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Author Topic: Serious Zombie Styled Gamemode  (Read 564 times)

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Serious Zombie Styled Gamemode
« on: April 07, 2015, 04:21:02 AM »
Yes, as you can see from the subject of this topic, it is about Zombies. But it is not about any type of DLC or anything, now. I am throwing my hand at my first time Event on GTAV Online. This event will be looking forward to dedicated players who can play fair, follow the roles, and have a good fun time and even perhaps make a few friends. We will be playing on a recently made map by yours truly. Simply send me an email or a message through my GT on XboxOne which is Mercenary620 to reserve your spot now! The event will last from all day April 15th and will be over on April 18th. Better reserve your spot early, I will keep track of everyone's spot and at what time will be suitable to them and don't forget to tell your friends. I will send you all who send me a message on the days you are available to let you know that the event is happening. Please no Xbox Parties! I would like to have everyone in game chat as a way to communicate to each other! Trolls, hackers, and unfair players will lose their spot instantly and will never be able to participate for the rest of the event. So there is always that small possibility to squeeze in if there is space! Also don't forget to bring your Zombie Masks!