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Author Topic: Blaine County Furz Now Recruiting GTA V (PS3)  (Read 644 times)

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Blaine County Furz Now Recruiting GTA V (PS3)
« on: September 08, 2013, 08:41:12 PM »
The Blaine County Furz are currently recruiting. Roleplay preferred.
Specializing in mayhem the Furz are known for recklessness and their flare for the dramatic. The Furz are infatuated with criminal activity, no heist, assassination, or kidnapping is out of bounds with the Furz.
First founded by Trevor in 1997 the Furz leadership was recently passed on to Harrisonial2992 when the events of GTA V required all of Trevor's attention.
Blähungen: Harrisonial2992: The Head Furz. Responsible for all Furzian decisions. Criminally Insane. Capable of irrational, erratic decisions.
Stillschweigend-Furz: Zexion_Armando: The Blähungen's right hand man. Oddly silent. Rarely communicates with anyone in the group other than the Blähungen, but relied on by the group to bring the Head Furz back to Earth and rationalize his thinking. Viewed by Furzmen as the co-leader of The Furz.
Windjackes: recruiting: Much more involved in communicating with the group. Viewed as group leaders with the lesser ranking members of the group. Admired for unwavering bravery in the face of death. Spearheads many missions.
Käseschneiders: recruiting: The Furz's version of a "made" man. Works with the Windjackes to recruit new Hinterns to the Furz. The main leaders for Hinterns, all Hinterns must gain approval through Käseschneiders to have any counsel with higher ranking Furzmen.
Hinterns: Furzian recruits. Must show unwavering, irrational loyalty to higher ranking members of the Furz. Furzian Hinterns often turn on eachother in order to rise through the ranks, a behavior that isn't explicitly prohibitied. Answers to Käseschneiders, forbidden from counsel with high rankiing Furzmen without prior approval.
Any potential recruit with graphical expertise will be given expedited promotion.
If interested in joining please fill out this form(PM's accepted):
PSN Name:
Social Club Name:
GTAF Name:
Headset? Y/N:
Age(age range):
Time Zone:
Preferred GTA Playstyle:
Relevant Skills:
Favored Weapon:
Favored Transport:
Favored Crime:
Character Bio(again roleplay encouraged), any other information:
Social Club Page:
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