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Author Topic: GTA5 Crew (XBOX) - Communication and teamwork priority, but nothing too serious!  (Read 940 times)

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Yo! I've set up a crew called HofmannsPotion on Rockstar Social Club. (XBOX360)

I'm a casual gamer but really enjoy positive communication and teamwork whilst in-game. I usually play on-line with real-life friends but wanted to try something new. No-one has joined the crew as of yet (yeah, I'm a loser!) but it's open for anyone to join. I'd like to keep it a close-knit group, so will maybe change to invite only when we reach around 10-15 like-minded members.

Up for free-roaming as well as missions, heists etc.

Search for HofmannsPotion under Crews on Rockstar Social Club if you're interested, or send me a message on gamertag: SaucerEyes for more details.

This is for anyone who wants to meet new like-minded people, whilst blasting up ho's 'n 'ting! Take it easy.
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