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Author Topic: The true Airborne Rangers want you  (Read 798 times)

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The true Airborne Rangers want you
« on: July 16, 2010, 01:19:21 PM »
XBOX USERS ONLY, Age Group 25+, not interested in playing with teens please do not apply.

I’m a former Airborne Ranger, looking for anyone interested in bringing bad-a$$ery to Red Dead Redemption land.  Don’t care if you’re ex-military or not; the only requirement will be we form a gaggle / mob that’s somewhat uniform – same title (either Death from Above or Ranger if you have them unlocked) and play as the U.S. Army characters…. Or perhaps that one random Mexican cat dressed in a US Army uniform.

Just like John Marston likes to shout his name, the uniformity is intended to let everyone else know who’s killing them.

I’m open to either running ragged over those of lesser mojo in free roam or hitting PVP shootouts.  Including:
-   Retire anyone with a price on their head outside our crew
-   Team up for the 2+ member posse, $7500 bounty achievement
-   Toggle between a couple free roams until we find a decent size posse to open a can on
-   Load up a stagecoach or wagon and bring sadness on chumps and fools in the midst of clearing gang hidouts
-   Find spawn killers and kick them in the junk
-   Fortify one of the fortresses like Presidio w/ cannons and rack up a huge bounty offing the Mexican Army until we attract some random players who need their skulls crushed.
-   You name it…. If it involves bedlam or chaos I’m up for it.

Ranks: Open to all – beginners and vets.  I’m level 47 and have 8 golden guns…. even if you haven’t discovered your love for shooting people in the face to the extent I have yet you’re still welcome to join up.   I was LVL1 6 weeks ago so I’m not judging.

Base: Amarillo

I’m in the US on Eastern time so someone playing beyond 9pm Eastern; I don’t care where you’re at or time zone as long as that works for you.  I have kiddos that are up and moving until then.

Captain: That's me.  I don’t have a microphone, so if others join up who do and want to take the lead that’s fine too.  As long as we’re out stacking bodies like cord wood I don’t care who’s calling the shots from session to session.  We still make most decisions together. We are a team!

Please post thoughts/suggestion thanks! Post your applications on here.  

Note: If you are reading this thread and have an outlaw posse happy to do battle with you if I can scrape a crew together.
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