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Author Topic: The Death Bringers RDR Posse  (Read 489 times)

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The Death Bringers RDR Posse
« on: July 25, 2010, 09:28:12 AM »
The Death Bringers Clan is an established multi-platform clan for ages 14+. We do many inter-clan tournaments and events. We also have many successful gamebattles teams. We were founded in January of 2010 and have worked very hard to get to where we are today. We have 100s of members in our clan so there’s always someone to play with. We also have the following:

1. A twitter, youtube, and facebook page
2. A steam group with 100s of members
3. Multiple gamebattles teams (all platforms) for many games such as halo 3, modern warfare two, red dead redemption, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and much much more.
4. Multiple Casual teams (all platforms) for the same games
5. 100s of active members on the forums
6. A ventrilo and skype server
7. An arcade with 100s of games
8. A live chat box on our forums.
9. An online shop where you can buy inexpensive goods with our clan brand on them!
10. Training courses for those who wish to strive to become a better all around player.

We are a clan based on leadership, teamwork, maturity, dedication and military. We strive to find the best leaders for our squads and for our chain of command. We welcome anyone into our clan as long as you strive to follow those above values. We’re a clan both founded on fun and competition. We welcome both casual players and competitive players. We have squads for all gametypes, so, you can meet up with fellow gamers from the clan that prefer the same gametypes as YOU.

If you wish to join, Register and apply on our clan site ->
No Advertising, you want to set up a clan you set it up here not at "your site".

-Thank you for your time,
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