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Hello GTA5 players, I started a crew called Anonymously United. We are a friendly crew that take everything to the limit. I myself, the founder, am actually really good at the game and know what to do accordingly to a gun fight situation. I am just looking for players who are true soldiers in GTA that kill when shot at and not kill for fun. I hunt bounties, play many many missions and jobs and sometimes apartment parties. I am just looking for people that would like to join ANONYMOUSLY. This is a group that takes mysterious to the next level, and fun to a whole new level. If you are interested in a group that is Anonymous to others, and arent that much of a competitor, but are a real hardcore gamer. This crew is for you. I am the founder of the crew, any questions or concerns message me on XBL or on Social Club via. message or friend request. Thanks, and of course, stay Anonymous.




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