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Author Topic: Wanted criminal in stagecoach  (Read 314 times)

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Wanted criminal in stagecoach
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:55:49 AM »
Hi everyone!

Not so long ago I was going by Riggs station and there was a stagecoach waiting for the train to leave so it could cross the road.

I don't remember the exact coach type but it looked like the one used for fast travel. 2 men were driving, and inside were a lady and a man.

I focused on them to say ''hi'' but something weird caught my eye.

Instead of the regular label ''stranger'' showing up, when i aimed at the guy sitting in the coach it read ''wanted criminal''.

That might not be the exact words though, Im French, but it definitely said the guy was searched for.

I tried the soft way and it didnt work. Drivers started to shoot, so I shot them, passengers went out and running in the woods. I lost the guy and didn't see him again.

This was my 2nd encounter, the 1st was in Big Valley, as the coach went by I inadvertantly locked my gun on him but didn't take the chance as i was busy with a couguar. 

A friend told me he saw the same coach waiting to cross the railroad at Emerald station but thought it was ''normal'' and didn't chase the guy.

So! Any of you guys ever caught that dude and turned him in? Im in chapter 6 now and can't find him. I did all bounty missions that were display in offices or station, so maybe this guy is one of them and you can just randomly meet him and complete the bounty sidequest this way?

What do you think?

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