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General discussion / The fight in all men
« on: August 20, 2014, 07:16:55 PM »
I never really played single player, but I wanted to share some interesting reading I came across on R* support forum.  Full credit goes to ReddPyramid.

The fight in all men

This isn't a complaint, or a request for free stuff, or any of those sorts of things.  I am a very pleased customer, but I would like to talk about how much I loved the game.  There were glitches and bugs, of course, but my father had a good saying about those, which I think holds true here: The Aspiration to Greatness.  The better a game is, the more realistic it tries to be, the more work that goes into it, the more bugs and glitches there will be.  Bugs aren't always a sign of a poor game, they are, adversely, a sign of a game trying to be greater than the technology can allow for.  You games seem to fall in this category, much like Bethesda's Elder Scrolls titles.

Moving on, I just wanted to say that, even being four years late to the party, mostly due to budgeting and not being able to afford games as often as I would like, I really enjoyed the game.  I had major things spoiled for me, as things will be when you wait four years before trying them, and I still played it, and enjoyed every last minute of it, even the time spent swearing because of a difficult mission.  John's execution especially got to me.  I took down five of them with me, but I knew, I knew what was going to happen.  I would be lying if I said it didn't hit me where I lived.  A writer's greatest aspiration is to evoke emotion in the reader, or viewer, and that did.

But about Jack.  I would like to begin by relating a story I once heard, supposedly attributed to Native Americans.

One day in the village, a young boy paused in his doings to see the village Elder sitting by himself, on his face a look of extreme concentration.  Curious, the boy went to the Elder, and after a respectful few moments of silence, his curiosity finally got the better of him.  He asked, "What are you doing?"
To which the Elder replied, "There is a fight in me as there is a fight in all men."  After a moment, of silence from the boy, he continued, "Within each man are two wolves.  A white wolf, which is compassion, kindness, love, and joy.  And a black wolf, which is hatred, anger, bitterness, and resentment."
The boy's eyes grew large as he imagined the beasts fighting, the snapping white teeth, the grappling paws.  Low and awed, he asked, "Elder, which wolf will win?"
The Elder looked to the boy, took his measure, and answered softly, "The one that you feed."  And he stood and walked away, leaving the boy to ponder the wisdom of it.

What does this have to do with Jack?  Well, although my heart wasn't much in it at first, I played as Jack, I went and got Ross, as he was certain to have done [what did that agent really think would happen if he left the boy alive?  That he would leave him alone?  That he could honestly retire to a lakeside cabin with his wife and live a peaceful life?  Not a chance].  And I did a few gang missions with him, and some of his dialogue got me to thinking.  Especially the line, "I have nothing to live for anyway."

I would really like to see a sequel with an older Jack, but not necessarily a wiser one.  Like all men, a battle rages inside him; his bitterness at what happened to his family, at the life he was left to, versus what happiness or joy he could make for himself now that all's said and done.  It may not be too plausible, as the game was set in the dying days of the West, but what I would like to see is Jack's path.  It would be up to the player, of course, honor and fame systems would probably remain the same or be similar.

Does Jack let the black wolf win and swallow little pieces of his soul, his years, his self, or does he feed the white wolf, and try to make a life for himself?

Does he help the outlaw gangs and fight against the law, or does he take the path of the white and fight the gangs on the side of the law?  Does he help people or hurt them?  It would all be up to the player.

You have shown me that you are more than capable of making wonderful games with gripping stories, you made me care about a filthy scarred up cowboy in spite of everything [was never a fan of Westerns, wouldn't you know it?], and have opened the doors for me to a whole new genre.

In short, I would like to thank you again, and just thought I would share that idea with you. It isn't much, but I can almost see it. In the mean time, I think I'll start the game again, wiser than I was before, and maybe drag my feet a bit on beating it this time [I'm not sure my heart can take that heartbreaking, wheezing death again so soon].

 I feel as though when a friend of mine that lags regularly and is on my team, I have an unfair advantage. Even, if others on the opposing team lag, I get a sour feeling. I would rather be against them, than with them to be honest. I feel as though when I first discovered lag,  it became my enemy. I'm not saying that friends of mine that lag are my enemies. I just mean that I would rather be the underdog and lose than be the favorite and win. Of course as the underdog, I would rather win than lose. But, it's not satisfying for me to win as the favorite. I am not trying to be ethical. I just want to enjoy my gaming time, and have fun. I guess what I'm getting at is, do you have a friend that you only like to face, and not team up with? I do. :)

Multiplayer General Discussion / RDR Shlong Comparison Thread
« on: May 29, 2012, 09:42:22 PM »
I haven't played RDR after Max payne 3 came out! I miss it alot, but I can't imagine how HC may be now. EMPTY! I'll check it out next weekend.
I've played the last two nights, and the HC gang matches was nearly full for the two hours during my normal late night hours. I was totally surprised. It took me a full match the first night to feel comfortable playing RDR once again. It was a blast with a mix of new faces, old faces, and second accounts. :)

(sorry Thuglie, I accidentally included your post when I split this thread)

Gaming / Rockstar Rumors
« on: April 11, 2012, 07:25:41 PM »
I don't know if this is old news. But it's new to me. And it's purely rumors.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Lag
« on: April 04, 2012, 03:51:35 AM »
I've accepted that facts that on my best day, I may suffer through all my matches or on my worse day, I may dominate all my matches. It gets a little frustrating for me that in gang matches if I'm on the laggier team, that we dominate. If I am on the team that is struggling to deal with the laggier team, it's fun to me to be challenged to beat the odds. If I lose, so what. But it is annoying or boring when lag determines the win. I don't know if everyone experiences the things I do, but I wanted to share mine.

I have noticed there are a few induviduals that never seem to suffer through a laggy room. I can't figure out why. Maybe they are that good. I don't know. But, even when the rest of the team suffers, goes negative, and the team loses these certain individuals go positive. How?

Then on the other hand there are a few people that I have faced, that realize and are honest about it, that they should have died. And will give themselves up to be killed. I don't want to say it's annoying, but unnecessary IMO. It is a very honorable thing to do. And I give all the respect to you for doing this. But, if I feel that I should have died, I will keep shooting and never give up. Lol. The waves of lag that flow through each match are somewhat random. And we know each other well enough that we are not controlling these waves to gain advantage. So there is no need to feel bad and compensate.

Well I know lag is an endless subject, and I hope I am not being too negative about it. I just wanted to share my opinion. :)

Multiplayer General Discussion / Combat Stats
« on: March 21, 2012, 02:16:45 AM »
I thought it would be fun to share our combat stats. I went ahead and captured all my combat stats, but share which ones you prefer.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Who cares what you use in HC?
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:14:26 PM »
This is in response to the recent discussion on DeathTripper's PS3 Journey thread. I didn't want to veer too much off his topic.

One of the main reasons I love this game and I keep coming back to it is because of all the variations. Everyone, excluding cheaters, has a legitamite strategy and weapons choice, in my opinion. If someone chooses to use a hpp, spam de, spawn camp, camp, run and gun, snipe, spam dynamite, spam fire bottles, corner hug (is what I think they call it), use a shotgun, etc. so be it. I don't count anyones choice against them. I remember reading somewhere Doc saying he loves this game because everyday it's a different game. I agree. The fact that everyone has their own personal strategy/method/weapon choice at playing this game and seem to change it up at times makes it so random and new. It's what keeps me from playing single player games. Some tactics might be less effective or unsporting, cheaper, and/or annoying than others, but since they are in the game, they are legit. And they can be adapted to and defeated. Dealing with the challenge, in a players particular tactic or weapons choice, is fun to me. I enjoy the problem solving factor of it. It may be frustrating at times and I may always fail at it with some particular individuals, but it keeps me playing this game. 

The ability to successfully adapt to the different weapon and/or game play choices, an opposing player makes is what makes a great player in my opinion.

Yes, I use hpp's, shotguns, etc. I am not nearly close to the best shot out there. I do my best to improvise with the surroundings. I try to challenge myself with inferior weapons at times. But when on a gang match, I would rather not bring the rest of the team down because I am stubborn and self-centered. In other words, I'll use whatever works for the moment to help the team. Some weapons won't register at times, while others will. So I make the adjustment. I don't choose to use de, but I have no problem with others using de on me, other than it's a little annoying.

 I am speaking from a hardcore perspective.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Shotguns...What's wrong with using them?
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:11:28 PM »
I've been trying out normal matches using expert aim when HC rooms are empty. I've heard people complain to me about using a shotgun. Can someone enlighten me on why using a shotgun is frowned upon in the normal mode community?

Multiplayer General Discussion / Correspondence with R* about lag
« on: October 21, 2011, 09:49:08 PM »
I haven't been a part of the community very long, so I don't know if anyone has tried this. But today I sent a message via mouthoff to R*, mentioning the extensive lag I have witnessed lately. I am asking for anyone to post on this thread, any evidence of lag. I know of Craigy's thread recently( ) , but if anyone has links to threads, posts, videos. etc.,  even if its just sharing laggy experiences(please include date, time, and cosole)please post here. I will refer this thread to R* regularly if you all keep them coming. We need to get them to run out of excuses, and realize something on their end is not working right. So feel free to rant and complain all you want here. So far this is the correspondence:

On Oct 21, 2011, at 7:05 PM, Rockstar Support wrote:
Rockstar Games, Oct-21 20:05 (EDT):
Thanks for the reply. We don't doubt your tale -- it's strange that no one else has been reporting this. We have a variety of filters we can use to identify trends, including metrics about how many people submit tickets using PS3->RDR->Multiplayer or even keywords such as "lag"/"lagging" in the body of the ticket. In this case, there just aren't many other reports and none of us have seen it.

If you can point us toward any forum reports about this specifically or provide any other information such as the region of your disc, what time of day, what game modes, that would really help us a lot.

What would be especially helpful is if you could record a video of this lag and send us a link to a private page on YouTube so we can take a look. Rest assured that we will make every effort to identify what could be wrong, including examining debug output if we are able to reproduce this issue locally.



thuglife_-1, Oct-21 17:13 (EDT):
I just wanted to reiterate that we(the players in this particular session) play together every night and that we all had he same issue. And also, we never usually do have this issue with each other, other than general lag, which is understandable. There are of course induviduals with suspect connections that either have a lag switch running or just a very bad connection, but we avoid them and that will usually avert a bad lag session. I think the problem is that no one chooses to go the route of complaining to R* about this, and of course "no news is good news", right? Usually, but not in this case. I just hear endless complaints of lag on the RedDead.Net website, but they are complaining to the wrong people. I really want for the GOTY edition to bring more into the field of play, and I fear that this issue will just run people off. I appreciate you taking this issue seriously, and appreciate the technical information you have provided. What I will do on my side is communicate this information to my peers. Make an observation of the result. And if nothing changes. I will forward a petition of the parties involved in a reply to this tech response. I sincerely thank you for your time. In the mean time, if it's within your power, try HC Gang Matches tonight on PSN. There is usually only one or two on at a time. And tell me what you think. Again thank you.

Rockstar Games, Oct-21 15:11 (EDT):

We received your Mouthoff email and wanted to follow up to make sure the lag issue was resolved. We have not heard of any increase in lag and it hasn't showed up in our tests so we are wondering if we can help you to troubleshoot and find out more.

Connection issues are often due to an incompatible “Network Address Translation” (NAT) Type. Please check your NAT Type by running a connection test on your console. Connection issues are usually due to having NAT Type 3, and the problem can occasionally happen with NAT Type 2. NAT Type 1 (Open) is ideal and provides the best connectivity.

Try connecting your console directly to your modem -- instead of the router – and attempt to connect to multiplayer . This will help determine if your router is the issue. If you are able to connect this way, you will need to re-configure your router settings to allow your console to connect to the internet. A website that can help you configure your router is Go to the site, choose your router model, and then and follow the steps for Red Dead Redemption to configure your ports and improve your connectivity.

If you connect to the modem (resulting in NAT Type 1) and still have problems connecting to multiplayer, then the problem could be with your ISP connection or your console network settings. These support pages provide additional network troubleshooting to improve connectivity:

The one piece of information in your email is whether or not all of the other players in your games were experiencing the same lag at exactly the same time. If everyone else was warping around and hit detection was off from your perspective, but the game was running fine for the others in the session, we believe that the above steps will resolve the problem.


thuglife_-1 wrote via mouthoff:
I am speaking of Red Dead Redemption PVP HC Gang Matches in public session. In the past two weeks, particularly the past four days, the general lag has been exceptionally bad. Last night, I witnessed lag like I've never seen it before in the year and a half I've been playing this game. It was as if players would teleport around, disappear and reappear, and I would get bad hit detection with all opponents. And for your information, this was a session with regulars I play with every night, and I normally don't have any problems with them (just the normal minor general lag). But this lag is different. It's attrocious. Please, have someone join a HC Gang Match session tonight between 7pm-2am central standard time, and see it for yourself. I am speaking for PSN. Something needs to be done before we lose all noobs (that I am seeing popping up in matches(prob because of GOTY edition)) disappear forever because of this apparent problem that is getting systemically worse. Thank you in advance.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Connection Decides Gangmates?
« on: September 12, 2011, 07:26:31 PM »
I don't know if I'm the only one to notice (I often notice irrelevant things), but it seems that when there are no posse's in a HC gang match, certain players are constantly placed on the same gang match after match. Also, I notice that I get pitted against the same individual over and over again on the showdown. I assumed it would be a random rotation. I don't know if it's a connection compatibility issue or pure coincidence. I am referring to PSN. I'm not sure if it applies to XBL.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Pet Peeves
« on: August 04, 2011, 09:58:02 AM »
I have a few. One is while aiming with a particular weapon and walking over chest with the upgraded weapon you not only don't get the upgraded weapon, you ban yourself from ever getting it until you die. Another is probably everyone's: getting spawned (not spawn killed) in the line of fire(whether gun, dynamite, or cannon). Also there are times when I try to roll, and either nothing happens or I'll hop over a small obstacle or climb a wall.  There's also the time you are exchanging shots with someone next to a step up and your character decides to relax, get out of aim mode, and take a very slow step up exposing yourself. Also there's the times when you just fired the canon and someone starts shooting at you and you decide to leave canon, but for some reason you can't separate from it for a period of time. This also applies to the gatling gun, but it doesn't take as long to separate.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Poor connection vs lag switch
« on: July 31, 2011, 11:45:20 AM »
Ignorance is apparently bliss. Before I was educated enough to know about lag switch cheats, I just assumed maybe it was me. I thought perhaps my service provider was just encountering traffic jams when I witnessed lag. Not the case apparently, it seems that a poor connection or the cheating ability to slow your connection would only affect the other player's perception of your position on the playing field, in effect gives you an edge. I don't know if the fact that if your knowledge or lack of knowledge of you having a poor connection and how affects the gameplay is considered cheating. Obviously lag switches are. But I do now believe it creates a state of confusion for me. With (supposed) new very talented players popping up here and there, it's tough for me to sort them out. Some new faces could arguably be fair play former xbox rdr players with experience capable of producing lopsided scores. Or the newbies could be experienced psn players playing under a new psn username. Or they could be known suspected cheaters within psn using a different username. Or even former xbox players that cheat. Whatever the case I am becoming suspicious of any unfamiliar names that I run across with talent, but I guess I am just becoming paranoid. Lol.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Cromez23 messages
« on: July 29, 2011, 05:22:05 AM »
Quote: I was one of the best players on xbox, I never used a cheat! Never even knew how to activate them but I didn't get mad, I still faced them and me using nothin against them and me using nothing against these legit players made me into the player I am today. I made to 2nd place on xbox without cheats, so after a while my rival clans just stopped playing(who used cheats) so I thought I was the best again until this legit player popped outa no where calling my name out, he was very skilled. He used the cheats as if it was second nature, he kicked my ass a couple of times but I knew I could beat him but I felt I wasn't on his level if that makes sense. After some time I got used to his skilled playin style so the matches got a little more even but yet there was something more to him, the cheats! So I researched, and figured out how to do it. (this was a month and a half ago) The next time we played was amazing! He was shocked at how easy it became for me to kill him. I got so good I was able to take on him and 2-3 other of his teammates. After some time of kicking his ass he just stopped playing. I was disappointed, goin back to games with average players wasn't fun anymore, I wanted competition!! Like him competition! I searched it and never found any, that's why I came on ps3 to continue my search, and plus my best friend plays here too. But come to think of it I'm probably just trying to get back at all those cheaters I played when I was clean. Anyways the point is I do what I do to be on top of the game, so if I run into someone similar I'll be ready also, 9 out of 10 he'll be ready also. It's like bodybuilding, every ones using steroids so u gotta use them too to try and be on top, u get what I'm saying? It's all the same, I try not to use them when Im facing average players but once a players starts thinking he's hard I have to put him in his place lol theres nothing fair anymore, most these players who whine about cheats are shooting heads. And use rapid fire, they just mad I use it better! And you wanna know why? Because I started out a natural skilled player. Cheats and deadeye are just little boosts to the game. Anyways now u know why, have a nice day. Ps. Chances are u even shot a head for deadeye, am I lien???

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