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Author Topic: Max Payne 3 on my RGSC account but can't be installed? I don't remember buying i  (Read 259 times)

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Max Payne 3 is on my list of games on Rockstar Games' Social Club but I don't remember buying it. Not only that but it also says I last played it 4 years ago, it's 2018 as of this post so that was in around 2014. I thought "might as well try it because Rockstar probably gifted it to me" but I also can't find a way to install it, I tried going to the install page of RG's Social Club website and only GTA V, which is the only other Rockstar game I've bought, can be installed.

Why is this the case? My guess is that it's a bug. Or maybe it's on my list because 
R* just wants to let me know that it "has Social Club functionality"? But that doesn't explain why it says "last played 4 years ag
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