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Posse Recruitment: Xbox 360 / " The Black Hand"
« on: December 16, 2010, 08:54:36 PM »

[align=center]The History[/align]

The story begins in 1903 when an uprising begun in the town of Chuparosa. Gunmen have erupted from a building taking over the town from the oppressing Mexican Government. These men snatch up all the weapons and ammunition as they can and recruit as many people as possible. In 1905, they begin an expedition through mexico with 5,000 rebels. They take over mexico but with a price of 3,973 lives. 12,836 Mexican Soldiers were killed. The Rebels quickly re-established a new government known as the New Mexican Republic.

 The American Army made many attempts to try and help former Mexican Soldiers by coming into Mexico but each assault was easily massacred by weapon emplacements at Escalera, El Presidio and Las Hermanas. Many Americans were actually fighting with the rebels during this war and became high-ranking officials. One man was an old cattle rustler, he was a war hero, and named General of the New Mexican Army.

In 1907 7,590 New Mexican Troops invaded the United States from it's west entrance, they quickly assumed control of Armadillo and everything west of it. Today the American people are oppressed by the people they ALMOST went to war with two years earlier. Today, Cattle Rustlers, thieves, murderers all join the NMA to have an easy excuse to murder, steal, and do other violent and crude things to.
Many posses have tried to start uprisings including one in 1909.
A group of about 3,000 Lawmen, Marshals and US Army Soldiers attacked Armadillo. 609 Mexican Troops were killed in the battle while 1,569 Americans were killed. Some of the buildings in armadillo we're literally blown in half. 70 civilians were killed during the incident. 500 POW's were executed after the mess was cleaned up.

The NMR is a Communist Regime that oppresses it's own people at will. They recruit criminals, and honest men and women alike. But like so, General Roberts and Mister Van der Linde are violent men, and love their wars so they wage war with their citizens each and everyday.

What happens when people violate our rules?

- :behead:
- :hanged:
- :dead: :rifle:

- Chiefpoonzbury
- General L.S Roberts ( ElementSkater57 )
- Dutch van der Linde ( and Mr J )


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