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In order to be more than just a red dead forum

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We need to be more accessible to GTA players and other rockstar games.  If one were to search grand theft auto forums to discuss the game in, our site does not show up.  IMO we should be on that front page. The site is on google but the crawl doesn't seem to find it when searching for GTA stuff.  A lot of people will be searching for help, tips, and discussions when the game comes out.  We need to be available by then or we will miss out on a huge opportunity.

convex airplane:
How do we do that?

Out of curiosity I wanted to see where we stood on google on my computer, but after googling GTA V and scrolling through a few pages I realized I needed to narrow my search. I decided to look in the GTA section.

Lets see... which thread should I hint at without copying exactly?
-GTA V 951 replies
-GTA V gameplay released 10 replies
-GTA V SP mode 1 reply
-GTA V XB1/PS4 9 replies

I decided not to try because our threads are so generic, and the one with a substantial amount of activity is literally the name of the game. We need to pretend we are excited about this game and speculate and debate about the different aspects of the game. That or we need somebody who knows how to scam us onto the first page using internet savvy.

OutlawFisherman is dead right; we NEED to figure out how to be a prime option for people googling GTA V.

Well guy, you've got a month to tidy up the forums.

I'd suggest a re-order of the site's setup (categories and forums).

Here's my idea for how the site should be laid out, categories are in parentheses and forums have a hyphen before them:

--- Code: ---(Rockstar Games Forums)
-Site Feedback
-Official Forum Events

(Grand Theft Auto V)
-Official GTA V News
-General Gameplay
-Bugs and Glitches
-Multiplayer General
--MP Tips
--PS3 events
--360 Events
-Walkthroughs, tips, and help

(Red Dead Redemption)
-Official RDR News
-General Gameplay
-Bugs and Glitches
-Multiplayer General
--MP Tips
--PS3 events
--360 Events
-Walkthroughs, tips, and help

-General Discussion
-Debates, Politics, Religion
-The Arts (creative/design/etc)
-Forum Games

--- End code ---

Also, a quick google of Rockstar Forums has this site as the second hit. Which is really good. This place is advertised as a rockstar site, not a red dead site or a GTA V site. The site itself needs to somehow incorporate GTA and RDR into it's name if it wants to show up on Google's front search page. So the URL could still be what it is now, but the site's name could be something along the lines of "Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption Forums", just be creative.

The site itself needs to be more organised via game. The multiplayer section on this site is so full of RDR stuff that some people feel that it's RDR only. The names of the categories/forums are also named in a western style manner, so you might make them more generic, really.

Might make a YouTube video on GTA V's launch advertising the site.

Updating the theme would be nice... *hint hint nudge nudge*


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