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I can't play the games i paid for because of socialclub...


I'll also be posting on the Max payne 3 forum.
I cant play L.a. noire because social club doesn't work.
It won't connect.
I type my name and password and click sign in and the butten shows it's been pressed and that's all that happens when i wait.
The same thing happens in Max payne.
I hope Rockstar will do something about this.
Maybe make something like steam for Rockstar games.
Please fix this.

Thank you for reading.

convex airplane:
T'will be fixed, give it time.

The Podmeister:
Did you set up you social club profile with the same email as your gamertag? I know that can cause issues.
Do send an email to though. They will get to it eventually.

Jesus Christ... it's Pod!


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