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Author Topic: The disappointment of Rockstar..(Online vs Single player) Redone  (Read 1602 times)

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Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about the biggest disappointment of all..Rockstar. Now before you ask why, I'll explain to you in many ways.
First off, GTA 5 is a massively fun game. The single player campaign is fun and has  beautiful graphics. You can see how beautiful it is even on last gen consoles which were pretty amazing still. They even added an online mode where it takes the experience even further with making your own character and everything. The online is a wonderful taste, if you're not in a random free roam with a bunch of random people who just shoot you on sight. However, that's pretty much it. They catered to only the people who can afford to get online, while people who play single player are left with nothing. I say this because I feel like some of the online stuff deserved to be in single player as well.  It's been a few years to finally have heists..but guess what? none of the stuff is available to the offline single player mode. Rockstar even stated that this is not available for single player. Rockstar completely ignored the single player at all, considering most of us(like me) test the cars out in single player before buying it in the online store(NOTE: this is just an assumption). Rockstar never stated that this was going to be a "online -only" content, making the single player campaign..kind of let in the dust. I hope rockstar opens their eyes to this and see not all of it is about online. Another way is..where's the GTA 5 single player DLCs? Nowhere. It's all about the online while single player doesn't get another story, which it should. Rockstar only caters to online, so that's why I'm disappointed at the lack of single player DLCs and the lack of care for it at all.

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Re: The disappointment of Rockstar..(Online vs Single player) Redone
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2015, 09:34:52 PM »
Rockstar is just balancing out their history of fucks given between SP/MP.

They didn't give 1 single fuck about RDR multiplayer so now they're giving all their fucks about GTA5 MP.

Maybe in the next R* game they'll spread their given fucks out evenly between SP & MP.  (relax)

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Re: The disappointment of Rockstar..(Online vs Single player) Redone
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2015, 12:39:11 PM »
The reason they have added so much online content is because the shark cards are a new stream of revenue versus the old pay-per-dlc. This allows more frequent dlc as opposed to fewer larger dlc packages and I for one am glad to see this new system since I havent had to pay anything for the extra content. Im quite content to just play the game and recieve the in game cash at the pace it is awarded, a big thanks to everyone out there who has payed for in game cash with the cards as youve picked up the tab so to speak for all the dlc thus far.
Now as for single player dlc I agree its been next to nothing and I can only assume that's because they were assigning all their resources to finish producing the game on all current platforms with the final one still pending. Couple that with the long time promised heists and there was likely little time to work on expansions for single player. Now all that being said I would think that they are now hard at work on single player expansions as the foundation for this game is almost completely set, and we'll likely see several major story expansions over the next couple of years as well as continued online dlc. The voice actor for Franklin has been quoted a few months ago as saying he was back at Rockstar working on dlc, so we know there will be at least one addition to the story with the original main characters. The map is so big and there's virtually limitless scenarios for characters living out their lives in San Andreas that its very likely we'll meet some new faces as well. RDR had undead nightmare which transformed the map to accommodate the theme so its possible they'll do something like that with GTAV too. Its almost a sure bet stories from LS are coming, it just when and what, and also will we have to pay for these stories or will they also be a part of the shark card sales.