to get more money with DLC content etc
It's like they're just pumping out games. CoD, for example, every year a new game, and every year people buy them. But are they really worth it?
I actually don't think so. I think new ingenious works are being created every day, and I look forward to them. The PS3, "Assassin's Creed", "Uncharted", "Dante's Inferno", etc. all those things. Masterpieces.
How do you guys see the future of this forum? do you think it will become inactive soon?
I seriously hope not. D:< However, I can't really say. Things come and go.
Maybe some day. But probably not soon.
If a new Red Dead was made, it will probably have its own forum page. Red Dead Redemption forums may be neglected, then.
maybe not, the site is and we already have a subsection for revolver so we could merge all redemption stuff in a subsection later. Traditional-close-to-end-question: where do you guys see yourself in 20 years!?
Retired and in England. With a nice lake-front house...That'd be nice.
A successful cardio surgeon working for Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.
I hope you guys will achieve your goals! xD how many kids?
I want about 2. The wife, who knows? Constantly changes.
Oh, god. KIDS O.o I don't want any kids. D:<
You better put those 15 pounds of condoms to use though, eventually.
That is for another discussion.
One we aren't going to have xD but seriously , chax, why no kids? i'm sure when your mother instinct is going to kick in heavily you will change mind
Well, I'm ambitious when it comes to becoming a certified surgeon, and I probably will not have time to raise a kid. I've practically raised my two younger brothers by myself, and it's hard work. Kids = commitment....Maybe one....MAYBE. I'd have to be thoroughly persuaded.
true. my girlfriend is trying to become surgeon too and she wants one (or two) as well We'll see what the future brings haha
OKAY, last question already ): traditional finisher: do you have any questions for me? xD
Umm...I can't think of one. xD The only one I can think of have to do with banana's.
this is your only chance rich how about you chax?
Uca, what is the best date you've ever been on with your current girlfriend?
*chaxi throws flowers.*
ah good one ^^ Probably the first date ever with her. we both kinda felt that it was mutual but weren't far enough to admit it. flirting all the time tho. i just asked her if she wanted to drink something with me after school. it was a bit awkward at first and we didn't say much but it turned out to be really fun in the end. the next day i kissed her and now we're here, 1year and 3 months later
Awwwww =w= Fuzzy feelings.
But uh..
always be safe!! thx for your time guys and sorry for the epic delay!
It's fine. And remember, you don't always have to be safe.
Interview with RedemptionByRevolver / Teigen
Show content for Hiden:
right let's start! first of all, where the hell where you these last weeks?
Haha, well, there was some business that required my attention. Private stuff.
aha! okay! how is your plan going to move to a city?
It's going slow, but it's not very long before it happens, methinks.
what exactly is the plan? making money and then run or do you have to drag people along?
Well, the problem is first and foremost money. So I need to sort that out first. That's basically it.
how are you getting the money?
If it's OK, I'd rather not tell.
gotcha! do you have any time left for gaming in these chaotic times?

Sure. I can always find time for a little gaming now and then.
what games do you play?
Right now it's a lot of RDR, GT5, Uncharted 2 and a little GTA 4. Will be buying Skyrim too. And Uncharted 3.   
great great! how did you discover gaming?
Wow. I got my PS1 about 10 years ago. So that was in 2001/2002, I think. Don't remember exactly when.
always played on the playstation? no pc?
Hehe, I've never played any "big" games on PC. Too used to consoles, I guess. Besides, I only got my first PC in 2009, so I'm not too used to PC gaming anyway.
what other hobbies do you have?
Well, I play electric guitar, for one. Not much else to do around here, haha.
do you play in a band?
I used to. But the other guitarist was an overly hormonal 15 year old, so I quit. Trying to start a band again, though.
how is it working out so far?
Slow. It all depends on location. Gotta live in, or close to, a city. It's coming.
have you got any recordings of your old band?
Nope. We recorded one session, but I deleted it for reasons I can't remember.
aah shit now we will never hear you in action..or will we?
Hehe, never say never.
so how did you find out about red dead?
Well, I was snooping around on Rockstar's homepage, and there it was. The first trailer. I was sceptical in the beginning, but after seeing the trailer, I was hooked on the idea.
and how did you find the forums?
Hehe, I honestly don't remember exactly, but I think I was searching on Google for something RDR related, and one of the first results was this great place!
your one of the few members we haven't been able to meet online yet. fix on the way?
I don't think so. One day, yes, but not any time soon.
too bad! how is the place where you live like?
Kind of crappy. It's a rural place in the countryside. Beautiful at all times of the year, but that's its only redeeming feature.
in norway right? how did you react to the terrorism there?
I live in Norway, yes. About our local terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, I can only wish for a LONG time in jail! Despicable! It was horrible what happened!
I agree! do you think it changed the way the people of norway act and think now?
To a certain degree, yes. You see, this whole thing has gotten a political twist. Our labour party (the ones in charge on the country) got a few "sympathy votes" in the local elections lately. Because those kids he murdered was all part of their, how you say, "youth organization". There's been a lot of unfortunate changes in the political climate. You can barely speak your opinion on immigration without being labelled as a racist! That is not good at all. That's what we get for voting for old members of the communist party! But I could go on and on about this.
well , please do xD what is your view on immigration then?
Well, you can't tell if the people we let in are legitimate. I mean, if they really are who they say they are, for example. And it seems that most of the eastern Europeans, Africans and Arabs that come here are only coming to sell drugs, rape, murder etc. Of those in jail, 90% are immigrants from those parts of the world. True story! I'm not saying that everyone is "bad", but that's the hard facts. Another thing is that we have for example Hells Angels here, but it's the Muslims who stand for 90% of gang related violence here. So, in the end, we need to tighten up our borders, to put it that way. Integration seems to not work the way it should. 100% (!) of rapes in Oslo the last 5 years was committed by African and Arab immigrants!
well, shit, i don't know. those make interesting points but i think poverty plays a big role in that, don't you think?
Not really. to a certain degree, yes, but you see, most of these people are on, how you say, unemployment benefit, and that's not bad income here. Of immigrants, I mean. There's not much poverty here.
so you are trying to tell me, these people are "evil' no matter what
No. Not my point. Many have jobs and are decent people, but the statistics are the way they are. I'd like to add that I am not a racist. Just concerned about what is happening.
i know xD well, good that you are concerned how long have you been noticing these things?
Well, I started to get more interested in politics and problems in our society around 5-6 years ago, so around that time, I guess.
mmh try politics!
Come again? I should become a politician? Lol.
Hehe, I'd rather not. But thanks for the suggestion!
that reminds me, where DO you see yourself in 20 years? xD
Hopefully I have my own band. So I guess I see myself on a stage somewhere making people rock hard!
that would be truly awesome! and uhh traditional last question: any questions for me? xD
Hehe, where do YOU see yourself in 20 years?
lol, good one, I got no idea, hopefully married with my girlfriend, a kid or two, our own sub-urb house. she is going for surgeon and i'm going for teacher so hopefully we got those jobs. that would be magnificent. furthermore i'd like to be able to produce decent electro
Very cool! Hope it happens!
me too! well thanks for your time and participation tei
It was a pleasure!

Interview with IndianOutlaw

Show content for Hiden:
-awright! let's start! how has your holiday been so far or don't you have spring break or something?
Ive been on a constant spring break since my school career got done with. Ive been freelancing ever since, so I have no set schedule. Its pretty fun.
-Cool, sounds chill. what kind of jobs as freelancer?
I write for a newspaper, do construction, but mostly I just fix people's junk for them. Im a Mr. Fix-It type of guy, I can fix just about anything. I also do Sex Parties as my alter-ego "Master Cylinder" where I wear a pringles can over my junk and gently thrust my hips while a techno beat accompanies me. Mastaaa Cylidaaa!
-hahaha xD Oh dear, you did mention you had some weird things to tell us xD anything else crazy i should be notified of?
Most people will consider me a weird/extremely deranged person... But I think Im misunderstood to a certain degree. Some of the things I type can be easily misunderstood. There is nothing weird about having fantasies about Florence Henderson pleasuring herself on an unbalanced washing machine! NOTHING WRONG!
-heheh! so your name on the forums is indianoutlaw, why indian? got native roots?
Yes, I do. From what I have been told, my great grandparents were Hopi from Arizona and moved East, eventually settling in KY. Coupled with some Native roots on each side, and my superlative skin tone in the summer, I think the stories are true. Also have some Scotch and English mixed in there too... So Im a mixed bag of fun. Booze-filled fun.
-interesting! have you ever tried tracking down your roots father than your grandparents?
I have somewhat... We did that ancestry thing on the internet a few years back and found that I had a great great uncle who served in the Civil War. Besides that, nothing real interesting to share. My grandfather drove tanks in Korea as well, and due to his service and passing down his sex drive to me through inheritance, I suspect I have many long-lost Korean Uncles and Aunts somewhere.
-very very cool lol! So how did an extremely deranged individual like you end up on these forums?
Haha... Im actually not deranged at all. Im a fairly "normal" person, I just do weird things. Absurdity is the only reality for me... But to answer your question, I started out reading the forum for help during my single player days. I just decided to join one day and have never looked back. Ive met a ton of great people here and Im very glad to be around.
-you do weird things? like? and, yea, this community is great and people like you make it only better and uniquer!
Well, it all started when I was a kid... I fell off of an antenna tower and hit the front left side of my head on a piece of metal. It cracked my skull and fucked up my frontal lobe... So I blame it on that. I just have weird impulses. I dress weird, I write very strange music, I come up with weird jingles, I make jokes about topics no one else will touch. But its all normal to me, but seeing as a definition of "normal" is all up to perception, who the hell really knows what it is supposed to be? I have a supercomputer-type brain that is on all of the time, always analyzing things. I enjoy being the way I am to be honest, wouldnt have it any other way.
-true that! so you write weird music? do you perform any music?
I play Bass Guitar mostly... I have recorded some stuff for local bands, but have never played in front of a live crowd. Seeing as my last live performance almost ended in me being arrested for enciting a riot and public indecency, I have slight reservations about doing things live. Besides the bass, I also play regular guitar, drums, mouth-organ, wooden flute, and I sing.
-duude that's epic! you should upload some tunes you play :3! so what genres music do you like? i assume rock?
My musical start with Classical... I love putting on some Beethoven and conduct along with it. I enjoy blues music, it is my roots. Classic rock is a big part as well, as well as funk. My musica; tastes end at 1979, after that it just got too plastic and manufactured to me. Some of my most favorite are Howlin' Wolf, BB King, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Boston, Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Cream just to name a few off the top of my head.
-damn! that's a good taste! but no love for electro me bredda?
If a music is so bad that you have to take a drug called Ecstasy to enjoy it, no... Just kidding. I may not like some genres of music, but I have respect for them. Something about them makes people enjoy it, so something in it moves their soul. You have to have respect for that.
-true! ecstasy does help lol! kidding...have you tried many drugs?
I have done everything under the sun besides the big "H", seeing as I dont like injections... But I quit that lifestyle years ago, seeing as my health was failing. I used to be big into psychedelics, which may contribute to my odd behavior. But I was told I have to rare of a mind and personality to be wasting it, and I agreed. Its a much better life being sober... Well, most of the time anyways. I still drink and get "herbal" sometimes, but nowhere near the scope of what I used to be.
-good that you didn't do heroin. that shit is uber addicting i did you get into drugs? the need to experiment?
I have a deep interest on the inner-machinations of the mind... It started out trying to find the answers to life's great questions. But it got out of hand. I really dont know how Im not dead, but Ive been kept around for a reason. It gave me an illusion of understanding things, but I can do that without them now. So it all works out in the end I guess.
-great! what is the weirdest shit you ever went through in those times?
Probably the psychedelic phase... It was just a strange time. Reality was so warped I had no idea of what was real and what wasnt. Probably the time I was tripping and found that a snake was in my living room. I didnt know if it was real or not and went into a panic. It was real though, which was even worse.
-lol, that sounds disturbing... :l how did you discover gaming?
I got my first NES when I was only two years old... I have been gaming since then. I was lucky as a kid, always the first to get all of the cool shit. I was King Shit of Turd Mountain when I was the first person in my school to get a PS2. It actually got me some poontang. This gamer chick was really wanting to play it so I invited her to my house... and thats how I became a man. Haha, its pretty stupid on her part now that I look back on it.
-hahaha! that's simply amazing xD she nailed you for the ps2? did you date her after that?
Oh yeah... Being barely 13 years old, I fell head over heels for the chick. Which was pretty stupid on my part looking back on that as well. She was just using me for my gadgets... and my PS2.
-lolol xD anymore glory moments of your student times?
Besides the teachers all agreeing that I needed special education classes and giving me an IQ test to see if I qualified, which I scored a 145 on... Not too much. I enjoyed rubbing that in their faces. But I was just a general troublemaker in school...I was that guy that could hang out with the rednecks, the jocks, the goths, the stoners... and somehow find a way to fit in. I was pretty popular due to my rebellious ways. So good infact that I got put in welding class all day for my entire senior year so they wouldnt have to put up with my shit anymore.
-lol! and now your a freelancer and we are back to the start lol! do you want to stay in america for ever?
Indeed, I love when things come full circle... I love America to be honest. It isnt perfect, not by a long shot. But for good or ill, I can function here. I would like to travel around the world one day. I have a fascination and respect for other people's cultures that I would like to act on. Ive always been interested in humanity and would love to travel to watch them... Im an observer, I love to people-watch. Their behaviors, the way they walk and speak. I guess thats why some of my friends call me "Hannibal" because I have a great interest in people. Not so much how they taste with Fava Beans, but their actions in general.
-lol! one important thing i have to ask! is there anyone extra special currently in your life...
Not currently and probably wont be... I find most modern people's views on "love" are so warped that I cant really see myself fitting in with it. I try and keep an "Austin Powers" approach to love these days. Im not a fan of heartbreak, it is probably one of the worst things ever.
-So you never wanna settle down and have kids?
I would love to... But the fact is, I have been burned so many times by some real rotten women, I just cant trust anyone enough to do that. I would hate to have a kid with some dingbat, then she decides to up and leave one day and Ill never see the kid again. Besides that, Im very hard to understand and live with, so Ill spare them that experience.
-Okay, hope you still meet an incredible woman though! so how do you want to see yourself in 20 years time?
I dont really think about it at all... I live for today and today only. Life is a gift that many waste by thinking too much about the future. I tend to just enjoy myself as is.
-very wise!! that sounds like something the buddha would say! maybe that is what you tried to reach in your younger days with drugs, enlightenment?
I believe so... But it was the pursuit and wanting to have understanding that drove that. I have had it all along in my mind and thats all you need. You dont need substances to have understanding. It can even be counter-intuitive to do so. If the thirst for knowledge and wisdom is there to begin with, there is no need for suppliments. Same goes for creativity... Self destruction and creativity never should go hand in hand. Too many great musicians have done so. Learn from them.
-true! well, i have run out of questions for you mister! anything else we really really have to know?
I would just like to say you did a teriffic job interviewing... I was allowed to take the "mask" off and just speak for awhile, it was quite enjoyable. I tend to joke around a lot, but it was fun to do this interview semi-seriously atleast. I hope this interview allows people to maybe see me in a new light, not just the guy who posts weird shit on a forum. One last thing, the Walrus wasnt Paul or John... It was me all along. Goo Goo g'Joob!
-thanks! it was cool to learn more about you! and the final question...any questions for me? xD o lol i should scrap that one
Yes, I do have a question... What is your conceptual continuity and what drives you to want to interview people?
-idk, i got good grades and many compliments when i interviewed a dude for homework then i interviewed a guy for the school paper lol. just thought it would be cool to set up a series of interviews here on the site and it's always great to learn about you guys a tad more then possible on the boards were great to interview! had a few good laughs man! thanks for participating!
Indeed it is Uca... I always enjoy reading these and I hope people have enjoyed this one as well. Keep up the great work man!
-will try! cya!
Interview with Hudweiser.

Show content for Hiden:
-let's begin! So how are you Hud? what have you been up to lately?
I'm doing pretty well, healthy and happy. I've been taking advantage of the weather to get some projects done in and out of the house, putting in a brick walkway from the back porch to the drive-way.
-Great! So you're like on of those handy man kind of guys?
Very much so, I love to work with my hands on physical projects. Taking things apart, building and fixing things. There is great satisfaction in being able to see results that are tangible at the end of the day.
-cool! what is your job? also something related to this?
Well my former job was maintenance at a fabrication plant but the business started to suffer and I was laid off. I haven't been able to find any reliable work as of yet but I have presses and a welder in my garage which I have been using to take on side jobs from time to time. It doesn't pay great but it keeps me busy and on top of my game. It has actually planted the idea of starting my own repair/weld shop but that would be a pretty big undertaking and a lot of variable come into play when starting a business from the ground up.
-indeed, i wish you good luck with that! and how about the girlfriend, what is she up to?
My wife actually. She's a certified gemologist and works at a jewelry store at our local mall. She absolutely loves her job and makes pretty decent wages plus commission on sales. We've both been pretty lucky to be able to do the things that interest us as careers, though I do get tired of hearing about jewelry every now and then.
-lol, don't get me started on that! so how did you meet her?
We grew up in the same town and went to school with each other. We never got together back then, mostly because I was preoccupied with getting into trouble with everything and everyone. After high school I left home and traveled around the States for awhile. I eventually returned home when I realized that my life wasn't headed in the direction I wanted it to go. She was one of the few people I somewhat kept in contact with and when I returned home I realized how much I had missed her and wanted to be with her. She helped me reconstruct and reorganize my life and priorities. About a year after that we got engaged and married.
-that's an amazing story man! glad it turned out good for you guys! so your life got pretty messed during your wandering around the states i presume...did you go through a lot of rough shit?
I read a book when I was younger called On the Road by Jack Kerouac and it inspired me to leave and go see different places. I was really affected by my Grandfathers death at the time and felt I needed to go before it was too late for me to do so. I had worked on the farms close to my home back then and had saved up as much as I could. It got pretty rough but I only had to worry about myself and was able to do odd jobs here and there for people to get by. My first destination was Colorado, I had an uncle who lived out there and I wanted to see the Rockies. I worked with him for a few months before buying a ticket to Hawaii where I lived for awhile.
-that's pretty cool! how was your stay in hawaii?
It was great for the first few months but the island life just didn't suit me. I lived in Kaneohe on O'ahu which is on the other side of the mountains from Honolulu. It was absolutely amazing to wake up everyday and see the island mountain range on one side and the Pacific on the other.
-so how long did you stay in hawaii and what did you do than?
I stayed there for about a year and worked at a small café. Most of the my time there I spent roaming around the island, exploring the look-outs and the beaches, getting stoned, meeting different people. Most of the people there are extremely friendly and laid back but there are also those that offer you a smile to your face then steal from you behind you back.
-are you still in touch with the people you met there?
Yeah I maintain contact with a few of the people I've worked with and met around the island. That is the great thing about our era, the internet and social networking has made it a breeze to talk to people hundreds of miles away everyday. I was extremely worried when that tsunami business happened but was relieved when it passed then by.
-will you ever go back to hawaii?
I've thought about it plenty of times but if I did it would only be as a vacation. I'd like to see some of the ol' island friends and I'm sure my wife would love to see the island as well. The lifestyle just wasn't for me and the cost of living out there is pretty high, coupled with no real long term careers out there, well at least in my industry. I guess I could always start up a fish farm though
-do you still see any other youth friends except your wife?
Honestly, no. Most of my 'friends' back then were anything but. We mostly just enabled each other into doing stupid and unhealthy things, and when it came down to it, they were never there when you needed them. Those that weren't complete garbage have moved on and away, every once in awhile I might receive a call or call them in turn but I've pretty much isolated myself from the people from my past.
-so, how did you end up on
Well I've always been a sucker for anything western themed, so when I learned of the upcoming release for RDR I was extremely excited. I first avoided any discussion pertaining to the game until it was released and I had time to play through it. I stumbled on these forums when I was looking for tips on multiplayer but never registered. I just browsed the threads as a guest for awhile then took a small break from the game. After a few months I got back into it and visited the site to catch any info on the DLC's and patches. I wanted to join a posse so I registered and applied to the RRR since I'm not that competitive and just wanted to be part of a group that had fun playing.
-I can't remember you without blue colors! do you still play rdr a lot?
Yeah seems I was a natural fit around here in general and within the RRR, most people don't seem to realize that I've only been active since January. I was taking a semi-break from RDR before PSN went offline due to time constraints but now my trigger finger is getting itchy and am ready to saddle up again. Hopefully everyone on the PS3 side of the RRR will be well rested and ready to hit the game hard, Craig's got a competition lined up and I'd like to organize a big meet-up for our return.
-Sounds exciting! what other games do you play?
I recently replayed Dead Space 2 and finished it off again over the weekend. That game is extremely draining but the feeling you get from completing it is awesome. I started a new playthrough for Mass Effect 2 and am in the middle of that. Besides though, I play Little Big Planet, God of War series, the Fallout series (including the original and Fallout 2) and anything in the Metal Gear Solid series.
-nice. what games are you looking forward to?
Well I'm definitely counting down the days for the release of L.A. Noire, Skyrim is another one (though I'm not sure I'll have the time to invest in it.) I'd like to purchase the new MK but might wait for a price drop on that. Plus with the PSN being down I don't think I would enjoy it as much just playing by myself.
-this is true, what is your view on the whole psn drama?
I think it is bad business that a company as big as Sony has allowed themselves to get into this position. It is a great disservice to the customers that have put their trust in the corporation. Though this event has pointed out extreme flaws in the network, hopefully Sony will learn from this grave mistake and not allow it to happen again. One thing that has been on my mind concerning this, is whether they'll bring the network back but with a subscription fee like XBL has. I can see them instituting that with the reasoning of needing the capital to invest in better security.
-good god...i hope this won't happen...why did you go for the ps3 btw?
They were more reliable in my eyes and cheaper in the long run. I had an Xbox to begin with but after two of them RROD'd on me I was fed up. I took my business to Sony and wasn't disappointed with it until the whole PSN fiasco. There are a lot of great exclusives for both systems but with the Blu-ray, internet browers, and integrated hard-drive, I felt it was a more solid product.
-I agree. So what other things in life do you enjoy besides fixing shit and gaming and of course the company of your girl?
Another hobby that is near and dear to my heart is music. I've been an avid guitar player for almost 10 years and took some piano lessons before that. I have 6 guitar in my 'music' room upstairs, a Taylor, an Ibanez, a Fender Jazz bass, a 12-string Takamine, a '57 Gibson Les Paul (it belonged to my uncle) and my first Yamaha acoustic guitar. My most recent learning expierience has been with a harmonica, in the key of C. Its been pretty fun learning some old blues songs on it but I'm sure it annoys the hell outta my wife. I'd like to pick up a banjo sometime but haven't justified purchasing one yet.
-damn that's pretty cool! have you ever played in a band or something?
My brother plays in a band down in Columbus and I've sat in with them a few times, mostly during songwriting times. I've gotten some credit in a few of their demos but never played anything live. Well I did play a song at my uncle's funeral a few years back but that was hardly a 'rockin' moment.
-yea, i understand :l So, hud, where do you see yourself in about 20 years from now?
Well in about 20 years I'll be 44 so hopefully I'll have had some children by that time. I'm not too big on kids right now but I do know that I would like to be a father eventually. I can see myself teaching my daughter or son how to fish, explaining the birds and bees and letting them get into their own kind of trouble. Though I do hope they will learn from my own mistakes and make a better path in life for themselves, I'd only want them to do what makes them happy.
-that sounds like a great plan and i hope you will get a nice family man! and finally, our traditional question; any questions for me after our little chat?
Naturally, though I can't remember if you've been asked this before, I'd like to know what your hopes and aspirations are for your own future?
-I do believe i have been asked before but things have changed slightly in the past few weeks...right now i'm just aiming to finish my school and get a nice job i like. other than that i just want to get over all the bullshit that's been happening around me lately. I don't think any father than that atm
Any sort of specific career you'd like to get into? I know you're deeply rooted in mixing and producing your own music.
-i'm still a big noob of that stuff and i'm not really aiming at becoming a professional artist. i'll be happy if i ever manage to produce a decent tune. so yea... i'll see

-well, hud, thanks for your time and again, sorry for the inconvenience and delay! it was really great to interview you!
Not a problem Uca, we both have busy schedules we have to keep and it was great to be interviewed, maybe you should consider this as a career down the road.
-haha thanks, i'll consider it! i'm gonna edit this now, byee!
Later dude

Interview with The Podmeister

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Right pal, I'm all yours
-okay, great! how much time have you got?
all day pretty much I'm at work! lol
-great, great, these things take longer than most think are you? what are you gonna do this summer?

Well I've got a few weeks off coming up so I'm gonna take the wife camping, we normally like far flung holidays but we've been renovating the house this year so all the money has gone into that. So we decided to buy all the stuff and take cheap breaks under canvas for the next few years until the house is done.
-Hey, nice camping can be quite an adventure too. far flung holidays eh? what countries have you visited so far?
We go to India mostly as we have friends there, we like to tour around and see the sights, we're still not finished there yet. I'd like to see Pune and maybe go up north to the mountains and then I think we've got our sights set on the orient after that. I love my martial arts so would love to visit Foshan in china.
-cool! Asia has many nice sights! So you're a martial arts fan? do you practice any yourself?
I used to practice Wing Chun but after my back surgery my surgeon told me I couldn't do it any more. It nearly broke me having to give it up, I really loved it. It gives you confidence and with that comes a peaceful mind.I've always had anger issues and used to vent that in my band but when that fell apart i returned to martial arts as a place to express myself.
-that's really cool! too bad you had to quit...say..have you read the art of war? xD
no, not yet, but it's on my reading pile. which is about five feet high and rising.
-so you read a lot, what are your favorite books?
tough one....hmmm I love horror mostly for fiction, I'm re-reading the shining at the moment. Jack Torrences inner struggles combined with the evil contained in the overlook makes for some compelling reading, it also make you look at yourself as well, especially if you like a drink, as I do.
Other than that I'll read anything, I got into chris brookmeyer recently on the recommendation of a friend and really enjoy him.
-nice! ah yea, you like a drink, i saw your pictures in the most wanted thread! brilliant! you like mostly beer?
I try not to go overboard too much these days I'm getting old and lever disease could be just around the corner if I don't slow down so it's just a few strongbows of an evening these days with the occasional blow out. but a berr when your with your friends to me is obligatory. I take a whisky at christmas and birthdays but i try to drink water a lot more while having a beer to stay at least a little hydrated. I didn't used to when i was in the band though, rock and roll and all that. I would have given Keith Moon a run for his money in his day. It was relentless booze and drugs. I don't regret it but I wouldn't recommend it. A hangover everyday for breakfast gets to you after a while and once your liver packs in your fucked basically. I pee wherever when I'm drunk and sleepwalk and it's usually not the toilet. I once just opened the wifes undies draw and let rip, she wasn't impress the next morning!!
-true, that you gotta drink when with friends! what drugs have you tried back in the days? do you still do some?
Pretty much everything except the really bad ones like Heroin and Crack. I'll never do those, they just turn you into something that's sub-human. I still smoke and occasionally take shrooms when they're in season, a bit of e if I fancy it but that's about it. The days of snorting a badger have gone for me, it's nice but whoa what a comedown, i can't take the comedowns these days. It takes longer and longer to get over the more often you do it so I don't really bother.
-mmh, good, heroine is a devil! I read your best pal has left for a girl! how long have you known each other?
since he was 14 and i was 16 so that's over 20 years. We started playing guitars together and we were in bands together for ages. He left once before to work at sound city in London but came back up north after it went bankrupt so we got back together and would play our guitars for hours a couple of times a week. I don't think he's coming back this time though. He's found the one I think and I couldn't be happier for him. I miss him though like crazy, when you've been that close to someone for so long it's like having your arm cut off, my creative energy has taken a nosedive. He left me one of his guitars though as a parting gift, I wished he was here to play it with me though. It's a guild 12 string that used to belong to the guitarist from Skunk Anansie. Like I said he was a very good friend, Smile he was closer to me than a brother.
-i'm sorry for you pod! but you guys can still hook up sometime! I believe you have found th "one" as well? have you got any children?
Yeah I plan to nip over to Canada in the next few years and see him, I can't afford to go this year though so I'm gonna be his best man via skype. No, no children as of yet but the wife is getting broody. The closer the house gets to being completed the more broody she's becoming. When we made the front bedroom she immediately branded it the baby bedroom and started to get me worried. I'm happy to let her be mummy to the cats for now.
-Ha! Would you like your son/daughter to play a red dead game some day? xD
I'd love my children to enjoy video games as much as I do, I've played them since they first arrived with pong, but I am a strong advocate for appropriation when it comes to kids playing violent video games. Red deads violence isn't really that bad, no worse than bonaza was that I used to watch on a saturday afternoon but have you heard some of the dialogue?!? I don't think its appropriate for kids to hear " Your momma fucks livestock" coming out of a NPC's mouth. They have a rating for a reason. The mature ratings on games when I was young was a bit over bearing but today I think with the realism they have now achieved it is important and they get it right most of the time. Even I get shocked at the realism sometimes. Like in black ops the first time I fired the spas 12 with dragons breath i shot this guys legs off and he was rolling around screaming with his charred bloody stumps flailing, I thought, woah, this is awesome!! Then I imagined a 10 year old being exposed to the same thing and thinking the same. A 10 year old thinking like that just doesn't sit well with me. I'm an adult and have seen misery and death. I can separate a well made video game from the horror of war, ten year olds haven't learned that capacity yet and if you desensitize them too young they become numb unfeeling adults.
-good point, i agree! so, let's talk about our favorite game, red dead, the very reason we are having this conversation! how did you get into the game? I see you like to wear western style hats sometime, were you into westerns before all of this?
Yeah I loved to play cowboys and indians as a kid. My dad was a big Clint Eastwood fan and that rubbed off on me too. I love the lawlessness of it all and that there was a few good men keeping it from being all out constant riots. Red dead just combined all things I love, video games and cowboys. It's and absolutely stunning environment too and you notice something different every time you play it. The story was great and the character development too was very deep, which is something rockstar have done well for a while now. The first time I saw the horses move too I had what can only be described as a nerdgasm, absolute beauty. I walked around on my horse just marveling at the fluidity they moved with. Switch to assassins creed after playing RDR and I challenge you not to laugh at the horse animation in that. it moves like it's got flippers on, it's wank it really is.
The Hat? Yeah the hat is one of my most favorite possessions. It has been all over with me, I wear it almost all the time. It's getting a little worn now, but I don't think I'll ever part with it. Something about a fine piece of leather. I still have a leather jacket I used to wear when I was 19 too. Theres a photo on here somewhere. It's a bit tight now though ha ha ha
-that's awesome! tell me about mad men, i believe you are the founder?
No, not at all. I was recruited about a month after Mohander, then Warreen, founded it after leaving the bandits. We played and talked and he liked that I was older and calmer than most so he suggested a high rank for me, I suggested consiliere. Which is now OldBills position. He was preparing to go to uni and decided he couldn't run things anymore. This is where it all went a bit strange. We got a message over xbox from xRDSx Warreen that the mad men would be disbanded and we would all join RDS! Well me and a couple of other guys said no we want to stay as Mad Men, so we did, the guys pretty much unanimously voted me in and War made the announcement. It got a bit messy after that and we had a bit of a fall out and he left completely. I'll not go into details here as it's all water under the bridge now, and I wish him well with DWB. He really is a good guy, and I miss him sometimes. We're not as competitive anymore and that's how we like it. I have the greatest team I could have hoped to assemble for our nights of madness, and we do pretty well at holding our own against most when we do want to get competitive. We have some real talent to count on in gang matches, the mighty Stingercci and Valjean, Badunkerdunker, welsh and myself make a pretty formidable team if you can get us all together at the same time, along with some of the Mad Men legends should we need to call upon them, I'm not sure how were gonna cope without Bill though, he brought so much to the group that his leaving has left a huge hole, his harem is mourning the loss of the oldest stud in town. It's being filled in though the more I get to know our new members like Alphapug and Sweenyfozz I know the craziness has not gone, it's just changed form. They're a perfect addition to the group.
-Amazing story! Yes, I hope bill is not gone for good. what are your wishes for a next red dead game? will we find the mad men there?
You certainly will, we're not going anywhere, every time something foul befalls us we bounce right back. Bill is still here somewhere, but seeing in game is not going to happen for a while, he has his xbox with him but the cost of internet in Oz is crazy and he has far more important shit to deal with first and foremost. I hope the next game is in the same vain, either a prequel or following closely behind, I'd really hate to see a great cowboy game be followed up by something more modern. Jack Marston going to New York to become a cop, for instance, just wouldn't wash with me. It must keep the western feel and atmosphere, RDR was a near perfect game for me, except for the holes now in it (glitches) and if they can give me the wow factor I felt with RDR with the next one, R* will receive my hard earned again.
-Yes, I hope for the same. So, Pod, Where do you want to see yourself in 20 years??
I dunno dude, I'm 36 years old and in a job I hate, I do it for the money, unless something better comes up I might still be here. I might like to perform musically again but there's no money in it. I'd like to maybe try acting too, but that only pays if you make it. Life is a journey dude, I'm not really thinking about the destination at the moment, just the travel arrangements for the minute. When I do get there I'll let you know.
-alright! well i asked you everything i wanted to! anything more you wanna tell us or anything you wanna ask me?
Cool, yeah, do I seem so scary now you know me? I mean you probably know me better than anyone on this site now with the exception of my Mad brothers and sisters.
-Of course you're not scary, i was just joking! your posts on the forums do seem to have a certain aura of authority around them! would never mess with you xD
Well, I thank you for the time and for this wonderful interview! it was great to learn more about you!!!

Ha ha yeah I don't like to be taken lightly is all, I'm a big pussycat really, people just have to remember pussycats have claws.
Thank you Ucah, it's been a lot of fun, It's been nice to reflect on some things and share the good times, take it easy chap.
Interview With Lkkarus
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-o hai
-alrighty! So lkk, how are you going to spend this summer?
Hopefully doing something productive, as much as I'd like to spend all day playing videos games and browsing the forums it wouldn't sit very well with my parents. Maybe some community service or summer school.
-I see what games do you play other than RDR? and on what platforms?
Well I play video games to relax, so no genre of game is off limits, if it interests me enough I'll try it out, the new generation of platforms have really been able to allow developers experiment with what kind of games they want to offer. When I'm feeling nostalgic I play my PS1, PS2 and gameboys again. So many classic games, that I've even missed out on a few, trying my best to correct that though.
-very cool ^^ tell me how did you discover RDR?
haha I discovered RDR on the good old youtube. I saw the first introduction video and I was immediately interested. And when I saw that it was being made by Rockstar, I knew it was going to be excellent. Rockstar certainly has a way with captivating gamers.
-true that! What did you see in rdr that immediately interested you?
The way the Wild West was masterfully portrayed, and how it was dying with industrialism and capitalism
-it's an interesting theme indeed! And what did you think of the story? (spoilers possible ahead!)
It was a very powerful story, John does what I think anyone in his position would to protect their family. He even sacrifices himself to assure a better future for his son. But when Jack kills Ross, John has ultimately failed to make Jack a different person than he was.
-You're spot on with that examination, IMO. what would you like to see in the next red dead?
I'd like to see Rockstar explore the Gold Rushes, the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Lots of possibilities there. But whatever they do next I expect a great story, excellent atmosphere and fun multiplayer.
-fuck that's exactly what i want! so tell did you roll into MP and most importantly of all, how did you get into DWB?!
After completing story mode to 100% I went lonewolf till my first legend rank. After that I thought joining an organized gang would make playing more fun and I was certainly right. I was deciding what gang to try and join (this is back when the Angels of Death were still active) when I saw the description of DWB and was excited at the fact they were a PS3 only gang. Not that am I am a fanboy, but the fact that all the people I would be talking with could play with me in-game, and that was very enticing. I'd hate to have a great conversation with a member then go "Hey, you wanna play some RDR? Oh wait you're on a different platform....". I'm lucky Doc took a chance on a little kid like me, haha
-what is the best experience you ever had on RDR MP?
I think my best MP experience would have to be when DWB faced this "clan" called CWB which stood for Cash Money Boyz. They were spitting some nonsense in their challenge thread saying they were the best ever and yadda yadda yadda. When Doc posted in their thread advising them not to go around looking for a flame war they started getting aggressive and we decided to shut them by facing them in some matches. Long story short we beat them 3-0, but their smack talk didn't stop. They said they were R* certified players and Rockstar was mad at us for wasting their time, so we were going to be banned. And apparently we aren't a real "clan" because we don't have clan tags in our names. All in all, the amount of anger they had during and after the games was done right hilarious. Sad, because couldn't they have finished with a simple "Good Game?"
-lol justice was served. tell me lkk, will you join your brothers in arms when rockstar decides to make a new RDR?
From where I am right now, definitely, but who knows, things can change.
-okay, so enough game talk, there are more important aspects in life! you're 14 years old I assume, hows your school life?
I go to school that isn't my first choice, and it's a boys only school, but I get good grades and I've met some cool people, so it's ok I guess.
-boys only mmh. interesting. Do you wish you ever went to a "normal" school with boys and girls mixed?
Yeah, the school I wanted to go to was co ed, but I guess the dream of that was crushed when I moved. I think the benefit of co ed besides eye candy is the social skills you develop, there's only so much interaction with other guys
-yea, i think in a boys only school you must miss a lot of female contact. do you know many girls of your age? maybe in other activities you participate in like sports?
Boys only isn't that bad, with no girls around there isn't much need to act like a douche to impress them, boys can be boys you know? But on to the real question, haha, I think I forgot to mention I'm in high school now, so yeah, I know some girls from my 2 elementary schools. haha I'm not very good at sports, so I would have to say no to meeting anyone through that.
-I know how you feel! ooh i need to take a step back to gaming; Explain your names. you were once known as No_cause as well
Well a couple of years ago my brother bought Warcraft 3 : Frozen Throne and I was to think of a name for my battlenet account. Back then I used to be a huge wrestling fan, and when wrestlers entered the ring they were usually accompanied by entrance music and video. One entrance song that for some reason stuck in my brian at the time was the chariman, vince mcmahon's, and in the entrance music I thought they were saying "No Cause! No Cause at all!" I thought that sounded cool xD so I used it, I only found out a few years later that it was actually "No Chance"
-and what about lkkarus? is that first letter a l or an i? :l
haha yeah it actually is a lower case "L" for my name. I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology, which I think is because there are tales of things like morality and personal struggle that are applicable today. The family of Gods aren't perfect, they have faults and show emotion, that's why I guess they are so relatable. The story of Icarus is more about failed Ambition, and I think thats why I like it so much. So when I finally got online and had to make a PSN, I definitely wanted to use Icarus. The name was taken. So I tried Ikkarus, that was taken too. Being the uncreative person I am I decided to go with lkkarus, I thought people would be fooled into thinking it was an I
. and to this day people still use the I, I've never corrected them because thats the way it was supposed to be, and I don't want to be a grammar nazi. But when I look at Ikkarus and lkkarus side by side now, lkkarus looks better somehow.
-so you are interested in Greek Mythology Etc. Did you read the iliad and stuff like that?
Ah yes! Homer was a genius, being able to tell a great story in poem form. The fusion of Gods and combat was exceptionally done. I guess I'm a fan of historic battles in general, not for the bloodshed, but for the way they have shaped the world we live in today.
-that's true and he's very admirable indeed! what other literature have you read?
Well with the Illiad you have to read the Odyssey, but besides that some of my favorites have got to be The Viper Tree, The Road, The Hours, and The whole Harry Potter series. I'll read anything thats interests me, but I'd say I prefer fiction.
-great, great. reading a lot is important IMO. I saw you are into comics as well?
Yeah, continuing with the fact that I'm a big nerd I read comics, when they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" they really meant it. It's a great alternative to books when I don't feel too lazy to imagine the world.
-I guess you really like the Marvel/DC comic. which ones are truly the best in your opinion?
Oh, thats a tough decision, but if I had to say one it would have to be Marvel, who IMO has a larger cast of quality Heroes and Villains.
-did you see the new Marvel movies? do you like the movies based on the marvel comics?
Coming from a noob like me, I do think the movies do the comics some justice, but what I'm really looking forward to is the next movie when they team up
-alright! and oh btw, what IS your favorite movie?
Wow that is a hard one, haha....After careful consideration I'd have to say the Dark Knight, superb acting, great story, awesome action sequences. RIP Heath Ledger
-ha ha true he was a great actor! So lkk, where do you see yourself in 20 years time?
Eating 100$ burgers, popping champagne with models and wiping my ass with 24 carat gold toilet paper. Haha honestly I dont know. Everybody in high school is making it out to be you have to know what you want to be right now ir you won't be anything it all and its freaking me out! I suppose all I want out of the future is to be happy, because without that I don't think anything else matters.
-that's true! well I wish you good luck in the future any questions for me? xD
If your life ended tomorrow, what would you do?
-mmmh. I would probably gather my friends around, my girlfriend and my family and well. try to have a last good one. go out in a blast i guess. throw a party lol.
nice, friends and family are very important
-indeed. blood is all that matters
*mushy stuff between
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2011, 04:26:26 PM »
Reserved x2.
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2011, 04:37:16 PM »
I want to do another one... that was too much fun to do! :)

Have a holly, jolly ASS MÖDE Christmas!

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2011, 04:38:45 PM »
i agree it is rather awesome to have a one on one conversation with the people here ;)

EDIT: woohoow two volunteers :D
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2011, 05:11:37 PM »
Oh wow what an interview Austin A.K.A outlaw for president

Sex party ! :)

Really enjoyed that great job Uca , and great interview outlaw !
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2011, 05:35:36 PM »
Hurray Interviews are back!

Indian, you sir are a piece of art. ;)

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2011, 06:26:43 PM »
I was wondering if this was gonna happen or not, great read Indy!

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #8 on: April 15, 2011, 05:03:25 AM »
need two more volunteers :D

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #9 on: April 15, 2011, 05:07:46 AM »
Indian, you, me, and Albert Camus are in agreement!
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2011, 06:26:49 AM »
Never was one for interviews, me.

Might be steering clear of this thread for now...

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2011, 11:57:52 AM »
please vote in the poll!

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #12 on: April 15, 2011, 01:34:58 PM »
Lose-lose or win-win situation? There's four people I'd like you to interview up there. I'll keep my vote to myself a little longer...

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #13 on: April 15, 2011, 04:32:45 PM »
Voted for Uno. Hard to pick between Apache, Hud, Dwarf, and Uno.

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #14 on: April 15, 2011, 04:42:13 PM »
Nice interview Outlaw!! I can relate to the psychedelics phase, used to be my favorite...

Voted for Hud! Let's hear what the man's got to say :)

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2011, 04:53:13 PM »
Uno, duh. :P

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2011, 04:55:08 PM »

Buffalo Bill voted for Hud, because Hud rubs the lotion on it's skin... and by skin I mean dong.

Have a holly, jolly ASS MÖDE Christmas!

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #17 on: April 15, 2011, 06:16:12 PM »
Quote from: 'IndianOutlaw' pid='351661' dateline='1302900908'

(Image removed from quote.)
Buffalo Bill voted for Hud, because Hud rubs the lotion on it's skin... and by skin I mean dong.

Holy dong rubbing action Batman ^ LMAO

Voted for my bud hud
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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #18 on: April 15, 2011, 09:12:17 PM »
I voted for you hud :)

Thanks Kazzy mate!!!!

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RE: The Member Interview Thread #2
« Reply #19 on: April 16, 2011, 01:13:20 PM »
Wow, no votes? I've hit my rock bottom.