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Author Topic: Red Dead Redemption Wild West Roleplay Starting Back Up!  (Read 1643 times)

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Red Dead Redemption Wild West Roleplay Starting Back Up!
« on: July 31, 2013, 03:08:21 PM »
 8)Red Dead Redemption WILD WEST Roleplay! 8)

Sorry For reporting but my old one was from years ago delete old one if needed......I'm starting this Roleplay back up.

My Gamertag:xJim Bob IIIx
Hmu on Xbox to and make the app to join!


New Life Rule:After death you life restarts.You forget the past and cannot use it against anyone.

Random Deathmatching:Do not kill someone unless you have a roleplay reason to.

Trust:Be truthful about the amount of money you have and what items you have.

Fear Factor:If a player has a weapon pointed at you you have to listen. If the player is pointing a pistol at you you can draw yours but its risky.

AssGunning:Do not take out a rifle/Sniper/Shotgun(Except Sawed-Off) Unless you are next to your horse at your home or in your store. You must already have the weapon out to use it if you are not in/near one of those places.Perk Can reverse This Rule.

MetaGaming:Do not talk to other player in the public chat you must either go into a party or private chat.If you hear someone talking in public chat you cannot use what you hear against them unless you are next to them.

Personal Rules:

Must Eat Each Day.

Must Sleep 2 minutes each day.

No Teleporting Ever!

No Dead Eye(Unless You Have Perk)

Death:If You Die You Lose $50 Thats All.


*Sheriff:$500 A Day:Controls Lawmen:Gets Volcanic Pistol

**Mayor:$600 A Day:Controls Laws And Gives Warrants for his/her town of choice.:Schooling Required.

Governer:$900 A Day:Controls Mexico or US (His Choice):Requires Schooling And Extra Stregth School.:Must Be Mayor 3 roleplays.

President:$3,500 A Day:Controls Entire Game:Requires Schooling And Extra Strength School And Politics School.:Must Be Governer 5 Roleplays:

*Lawmen:$200 A Day:Arrests And Enforces Laws:Gets Cattleman Revolver:Every Arrest All Lawmen Get $25

Judge:$300 A Day+$300 A Case:Decides All Punishments For Criminals:Must Go To School For Job:Must Be Lawyer 2 Roleplays:

Lawyer:$100 A Day+$150 A Case:Helps His Clients:Requires Schooling:


Soilder:$75 A Day:Fights for US:


Corporal:1 RP:+$15 Raise

Sergeant:2 RP:+$30 Raise

Sergeant-Major:3 RP:+$50 Raise:CattleMan Revolver

1st Lieutenant:5 RP:+$75 Raise:Repeater Carbine:Pention $100 RP

Major:7 RP:+$150 Raise:Double Action Revolver:Pention $250 RP

Colonel:10 RP:+$500 Raise:Rolling Block Sniper Rifle:Pention $100 RP

General:15 RP:+$1,000 Raise:3 Guns Of Choice:Pention $1,000 RP:Can Be General For Only Up To 10 Roleplays:$10,000 Gift After 10th Roleplay:

*Doctor:$150 A Day+Medical Pay:Cares For All Medical Issues:Schooling Required

$75 Per Death


Bartender:+Sales:Gives Alcohol To Buyers:

*General Store Owner:+Sales:Sales Food,Tents,Knifes,Tomahawks,And Throwing Knifes.


1 day supply of food:$25

Roleplay Supply Of Food:$100

Tent:Used As A Portable House(Only Lasts 3 Days):$250


Tomahawk:$145 Per Tomahawk

Throwing Knife:$75 Per Knife

*Horse Trader:+ %10 ofSales

Horse Prices:

El Seior:Free



Zebra Donkey:$10,000

Hunter:$15 A Day+$2 per hide sold to general store(The general store owner doesnt actually give his own money up.):Gets Repeater Carbine and a hunting license You cant hunt your own food unless you buy a rifle and a hunting license. A hunting license costs $200

*Gunsmith:+%10 of Gun Sales:Sales Weapons To Players:

Weapons Prices:


Cattleman Revolver:$500

Volcanic Pistol:$750

Schofield Revolver:$900

Double Action Revolver:$1,450

Semi Auto Pistol:$1,700

High Power Pistol:$2,250

LeMat Revolver:$3,500

Mauser Pistol:$4,000


Repeater Carbine:$750

Winchester Repeater:$1,250

SpringField Rifle:$2,500

Henry Repeater:$4,000

Bolt Action Rifle:$5,500

Evans Repeater:$7,800

Buffalo Rifle:$12,500

Sniper Rifles

Rolling Block Sniper Rifle:$14,000

Carcano Sniper Rifle:$23,500


Pump Action Shotgun:$3,500

Sawed Off Shogun:$2,400

Semi Auto Shotgun:$8,500

Double Barrel Shotgun:$11,500


Dynamite:$1,250 A Stick

Fire Bottle:$600 A Bottle

Farmer:$50 A Day:Must Plant Crops And Grow Them:

Miner:+Ores Sold:Mines Gold To Sell.Gold Is worth $2 Per nugget And you mine 50 every ten minutes(Real Life).Sometimes Randomly you will find a diamond worth $150.


Gang Leader:+Illegal Activites:Controls The Gang:

Gang Member:+Leader Pays:Works For The Leader:

Dealer:Grows And Sells Drugs.Grows Drugs For 1 real life hour.Sells them to player.Drugs Give Players 1.5x More money but it is illegal.

Bounty Hunter:+Jobs:Hunts down Certain Players Hes Assigned To Kill:Gets Repeater Carbine

Hooker:+Job:Sex 4 Money!:

Jobs With * Next to them are required.Jobs With ** Are Not Required But Highly recommended.

School:Schooling Costs $500 And you must go to schoolhouse for 2 days 20 minutes each day. Schooling gives you 1.5x Money.Extra Strength School Costs $1,000 and you must go to schoolhouse for 4 days 20 minutes each day.Politics School Costs $4,500 And You Must go To school for 2 roleplays 15 minutes each day.

Houses:Housing Is Based on size and condition and if it can be entered.

Small House:$100

Medium House:$500

Large House:$1,500

Enterable?:Add $500 If Yes

Bad Conditon:Add $100

Normal Condition:Add $250

Great Conditon:Add $500

Buisnesses: Use The housing priceing to buy. You make %10 of what you paid for the buisness each roleplay.Fir each employee you have working you gain another %10.

Law Enforcment Promotions And Rules:

Lawmen Cannot Shoot unless shot at.

Roleplays as Lawmen:

2 Roleplays:Ability to be Sheriff

4 roleplays:+$25 Raise

9 Roleplays:+$75 Raise

15 Roleplays:+$350 Raise

30 Roleplays:+$1,000 Raise +$5,000 Bonus

You Must Stay In Character Throughout Roleplays.

Each player starts put with $500 and a tent


Name:Characters Name

Age:Characters Age

Perks:CHOOSE 2:Money Maker(Make 1.1X More Money),Dead Eyed(Can Use Dead Eye),The Hybrid(Reverses The Assgunning Rule Making it possible to pull out a rifle but not a pistol),Fast Learner(Finishes School %25 Faster),Get Out Slip(Get One Get Out Of Jail Free Card To Use),Bartering Master(All Items Bought Are %10 Cheaper),One Man Team(Gets A Hunting License For Free),Personal BlackSmith(Abilty To Make Your Own Tomahawks And Throwing Knifes For Free.),Free Shit Home(One Free Small/Non-Enterable/Bad Condition Home),Early Pay(Get Paid 2 Hours Earlier)

Why I Should Let You Play:

Job Wanted:


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Re: Red Dead Redemption Wild West Roleplay Starting Back Up!
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2013, 08:19:50 PM »
Name: Marcus Johans

Age: 23

Perks:CHOOSE 2: Personal blacksmith and money maker
Why I Should Let You Play:

Job Wanted: Farmer

Gamertag: NavySEAL4321

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Re: Red Dead Redemption Wild West Roleplay Starting Back Up!
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2015, 05:12:23 AM »
What I have read, I wanted to read it again.