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Red Dead Redemption 2 / The Telegraph Article
« on: May 17, 2018, 04:49:47 AM »
Source :

What's up, Folks!

This article has got to one if the most sound sources we've had so far apart from that of IGN.

It details the HUD being completely customizable which really I wouldn't have expected anything less. I'm pretty sure the original game could do that.

It mentions the return of dead eye. How the scenery gradually changes as you enter different areas. Also the return of the honour system.

It details the start of the singleplayer game and how Arthur Morgan is essential a body we can occupy to experience the history of John and Dutch in the history books.

How Morgan is a character that they expect the player to only sympathize with but in actual fact. Disagree. With the man himself. Though he holds some Morals.

I can't completely, agree. With the idea that Arthur Morgan can't be a beloved character. Yes, Rockstar have made Arthur an identity to make him a real soul. But they don't expect that connection. The thing is, If I'm looking to be a badass outlaw who contributes to an outlaw gang. Then Arthur is the exact person I want to be.

John was a complete badass. He was an outlaw in many minds. But in actual fact, he was a lost soul walking a line in regards to the law threatening his life and family. Really, John was just a pawn used to destroy everything he once loved in order to just be brutally murdered himself.

With the honour system returning I noticed something. Why would anyone (Apart from just having fun) have Marston in a moral standpoint. Go to the dishonourable path. Logic says he would've been cut down before any events within that game. If anything the law had him tied in knots.

If you want that true freedom to logically go dishonourable. Wouldn't the prime opportunities come with Arthur Morgan?

Just a couple of thoughts.

Video coming soon.


- Marc

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