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Author Topic: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!  (Read 5278 times)

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Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« on: July 07, 2012, 10:26:44 PM »
 8)Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay! 8)
Time:7pm Central Time
Date:7/8/12 Sunday!
Requirements:A Mic/At Least 14 Years Old


New Life Rule:After death you life restarts.You forget the past and cannot use it against anyone.

Random Deathmatching:Do not kill someone unless you have a roleplay reason to.

Trust:Be truthful about the amount of money you have and what items you have.

Fear Factor:If a player has a weapon pointed at you you have to listen. If the player is pointing a pistol at you you can draw yours but its risky.

AssGunning:Do not take out a rifle/Sniper/Shotgun(Except Sawed-Off) Unless you are next to your horse at your home or in your store. You must already have the weapon out to use it if you are not in/near one of those places.Perk Can reverse This Rule.

MetaGaming:Do not talk to other player in the public chat you must either go into a party or private chat.If you hear someone talking in public chat you cannot use what you hear against them unless you are next to them.

Personal Rules:

Must Eat Each Day.

Must Sleep 2 minutes each day.

No Teleporting Ever!

No Dead Eye(Unless You Have Perk)

Death:If You Die You Lose $50 Thats All.


*Sheriff:$500 A Day:Controls Lawmen:Gets Volcanic Pistol

**Mayor:$600 A Day:Controls Laws And Gives Warrants for his/her town of choice.:Schooling Required.

Governer:$900 A Day:Controls Mexico or US (His Choice):Requires Schooling And Extra Stregth School.:Must Be Mayor 3 roleplays.

President:$3,500 A Day:Controls Entire Game:Requires Schooling And Extra Strength School And Politics School.:Must Be Governer 5 Roleplays:

*Lawmen:$200 A Day:Arrests And Enforces Laws:Gets Cattleman Revolver:Every Arrest All Lawmen Get $25

Judge:$300 A Day+$300 A Case:Decides All Punishments For Criminals:Must Go To School For Job:Must Be Lawyer 2 Roleplays:

Lawyer:$100 A Day+$150 A Case:Helps His Clients:Requires Schooling:


Soilder:$75 A Day:Fights for US:


Corporal:1 RP:+$15 Raise

Sergeant:2 RP:+$30 Raise

Sergeant-Major:3 RP:+$50 Raise:CattleMan Revolver

1st Lieutenant:5 RP:+$75 Raise:Repeater Carbine:Pention $100 RP

Major:7 RP:+$150 Raise:Double Action Revolver:Pention $250 RP

Colonel:10 RP:+$500 Raise:Rolling Block Sniper Rifle:Pention $100 RP

General:15 RP:+$1,000 Raise:3 Guns Of Choice:Pention $1,000 RP:Can Be General For Only Up To 10 Roleplays:$10,000 Gift After 10th Roleplay:

*Doctor:$150 A Day+Medical Pay:Cares For All Medical Issues:Schooling Required

$75 Per Death


Bartender:+Sales:Gives Alcohol To Buyers:

*General Store Owner:+Sales:Sales Food,Tents,Knifes,Tomahawks,And Throwing Knifes.


1 day supply of food:$25

Roleplay Supply Of Food:$100

Tent:Used As A Portable House(Only Lasts 3 Days):$250


Tomahawk:$145 Per Tomahawk

Throwing Knife:$75 Per Knife

*Horse Trader:+ %10 ofSales

Horse Prices:

El Seior:Free



Zebra Donkey:$10,000

Hunter:$15 A Day+$2 per hide sold to general store(The general store owner doesnt actually give his own money up.):Gets Repeater Carbine and a hunting license You cant hunt your own food unless you buy a rifle and a hunting license. A hunting license costs $200

*Gunsmith:+%10 of Gun Sales:Sales Weapons To Players:

Weapons Prices:


Cattleman Revolver:$500

Volcanic Pistol:$750

Schofield Revolver:$900

Double Action Revolver:$1,450

Semi Auto Pistol:$1,700

High Power Pistol:$2,250

LeMat Revolver:$3,500

Mauser Pistol:$4,000


Repeater Carbine:$750

Winchester Repeater:$1,250

SpringField Rifle:$2,500

Henry Repeater:$4,000

Bolt Action Rifle:$5,500

Evans Repeater:$7,800

Buffalo Rifle:$12,500

Sniper Rifles

Rolling Block Sniper Rifle:$14,000

Carcano Sniper Rifle:$23,500


Pump Action Shotgun:$3,500

Sawed Off Shogun:$2,400

Semi Auto Shotgun:$8,500

Double Barrel Shotgun:$11,500


Dynamite:$1,250 A Stick

Fire Bottle:$600 A Bottle

Farmer:$50 A Day:Must Plant Crops And Grow Them:

Miner:+Ores Sold:Mines Gold To Sell.Gold Is worth $2 Per nugget And you mine 50 every ten minutes(Real Life).Sometimes Randomly you will find a diamond worth $150.


Gang Leader:+Illegal Activites:Controls The Gang:

Gang Member:+Leader Pays:Works For The Leader:

Dealer:Grows And Sells Drugs.Grows Drugs For 1 real life hour.Sells them to player.Drugs Give Players 1.5x More money but it is illegal.

Bounty Hunter:+Jobs:Hunts down Certain Players Hes Assigned To Kill:Gets Repeater Carbine

Hooker:+Job:Sex 4 Money!:

Jobs With * Next to them are required.Jobs With ** Are Not Required But Highly recommended.

School:Schooling Costs $500 And you must go to schoolhouse for 2 days 20 minutes each day. Schooling gives you 1.5x Money.Extra Strength School Costs $1,000 and you must go to schoolhouse for 4 days 20 minutes each day.Politics School Costs $4,500 And You Must go To school for 2 roleplays 15 minutes each day.

Houses:Housing Is Based on size and condition and if it can be entered.

Small House:$100

Medium House:$500

Large House:$1,500

Enterable?:Add $500 If Yes

Bad Conditon:Add $100

Normal Condition:Add $250

Great Conditon:Add $500

Buisnesses: Use The housing priceing to buy. You make %10 of what you paid for the buisness each roleplay.Fir each employee you have working you gain another %10.

Law Enforcment Promotions And Rules:

Lawmen Cannot Shoot unless shot at.

Roleplays as Lawmen:

2 Roleplays:Ability to be Sheriff

4 roleplays:+$25 Raise

9 Roleplays:+$75 Raise

15 Roleplays:+$350 Raise

30 Roleplays:+$1,000 Raise +$5,000 Bonus

You Must Stay In Character Throughout Roleplays.

Each player starts put with $500 and a tent


Name:Characters Name

Age:Characters Age

Perks:CHOOSE 2:Money Maker(Make 1.1X More Money),Dead Eyed(Can Use Dead Eye),The Hybrid(Reverses The Assgunning Rule Making it possible to pull out a rifle but not a pistol),Fast Learner(Finishes School %25 Faster),Get Out Slip(Get One Get Out Of Jail Free Card To Use),Bartering Master(All Items Bought Are %10 Cheaper),One Man Team(Gets A Hunting License For Free),Personal BlackSmith(Abilty To Make Your Own Tomahawks And Throwing Knifes For Free.),Free Shit Home(One Free Small/Non-Enterable/Bad Condition Home),Early Pay(Get Paid 2 Hours Earlier)

Why I Should Let You Play:

Job Wanted:



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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2012, 09:16:15 AM »
Name: Jeremiah smith


Perks:CHOOSE 2: money maker, personal blacksmith

Why I Should Let You Play: Because I have always been looking for a roleplay for a long time and I know how to follow the rules

Job Wanted: Sheriff


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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2012, 11:39:55 PM »
Hopefully this one works out better than the other thread...

Name: William "Bill" Taylor

Age: 22

Perks:CHOOSE 2: The Hybrid and Get Out Slip

Why I Should Let You Play: Been trying to find people to roleplay with for awhile but nothing ever comes together. Also I'm not an immature kid who can't follow rules, just trying to have fun.

Job Wanted: Gang Leader

Gamertag: o LeTs Do ITx

Lets get the ball rolling! ;D

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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2012, 06:59:46 PM »
Name:Eric "The  Law" Larson


Perks:CHOOSE 2:One Man Team, Early Pay
Why I Should Let You Play:love to role play and have fun and ill follow your rules

Job Wanted:soldier



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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2012, 11:03:45 AM »
Name: Luis Yanez


Perks: Money Maker, Bartering Master.

Why I Should Let You Play: I listen to the rules, and I been wanting go into a rp server to have some fun.

Job Wanted: Bounty Hunter.


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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2012, 07:19:51 PM »
Name: [Dr.] Alex Wayne

Age: 56

Perks:CHOOSE 2: Money Maker & Bartering Master

Why I Should Let You Play: I'm a pretty damn good roleplayer, and I'm a loyal adversary. I can bring OMN Members in.

Job Wanted: Bounty Hunter

Gamertag: OMN Legions
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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2012, 10:40:21 PM »
Name: Patamon EagleTail

Job wanted : gang memeber

Perks : Money maker, Assgunning

Why You Should let me play : i have been looking for a  role play for a long time and i will follow your rules.

Gt : ImAsToNeR14999

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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #7 on: January 14, 2013, 02:12:51 AM »
Name: Chase Hanson

Age: 27

Perks:CHOOSE 2:Money Maker(Make 1.1X More Money),Fast Learner(Finishes School %25 Faster)
Why I Should Let You Play: Well i have a lot of experience as a roleplayer, and used to do fun little RP scenarios with some friends on here.

Job Wanted: Soldier or Lawman

Gamertag: DBD Cmdr Hanson

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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #8 on: June 29, 2014, 10:01:14 PM »
I was just wondering if this was still going, if so I'll give you my characters information.

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Re: Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay!
« Reply #9 on: December 11, 2016, 12:13:27 PM »
got red dead redemption yesterday and imo its awesome the graphics are sweeet and multiplayer is realy good defintly GOTY just a realy fun game if you liked GTA 4 then you will like this

If we didn't like RDR then we probably wouldn't be on here.

Looking back through your posts, I can't tell if you're a bot or not. Although that may be because its 4am and I haven't had much sleep.