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All accepted

You can join my tribe, lol, no but you can join my clan.

Creative & Design / Re: GFX Request
« on: June 22, 2012, 01:24:39 AM »
Yeah, sorry I should of remembered that. Don't enlarge it then.

Posse Recruitment: Xbox 360 / Apache Renegades (Xbox 360)
« on: June 20, 2012, 01:34:17 PM »
Apache Renegades


We've fought you so long as we had rifles and powder.
Give us weapon and turn us loose, we will fight you again.
But we are worn out, we have no more provisions, no means to live.
Your troops are everywhere, you have driven us from our last and best stronghold.
We have no more heart-Chief Cadet (Apache)

In the year 1860 we fought one of the greatest wars in our history, We helped the U.S fight the Mexicans
but then they turned their sights on our lands and killing us off. They tried to destroy our way of life.
But it wasn't enough. We fought our first great war until 1876 when a shakey peace was met. Then
one of our greatest leaders died, Cochise, without his leadership, The peace didn't last. We then fought a
new war in 1879 under the leadership of Geronimo and Victorio. But even they couldn't fight off the ever vast
numbers of the U.S Army. In 1886, The great leader surrendered his rifle to General Miles. 1907 came along,
and with it came a new renegade movement, a resistance. Now we will fight now to be free forever!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Our Mission

~We hope to bring something new and unique to Red dead and other games.
Also to make it fun for respectful and deserving players of xbox live, and also
set an example for clans and future clans.....Also to fight those damn Army Clans.


  • Use automatic weapons with caution!
  • Use the Buffalo Rifle with great Responsibilty.
  • Respect non-members and other clans.
  • On official tribal matters you should be a Native American Character.
  • Keep jokes on a repected level
  • Respect me and I repect you
  • No assinations (assinations are unnessecary)
  • I want to make this very clear.....You don'y have to be Native American!!!! (Real Life)
  • I'm the leader and I will treat everyone fairly
  • Everyone is equal
  • Be mature
  • Age minimal is 13, unless you've proven otherwise


~Organized clan battles- Clan V.Clan deal.

~War Parties= war parties have a minimum of three members.
 ~Raids= An act carried out by a war party were the party raids or attacks a settlement with people
                   in the vacinity, I.E MacFarlane Ranch.
      ~Ambushes= An act carried out by a war party were the party waits in cover for an unexpecting victim.

~Horse Stealing= This is more of a free mode compitition but can be played for fun. The rules are simple.
a member needs to steal a horse from another player without killing the players and safely getting away.
Two members can challenge each other to see who is the bravest. (Score keeper needed if played against another member.)

~Scalping= Simply killing a person who has a bounty. can also be played for competition.

Social Organization

~We really don't have a ranking system but there are positions to be held.

Chief= Me, Overall leader.

Sub-Chief= Leader of a specific band.

Medicine Man= Helps organize events.

Warriors= Everyone is a warrior upon probation ending (and getting a scalp, if you want to)

Young rabbit= These are new members on probation.


Bands= Bands are subtribes in the overall tribe, each sub-tribe will have a certain amount of members and customs.
and sub-chief. Basically, if we get alot of members, we will be divided into sub-groups to help better organize. The follwoing is a list of bands, we will start with





~Can you follow the rules?:

~Clan history:

~What do you have to offer?:

American Indian Resistance


This clan or tribe, what ever you may call it is one of many but certainly one with a good foundation.
I decided to create this clan not based on any specific western tribes, but on all of the ones west of
the Missisipi river. Because they all went through the same struggle from the early 1800s to the early
1900s. This clan is for xbox and is part roleplay but not to much. There is also competitiveness and fun.
We don't take assinations, or so called clan wars seriously, we're here to have fun and to have friendly
competition among other clans. We're on the xbox 360.

How To join
You may be asking yourself, "How do I join this awesome tribe?"
Well fill out the questions below and read the rules and you'll be on your way.
and before you start anwsering questions watch the video below.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Now you interested? Sweet, continue below.

Do you use/Have a mic-
Whats your tribal name? Naw just kidding.

When applying take into consideration that I'll and a couple of my pals will look over your application.
and when accepted you'll be placed on a two-week probation period. This is to basically see if you
have what it takes to hang with us and able to go on war parties (gatherings).

Tribal Rules

We have rules, don't follow them, you get a strike, simple as that.

Be Mature, we want fun but without the little kid.
Be Cool, don't talk smack, unless friendly.
Be Square, No mods, glitches (Unless in Private mode, and only private mode.)
Be yourself, No GT changes necessary.
Be classy, Try to stay active.
Be fun, have fun and remember the rules.

Simple rules right? Cool, not to hard to follow.


Coming soon, rest of topic under construction.

Creative & Design / GFX Request
« on: June 17, 2012, 11:29:27 PM »
Hey There,

I'm starting a new clan and I need some graphics.

I need the photo enlarge a little bit and have a a title under it called "Apache Renegades"

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