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Author Topic: Section Rules  (Read 4514 times)

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Section Rules
« on: January 20, 2013, 03:50:22 PM »
Alright New Years Resolution time for everyone to take a deep breathe and try to keep the discussions in this area more idea-centered & less retaliatory against one another.  So, in that spirit a few guidelines to keep this section clean and under control:

  • No one will be banned for their political or religious opinions, no matter how fringe.  However, the existing forum rules on racism, etc still apply in  here.
  • No arguing. Debate is fine but keep it civilized.
  • Only news and politics related stuff should go here.
  • Ideas may be attacked, people may not be.  If you find yourself beginning a post with the words: "You" to the other forum member be extremely careful what comes next.
  • A few examples of what constitutes attacking a person & alternative ways to address their idea:
  • Personal attack: "You are living in a fantasy world..."
  • Instead address the idea: "If you had a more responsible system in which citizens could..."

  • Personal attack: "Don't spout off on what we are doing wrong in your eyes..."
  • Instead address the idea: "Mexico has all kinds of restrictive gun laws look how..."

  • Personal attack: "You are so full of paranoia and nationalistic frenzy ..."
  • Instead address the idea: "There should be an ongoing debate as technology and our live's involving it continue to evolve..."

  • Personal attack: "It is quite obvious that you don't give a fuck about..."
  • Instead address the idea: "Regimes interested in oppressing their people also used this same policy as governments who claimed ..."