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Author Topic: Talk about the Challenges of Red Dead Redemption 2 (for the Legend of the East O  (Read 300 times)

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So, in RDR 1 you had to complete 4 Challenges, 10 levels each, to unlock the Legend of the West outfit. There were some... less pleasant... challenges in the game, for example Kill 2 Cougars (and later a Bear) with a knife.

RDR II ups that with 5 Additional Challenges, also 10 Level each for a total 90 Levels you have to complete. And from what I've seen quite a few are more annoying than having to melee a cougar or a bear in Red Dead Redemption 1.

Unlike in RDR 1, herbs don't show on your map when you're near them (nor do you have the herb map that would highlight all herbs for a while).

The Bandit Challenges seemingly can't be completed without getting negative honor. And includes some stuff like "Rob X of Y in a single day."

And the Gambling challenges literally are depending on your luck.

I've got the feeling that R* wanted too much here and overshot the mark with the challenges. There already is such a huge amount of stuff to collect and do in RDR II, yet the Challenges seem, at least for me, to be "artificially" bloated and more grind and work than fun. If at least some of the unlockable stuff would be weapons like the Buffalo Rifle in Red Dead Redemption, instead of only the weapon equipment.

What personally annoys me is, that we can't get any other Vest with a watch chain, from what I've seen, then the one from the Legend outfit. Javier, Dutch and NPCs have them,  Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail but Arthur can't buy such a vest.

So, I wanna know what your opinion on the implementation of the challenges in RDR II is.
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This evening I will be scowering nature for a Skunk.
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The only thing that bothers me about the challenges is that they can't be done until you beat the game.  The weapon equipment actually provides pretty good stat boost when owning multiple, but you don't need it anymore after the game.

Gambler 8 was the worst/most luck based imo, but truly the treasure hunting one is the worst, because similar to the dinosaur bones, I prefer challenges that don't require a guide to realistically complete.

Overall thumbs up from me though!

Re: gambler 9... I recommend all 5s in St Denis.  Hopefully that can save someone from wasting as much time as I did! Still not a cake walk tho

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I'm supposed to shoot 5(?) Birds from a moving train. Problem is, is that I never see any birds, plus I get a Bounty from non-law who can't report me to anyone. :-\
Work in progress.

I unlocked the holding up 5 townsfolk by chasing down unwise pickpockets in Saint Dennis.
Didn't lose honor getting my money back. :D

Aaaand I've only tomahawked one bird of prey. Hardly see them in range.

Can't think of my other challenges, besides one where I have to race somewhere without touching water (haven't tried yet).

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I'm supposed to shoot 5(?) Birds from a moving train. Problem is, is that I never see any birds, plus I get a Bounty from non-law who can't report me to anyone. :-\
Work in progress.

That challenge randomly popped for me when I took part in a shooting challenge with a random encounter, the one were you shoot bottles then birds against an NPC who thinks he’s hot shit.
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One of my challenges is being unable to spot bogus accounts on RDR2 related forums. Surely there must be a way to tell which accounts are real and which are not. Bansasingh, can you help me?

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