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Arc Roleplays!
Arc Roleplays Website
Social Club Crew

If you're interested, we encourage you to post. Help us prosper; keep us on the front page!
We are only for Xbox 360!

Features of Arc:
Advanced economy system; do your job, get paid. You can buy anything from guns or cars to bailing your friends outta jail.
Dynamic and changing world. Moderators and selected Game Masters create small events to encourage interaction, from gaining small colds to having undesirable customers, we generate scenarios that will keep you occupied.
Large Police database, including everything about someones character, including age, weight, height, registered vehicles and weapons, criminal record, and more.
Everything can be bought. We have entrepreneurs that own cab companies and gas stations, but so much more is available than that.
Insurance, taxes, government elections, natural disasters, and more.
Strong, experienced community that can help you out with anything GTA.
Realistic and knowledgeable police team. We know what being a cop is all about.
Extensive roleplay experience. We're the best roleplayers on GTA, and we would know; we've checked out pretty much every "roleplay" crew.
Motivated leaders. We always want to improve, and we're open to new ideas or changes.
Smartest roleplays you'll see on Grand Theft Auto 5.

Arc Roleplays is a tight-knit roleplaying community on Grand Theft Auto V. Arc was started (blah blah blah)....

Look, i can tell you our backstory, throw in some numbers, tell you how many branches or jobs there are etcetera etcetera. I can also embed a recruitment video that's just a stunt montage with some energetic background music. I could then upload a few pictures of people pointing guns at other people to demonstrate "roleplay" or something. I could also bolden and underline our quickly made website, then maybe put up a bunch of graphics, and at the end of the post I show off my photoshop skills with a bunch of tiny "Arc" Banners and icons. I could do all of that, but that wouldn't catch your eye, would it? Why would I waste your time doing what everyone else does?

This is why we're the best roleplayers on xbox:
Now understand that Arc is new. The people in it, however, are not. We've been doing this for five years. Five. Years. We've seen clans and members come and go, but the ones that truly want to roleplay stick around. Why? Because no matter how bored GTA makes you, you'll keep on coming back for the roleplay. For escaping this sh*tty world and joining one that you control. That's what roleplaying is.

But don't think we just dick around.
After five years we figured out how to seperate ourselves from the rest of those "roleplayers"; we don't dick around. There's no constant speeding, no shooting up everyone you see, and just generally no bullsh*t. So many other crews think they're roleplayng, but it's pseudo at best. We're the serious roleplay crew you've been looking for. We're the ones that TRULY know what we're doing. If you're tired of hopping from clan to clan, quitting after arguing with them, seeing their appalling performances, or simply putting up with the members? We listen, understand, and act on everything as some of the best and serious leaders you'll find on GTA. I'm sure that sounds a little too good to be true; how can you believe a wall of text? Just try it out; you'll see.

It's a blast if you make it so.
This is a life roleplay; make a life and live it. Wanna run the Pier? Go for it. Wanna be a Russian convenience store owner? Good luck, comrade. Drug dealer. Heli pilot. First responder. Paramedic. Military reserve. We've tried almost any job you can think of. If you have an idea for something, we'll help you out, and it can happen.
We do bank heists, gas station explosions, pier fires, marathons, plane jackings, boat parties, and much much more. Roleplaying means you make a story. We make stories.

We don't half-ass anything
Most, if not every roleplay crew you see on GTA nowadays wants to keep it simple. That's fine; simple is easy to manage, and it's easy to hop in and play. Once you're there for a while, you'll probably find that there isn't much more for you than running from the cops or causing fires. The leaders don't bring any new ideas to the table, and you're left with the same roleplay every night; really, all a good night means is that it wasn't terrible. You need something new, something to captivate you and get you involved. That's what Arc does. We constantly look for other roleplay crews, see how they operate, and learn from them. Sure, most have nothing to offer us, but that doesn't stop us from introducing something new.
One night we had little attendance, so we tried splitting up the lobby into two gangs, and doing a Gang Roleplay. Now, we're seriously considering making an entire night dedicated to this. Soon, we're gonna host elections for Mayor and City Council, and they will set the cities budget, pass laws, and change the way you roleplay. We even have a Military State Roleplay in the works. Our leaders are always open to new ideas, and that's another great reason why Arc is different. Taxes, insurance, and real estate were things that were all suggested by members, and now they're becoming an integral component of the roleplays. Anything can happen here.

How to get in on the action:
You Must:
Be at least 12 years of age (We can make exceptions).
Have a working mic.
Fill out the app below.
Send a friend request to fertile01
Read and understand the rules here at (if you can't find the rules, well, maybe you'll be smarter in your next life).
Actually talk to us. We can't tell you apart from randoms unless you tell us you're here to party.
Finally, if you want some extra money in the Rp (yes there's economy), join the crew.

Here's the app:
Code: [Select]
Are you at least 12 years of age? If so , how old?:
Do you have a mic?:
Why do you want to join Arc?:
How much experience do you have in roleplaying?:
What can you bring to the roleplay?:
Extra comments/concerns:

Roleplays for GTA V are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7:30pm EST each (Friday @ 7). Friday is action day (More information about that on the website, but basically it's badass) Hitting us up at the last second tells us you aren't that interested, so be sure to contact us ahead of time.

Again, our website is here: Arc Roleplays Website
We'll see you on the streets.

Forum Games / the never ending story
« on: September 12, 2010, 08:17:56 PM »
All you do is just post the next part of the story:
one day your walking through the woods

then all of a sudden a tree falls!

you get hit and a ninja comes out and slices the log in half!

just keep posting and continuing on.
No "do nothing" posts.

Hints, Tips, Guides and Walkthroughs / Sniper rifles tell where someones at?
« on: September 07, 2010, 06:04:46 PM »
Has anyone noticed that when you look through the scope of the sniper, there are little white lights in the side of it? Like say theres a white little smudge on  the rim of the barrel

there arent any white lines around that, its gonna be a bright light on the edge of it, it isnt very big, but its bright-ish. Now lets pretend that theres a white smudge on the left side of the rim. Now keep looking to the left, then if it tells you to go right, your probably looking at a person somewhere, but if you put the scope directly on his torso, the whole sniper lights up.

I didn't find this out until a few days ago, so I just thought I'd share that with anyone that didn't know. Yes, I know I described that a little too much Imo.

Multiplayer General Discussion / selfish ppl in grab the bag
« on: July 20, 2010, 04:18:10 PM »
I was just in a game of grab the bag at tumbleweed, and there would be a couple ppl at the chest (plus me), and if they grabbed the bag, they would run over to our chest like normal right? When I grab the bag, they just stand there, not helping at all. I was getting shot at by at least 2-4 people at a time, and everyone on my team was either afk or just don't want to help, they just wont participate if they don't get the bag. Yeah it's a rant thread I guess, but I'm just really pissed off when no-one co-operates with each other when they don't get their way.

this is really random but...
Wouldn't that suck though? Someone would get some 1911 chopper and decimate everyone. If you got to a town like armadillo or something you'd be fine, and doing a gang hideout with a helicopter, damn...

this thread is really pointless I know, just thought of it though.

Multiplayer General Discussion / sharpshooter II, rank 4 broken
« on: July 08, 2010, 10:09:00 PM »
I'm trying to complete the sharpshooter II, rank 4 challenge, where I need to shoot someones hat off while riding a mount. I go to chuparosa, shoot a huge-ass sombrero off a guys head on my horse, and I never get the challenge. Wtf?

General discussion / funny, wierd and stupid stuff.
« on: July 04, 2010, 06:19:25 PM »
here are just a few things that are really stupid, unfair, funny or wierd:

1. I was doing the mission aztec gold, and I was getting to the last encounter for it. I was heading to the end with a hungarian half-breed (I hadn't finished love is opiate, and the end of aztec gold is right at the beginning of that, so it was perfect), and as I was riding along the road to it, for no reason at all my horse just dies. No animals. No-one else near me. Very random, so I use a deed for a kentucky saddler, very pissed off. I keep riding and then riding next to me is a hungarian half-breed, just like the one that randomly died, and it was coming from the same direction. Hmmmmm...

2. I was trying to get the reyes rebels suit for 100% completion, and I had to go to torquemada for five finger fillet. I was riding there on my kentucky saddler (I still have it) and then I get there. I noticed that the guy showing me what to do for five finger fillet was doing it twice as slow as me, and apparently had no time limit (which I think is very unfair). I have to do it twice as fast as him, in half the time he did so, which is stupid. I kept losing, got very pissed, and started punching him, I got a bounty, called my horse, and instead of a kentucky f-ing saddler, I got some crappy brown horse! WTF. Oh well, lets just go. three cops after me, no-one else, and as I run down the hill, all of a sudden some cop spawns right below the hill, because he stole harry potter's cloak of invisibility and somehow invented a home-made radar jammer. I kept running past him, losing a ton of health along the way, then 3-4 more cops spawn RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! With my crappy horse I couldn't get away fast enough, because they seem to have a sniper rifle revolver. So I die, because the mexican army seems to have had a huge advance in technology WAY ahead of the U.S, way past the gatling gun.

3. Now finally for something funny, after the hungarian half-breed zombie, when I got to town, after I did the aztec gold thing, I went to get a hungarian half-breed. I sped out of town, and ran over a mexican soldier doing so. I turned around, wondering why I didn't have a bounty. I went over to him, he came up to my horse, and pulled me off, wanting to beat the crap out of me. I knocked him out, and, perfect timing another soldier comes in and helps him. I have two soldiers trying to punch me, without a dollar of a bounty. I just rode away slowly, letting the first, and fat mexican trying to catch up to me. It was very funny.

so that was just a few bullsh*t and funny things I felt like talking about, I'm aware of other threads asking for stories, but I might as well add to the search results list and ask the same.

Hints, Tips, Guides and Walkthroughs / camera glitched
« on: June 14, 2010, 06:34:35 PM »
Until recently I realized that when I turn the camera to look to the left it turns normal. When I turn it to look right, it's turns way too slow, and keeps speeding up and slowing down.


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