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Red Dead Online / Re: New update...
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:09:46 PM »
Nope! I'm not moving in unless everyone can move in!  ;)

Party at Ferg's house!

Red Dead Online / Re: Let's get in here and be honest for a minute....
« on: January 16, 2019, 01:45:39 PM »
Regarding PVP popularity, just look at a general forum like Reddit. The RDR sub has a ton of members and any posts even mentioning PVP are scarce.

I know exactly why, too. And I will explain it because there was something I forgot to mention in my other post.

Ok, yes...they are going to update and add more content to the game....we just have to wait and see what it is and they will tell us on their own terms. That I know to be true. I might be a little hasty in calling the game total garbage.  I am sure that more great things are ahead....I hope.  What scares me is that some people say that they won't add private sessions...what you see is how the game is going to be from here on out with only the addition of more content.  That's really my biggest gripe is not having private/invite only sessions. I'm disappointed and angry.

Going back to my explanation of why I think the PvP popularity is down is that not everyone has the desire to play PvP all day and night.  I see tons of posts on Twitter from people who have invited a bunch of people to online meetups...not for PvP...but creative FUN events!  Someone had a jousting competition. Another had a meetup to glitch over to Guarma. And I'm not talking about just 8 or 10 players....there are 20 - 30 people who come to these type of events!  THAT'S amazing!!!! That's what I want to do and, damn it, I'm jealous! LOL!

What happened to all the fun and creative things this forum used to do?  I remember reading about or seeing videos of you guys doing stagecoach boating, shotgun house, knife/fist fighting tournaments, racing in free roam, glitching off the map, rooftopping and a bunch of other crazy fun random things. Who came up with those ideas? And where are they now? Yea, yea...don't tell me to "stop living in the past"!  We could still do all that (with the exception of stagecoach boating, unfortunately was a bust) and MORE in this game.  Why not? A private session would make doing some events easier, of course. But maybe having to do these things in a public session would attract people to want to join in the fun!

Red Dead Online / Re: Let's get in here and be honest for a minute....
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:47:31 PM »
I've already been brutally honest about RDO.  I'm afraid to talk about it any more for fear of sounding like a broken record!  But, since you brought it up and for the sake of is some more brutal honesty.....

How could they make such a masterpiece out of the story mode and turn around and release that garbage they are calling RDO....well they got the dead part right. There was way more stuff to do when GTAV Online first came out than this disaster. They did eventually fix the initial server problems of people not being able to get into that first race...and everything was good after that. I'd like to see stats of how many people were playing GTAV Online 2 or 3 months after release compared to RDO.

Rockstar said something like they can't come up with ideas for online since that Leslie guy is gone. He was the mastermind behind all of GTAV Online's success they said. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE when they have their example for ideas right in front of them. Use GTAV's online money making businesses and property ownership, more different types of missions that can be completed solo or with your friends and how about the incentive to actually WANT to play the game! Why can't we steal, keep or sell horses and wagons? That's a pretty basic way to make money and that can't possibly be hard to include in the game when it's already in story mode.  There is nothing that makes any sense out of this game at all.

And don't get me started about PvP! Earlier today I played on a different account where I am only a level 7. I went into the showdown series so I could just get the couple of easy achievements......yea, riiiiight! It would really be nice if they put same-level players in any given match. All a low level is is target practice for higher levels...especially when they have all the fancy cards and you have NOTHING!!!!  THAT is not fair!  I thought PvP was difficult in the first RDR...I was never brave enough to tackle it when I first played it. Now?  It's like a walk in the park compared to RDR2. At least you had a fair chance no matter what level you were.  This game is catered only to those who live for PvP....and there's nothing wrong with enjoying PvP....I just wish that they had more things to do for every type of gamer. You know, so we can all have choices!

I do have a question for the higher level players.....I don't know how high the levels go. Someone said maybe 200? But, my question is....when you reach your high level, have unlocked everything, bought all your guns, horses, clothes and fancy cards, what are you going to do next? How about slowing down a little because you will have nothing left to do and at the rate of how things are going with this beta and no sign of real are going to be bored real quick! What's the rush?

I really, really want to enjoy this game so's beautiful and I love all the customizations. (I LOVE my new Arabian horse!) I just wish it was more enjoyable for me...and I know that there are many others who feel the same. I see it all over social media. I honestly hope that Rockstar does something very soon.

Red Dead Redemption 2 / Re: So what are your thoughts so far?
« on: January 14, 2019, 04:26:59 PM »
Wow, really?  I LOVED the story and everything about it.  This is the first and only game where I said that I'm replaying it and sure enough, I am currently replaying it and trying to get to 100% on the first playthrough.  I thought they really came through for the fans...the fans of the story line and for the Marston fans especially, which I guess is why I personally love it so much. Yea, I have to agree that it's getting boring now that I've finished all the missions and all that's left is collectibles and challenges. But, there are still so many hidden surprises like easter eggs and different interactions with NPC's.  I am still finding new stuff here and there, but you have to explore and explore deeply to find it.

I can definitely see them making an RDR3!  They could go back even further into another prequel....telling the story about how Arthur, Dutch and Hosea met up. I'd like to know how John and Abigail met and how he got involved with the gang and how he met Arthur.  When Arthur said that he was John's brother....that really made me wonder....did he mean brother as in family member or was it just meant as brothers in arms? There were a lot of things like that left unanswered and a lot of clues that make you wonder.

A remaster of RDR as a story DLC would not be a bad idea!  Call me crazy, but if they did, they could have an alternate ending where Sadie, Charles and Pearson came and helped John fight off the Pinkertons! That would be so awesome...but, I guess that would get them all in trouble again.

Red Dead Online / Re: New update...
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:49:07 PM »
Huge fail!  I can't believe Rockstar had to jump on the battle royale bandwagon! Well, I guess it will be fun for some....

Very disappointed to hear that the beta will continue over the next few months. I still don't understand why they didn't add private sessions from the start. What is so hard about doing that?

But, glad to hear that they will add more missions to continue our online story!

Red Dead Redemption 2 / Future Story Mode DLC a Possibility?
« on: December 26, 2018, 01:18:11 PM »
This guy is a getting a little click-baity with his video titles, but he does have good content.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

What do you think or hope to be Rockstar's next plans for a possible story mode DLC? What kind of story line or subject would like to see if they add a DLC?

Site Suggestions & Bug Reports / Re: Website downtime
« on: December 21, 2018, 03:29:19 PM »
Also, we get a lot of spambots clogging up the system sometimes.  We have gotten a high volume of them over the past few days. I have been banning bogus accounts more than I have been able to post the things I would like to. But that's ok....glad I'm here to help.

Red Dead Online / Re: Are you still playing RDR Online?
« on: December 20, 2018, 05:21:45 PM »
Oh, that's ok, P-Bear. You don't owe me I said somewhere before, I don't think I'm cut out for this PvP stuff. I was never any good in RDR1 and I know I'm not going to be any where near as good as you guys....I'm too far behind now anyway.  I play late at night and sometimes in the afternoon for a bit....which I think doesn't line up with your time zone.  You can't teach an old dog new tricks either. I'm afraid I have a little bit of carpal tunnel and my reflexes aren't as good as they used to be. My Xbox is even acts weird and laggy or it might be my internet.  I've watched your videos and also some of Fisherman's and I notice how nice your aiming perfect!  When I tried to do it, my reticule does not lock onto the's like, right in front or behind the other player's head/body....impossible for headshots.

Wow, was that a bunch of excuses or what? seriously, I'm good!  If any of you want to get together to grind missions, go rooftopping, fishing, hunting, see how many people we can get on a train or some other silly nonsense....I'm all for that kind of fun!

When I get home from work I'm pretty much spent and having A-Fib doesn't make things any easier.  I don't want to have to concentrate on headshots and competition ....I just want to have some silly mindless fun with friends.

Red Dead Online / Re: Are you still playing RDR Online?
« on: December 20, 2018, 01:06:34 PM »
I'm somewhere in between losing interest and waiting for the beta to end and them to add more stuff.

Part of me is wondering what exactly Rockstar means by this being a "beta" since they have never done this before, to my knowledge. I'm thinking that this is how the game is going to be from here on out regardless of when and how much more updates/content they are going to add in the future. What I mean is that it's probably going to be just like GTAV Online with constant weekly fixes and minor changes like extra $$ and RP, discounts, gifts and scheduled added content.

I know I keep repeating myself but the biggest thing I'm hoping for is for them to add private sessions and who knows if that is even on their agenda.

I love the clothes and customizations for your character, guns and horses. What I am getting a little tired of is keeping you and your horse healthy with provisions and's getting tedious and annoying now. I don't mind it in single player, but in multiplayer there's too much other stuff to keep up with to worry about you or your horse being unhealthy.

But, whatever.....I'm still hopeful that it will get better for everyone so that everyone will have more choices of things to do.

Red Dead Redemption 2 / Achievements and 100% Completion
« on: December 20, 2018, 10:30:26 AM »
For those of us that are still loving the story close are you to getting 100% completion and all story achievements?

For me, the hardest one is (probably won't get it) the achievement of getting all gold for missions. I will probably give it a try after getting (close to) all the others. My question is when I replay the mission...where does it get saved at and will I be able to continue with my current save. I do have several game saves and I have auto save turned off.

I've missed achievements like "Friends with Benefits" there any way I can go back to complete that one?

The one achievement that I am having the most fun with is the one where you have to survive 18 bear attacks.

89.9% completion and 33/51 for achievements.

Red Dead Online / Re: Would you like to spectate??
« on: December 15, 2018, 06:59:30 PM »
LOL...I leave instead of spectate...unless there's not much time left.

We need to remember that this is only the BETA!  They will be adding more things and hopefully making improvements to the PvP modes.

It's way too early to throw in the towel just yet.

My feelings exactly, Jester! They should only allow one or two basic guns and pickups in those matches and definitely NO exp. ammo! That tower should be off limits....they need to block the ladder or if someone goes up there they should be insta-killed and given the message went out of play area.

Red Dead Online / Re: I need help with PvP
« on: December 10, 2018, 06:54:40 PM »
Yup, I'm seeing this reaction more and more. It's really a I've said before, we've all waited so long for this game and it's turned into a big disappointment for some.

I am helping a friend level up right now so he can get his fishing pole so we can fish and hunt....going wait for them to add private sessions or force one for now and I will be happy doing hideouts and missions. I am always up for rooftopping or other casual fun stuff but that's about it for now.

Probably going to do another play through on single player. They hit the mark on single player at least! Sorry guys, don't mean to be a Negative Nancy, is what it is....

Totally understand, Tri! I am glad I got to play with you, too...I don't have Overwatch unfortunately. I agree with you I prefer doing more co-op stuff like the hideouts...I can't believe they didn't make them constantly spawn! I am sure they will add more missions....I hope.

Red Dead Online / Re: This online is garbage!!
« on: December 10, 2018, 06:26:54 PM »
I am going to have to somewhat agree with you, Punt!  I have desperately tried to like the PvP mode...I've tried everything from different settings to different guns. I am trying my best to not compare it to the first RDR. I am actually one of the rare people who don't mind it being a carbon copy of GTAV online because I loved GTA.  But, what I do mind is they have not evened the playing field in this game at is geared for those that have the time to grind (PvP) all day or those that are already gifted with much talent for PvP. And as a whole we have the ones who are coming from Fortnite and PUBG who think EVERYTHING is a battle royale in free roam....kill, kill, kill! In my opinion, that's not fun and makes things miserable for the casual gamer. I definitely get that and 100% agree with you on that issue.

I think you should (as well as myself) give it some time and give Rockstar a chance to change/add updates in the future.  Well, that's at least what I'm hoping for!  If they don't eventually add options to got to a private/friend/crew only session....this game is over in my eyes. That's just my opinion as unpopular as it may seem.

In the meantime....there IS a way to bypass the public free roam and get yourself into a private session and invite a few friends...there is a thread here and a YouTube video on it as well. You will be able to do it if you have not done your stranger missions yet.

Red Dead Online / Re: Spoiler!! Map of All gang hideouts in red dead.
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:56:22 PM »
I wish these would spawn all the time just like they did in the old RDR instead of at certain times. I have only found a couple and when I get one's there. It really makes it hard to grind that XP. Never thought I would say it, but I miss grinding old Pike's Basin.

Red Dead Online / Re: Ability Cards
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:33:39 PM »
I agree!  They should have brought back the old game modes where everyone had an equal chance (ammo and dead-eye boxes) no matter what level you were.  I miss that! I only have one ability card and can't afford the rest.  Don't worry, are not the only one bad at PvP.

They better start making some serious changes real soon ....or people will start abandoning PvP all together.  Not everyone has all freaking day to grind that crap.

I want to chill and have fun...not get stressed out in this game. Got enough stress IRL.

Red Dead Online / Re: I need help with PvP
« on: December 08, 2018, 12:14:25 PM »
Yup, I'm gonna wait and see how much they lower prices on stuff!  They really need's ridiculous.

I have the Ultimate Edition so I got the Varmint rifle, pump action and volcanic for free.

Another thing...I don't know if it's me being slow...but there's no time to concentrate on a head shot sometimes!  I start to aim and I'm already one-shotted dead!

I refuse to give up though....I'm determined to "git gud".  lol

U have to be quick. Watch kazzy's video i commented on recently and watch my rdr1 youtube page as i havent posted vids for rdr2 in my new youtube yet. Or go to my recent captures on the xbox or the xbox app. I have some good headshots in those.

Here is the bottom line: the headshot is known as the flick because its a quick flicking motion. Lock and flick upward. Which is why my aim sensitivtiy is all the way up, it allows for a quicker flick.

When i come on tomorrow, we practice in free roam. I remember in rdr1 when Vegun was a super legend he created a headshot boot camp for beginners. And since he no longer a super legend in rdr2 but a super noob. Then i will hijack his boot camp and name it P-Bear's headshot boot camp. I got ya girl but as long as u buy a red bandana for pvp. Thats the new RRR signature when in PVP. They cheap about 6 bucks.

I got my red bandana! And made the change to my gamertag....RRR Meleana. Sorry I didn't catch you on the other day....think our time zones are way different maybe. I mostly play at night.

Whenever any of you guys see me on and you feel like playing....I'm up for anything: PvP, hunting, rooftopping, missions or whatever.....just send me an invite! And like I said somewhere else, I don't join parties unless invited. (I'm kinda shy that way and think it's rude to just join without being invited)

Introductions / Re: Hi UnWrappedLemon8 here..
« on: December 06, 2018, 06:04:00 PM »
Hi and welcome to the forums!  Hope you enjoy your time here!

Stick around.... we've got some plans for hosting Red Dead Online multiplayer tournaments coming soon!  We are in the process of figuring out what everyone would like to do as soon as Rockstar organizes their PvP modes and/or adds more content. I predict that this will be an ongoing work in Rockstar adds content we will be evolving to meet players needs to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone on both consoles!

Rockstar update starts today!  I posted the article in the Official News thread!  Check out the gift we are getting!!!!

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