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Author Topic: Have we found some of the actors for RDR2?  (Read 950 times)

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Have we found some of the actors for RDR2?
« on: March 12, 2017, 12:33:42 AM »
A few of the folks over at GTAForums have been doing a bit of research and investigation into who the possible voice actors could be. Through following some online resume type of sites, and seeing who is following who on social media we have started to gather some evidence that some people are certainly involved in the game in some capacity. Have a read through from the link below and give us your thoughts.

This is a copy/paste from Neudd's post over there. He's been one of the ones to find out so much of this information. Don't forget to click on the images that will automatically hide within the quote tags.

Quote from: Neudd from GTAForums
Back when the game was first announced with the release of the artwork resembling John, Dutch and Bill I found and posted on Reddit the information that Bill Williamson's voice actor Steve J Palmer had recently rejoined twitter in September - just before the RDR2 reveal, set his profile banner to Bill Williamson and followed a bunch of people including Dutch's voice actor Benjamin Byron Davis. As of now he still hasn’t tweeted anything though he also has an old Twitter account that does have posts.
That was all the info I posted at the time but after doing more research I’ve found some noteworthy findings that I think you’ll find interesting.
I started by looking through the short following list of Steve J Palmer, mainly looking for other actors - and thanks to his Twitter bio I easily found Irish-American actor Roger Clark. Now check this - Roger started following Steve J Palmer AND Benjamin Byron Davis at the end of January this year… now I feel like I’m onto something.
Using the website tweepdiff you’re able to analyse and compare the following and follower lists of accounts for any similarities and by doing so this is all that I’ve found so far.

(Image removed from quote.)
Peter Blomquist - Recognise him? He played Harlan Fontaine in LA Noire so already has links with Rockstar.

(Image removed from quote.)
Gabriel Sloyer Cerón - from Netflix Narcos but he also is linked with Rockstar, appearing as a minor role in GTA V.

(Image removed from quote.)
Roger Clark - Irish-American actor. Could this be our front and centre protagonist?

(Image removed from quote.)
Benjamin Byron Davis - Voice actor for Dutch in RDR.

(Image removed from quote.)
Steve J Palmer - Voice actor for Bill Williamson in RDR.

If you follow them all you can then look at their individual profiles for ‘followers you know’ to compare them.
Excuse the terrible formatting but to sum this up - a small group of actors, some of who have worked with each other and/or Rockstar before, are mostly all following each other on twitter…
Of course this doesn’t guarantee or confirm anything about RDR2, but in these desperate times hopefully it’s something to keep an eye on and discuss.

Source at GTAForums

Thoughts? Have we found the voice of the protagonist?