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The Boomers
« on: September 07, 2011, 09:00:42 PM »

The Boomers are a Red Dead Redemption clan and are a branch of the New california Republic. They have strict rules, ranks, and requirements. When you first join the Boomers you will be an associate, which is not quite a full member. Being an associate means you are not allowed to vote and you cannot recruit new people for the clan. You will be an associate for one month to evaluate you for suitability to become a full member. Upon becoming a full member you will earn the rights of voting and you will be able to recruit new people, Also you will begin your own rise up the hierarchy.

The Boomers have an extremely basic military hierarchy, consisting of  guards, enforcers, soldiers, and the acting Master of Arms. A combination of guards armed with dynamite and buffalo rifles will scout the area around Las Hermanas and Chuparosa and engages when somebody enters targeting range, with the exception of the intruder making it close enough to the base, where they will either detain the intruder or kill them. The commanding officer, called the Master of Arms, coordinates the guards in both defensive and offensive (mainly diversionary) operations, and the Leader of the Boomers has the ability to issue new orders and alter or override existing orders with all forms of military and security procedures without contest.

Chuparosa given to them from NCR serves as the headquarters for the
boomers. This is where they have their meets and generally have fun.

Las Hermanas also given to them from NCR is the Boomers
secondary base.  It serves almost as much purpose as Chuparosa
 but with much less security.


Leader - The President
Co-Leader - The Vice President
Master of Arms - Highest Rank
Soldier - 2nd Highest Rank
Enforcer - 3rd Highest Rank
Guard - Lowest Rank
Associate - Probation Period

Ten Commandments

1.Respect the gang
2.Respect the leaders decision
3.Be loyal to the gang
4.Always tell the truth
5.Never go back on your word
6.Do not ask for promotions
7.Respect allied gang
8.Must have at least three people to have a meet
9.Be free from racial and religious prejudice
10.Do not betray the team in any way


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