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Author Topic: [NCML] NorCalMobLife recruiting local GTA5 players...  (Read 1102 times)

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[NCML] NorCalMobLife recruiting local GTA5 players...
« on: October 23, 2013, 03:40:44 AM »

Crew/Clan Name: NorCalMobLife

Crew/Clan Tag: NCML

Crew/Clan Leader & Officers: SFBryan18, Jazzareth, thegusman, SanAndreasPsycho, Goon__Squad10, SpinRash, KillaCali420_209


Region: Northern California

Time Zone: Pacific

Mic Required Y/N: Yes

Crew/Clan Style (Casual, Competitive etc...): All Stars

Recruiting Status: Invite Only

Motto/Mission Statement: Let's roll!

Requirements: You represent northern California, have a mic, and play on PS3. Message us to tryout. We're not taking trolls, poor sports, or randoms who wear their own tag. We will be glad to add some new muscle to the crew if you meet the requirements and like to do pretty much everything in GTA Online. There are a few Representative openings for anyone interested in recruiting their friends. We prefer local players due to hosting lag. We mostly group up in our own lobby and decide what to play from there. We don't have skill requirements as long as you have respect for your friends and are down with the mob. Rolling with friends always turns a Noob into a God. We have awesome custom clan rank titles too! So hit us up to play some TDM, Survival, or get schooled in a round of golf.

Crew rank titles: 1. Noob, 2. Veteran, 3. Professional, 4. Expert, 5. Master, 6. Ace, 7. Hero, 8. Legend, 9. Immortal, 10. God

Crew color: Orange