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Author Topic: Nightclub goods bug?  (Read 333 times)

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Nightclub goods bug?
« on: November 23, 2018, 01:37:54 AM »
Im more or less wondering how many people have my problem

So, after the first time getting goods in the warehouse, i sold. Normal day.

Since then, it has not acrued ANYTHING. Sporting goods and cargo is just dead.

I know it takes a while, but ive waited HOURS, for multiple days, without anything happening.

And i know its not fully bugged, my cokes acruing.

Anyways, anyone else have this problem? Howd you fix it? Ive tried cache, restarting business, etc.

Right now im letting my character walk in circles while im away for the night to see.

Then reinstalling the game.

Rockstar just suggested moving business... yeah like i have that kind of money, PLUS the upgrades cost
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