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The Saloon (Off Topic) / Well i'm loving this..
« on: November 17, 2010, 10:41:07 PM »
You can actually whistle for your horse lol. Of course i dont use it that often because the horses are kinda terrible compared to the magnificentness of Red dead's horses. hahah

Anyway what do you guys like about Assassin's Creed Brotherhood? Im having fun with the storyline, i love all the new challenges they added. And multiplayer is alot of fun too. I like hunting for other players. i think it would be cool if Ubisoft made a free roam type thing with the cities and have players roam around and kill each other in that, mess with gaurds, or do other challenges. I dunno..

SO... what do you think? I didnt see any threads like this, and if there are feel free to delete this and i apologize

Red Dead DLC / which zombie type do you hate the most?
« on: October 31, 2010, 06:39:53 PM »
not hate as in 'a totally useless zombie and shouldnt be in the game' but hate as in 'super frusterating and annoying yet makes the game exciting" hope that makes sense!

for me its the damn bruisers. always, always, always when im running away or shooting they run up and knock me down. All the other zombies take advantage of this and just pile up on me lol.

Red Dead DLC / Abigail's Grave
« on: October 29, 2010, 05:00:33 PM »
So i was exploring beecher's hope trying to find the real ending and i stumblE onto john's grave. But its only his grave there. Abigail's isnt there. So where is she? She with jack? are they in the game still? I dunno.. i just thought i'd bring this up. sorry if this is a pointless thread lol i just thought it was interesting.

freak im so mad right now. im playing undead overrun and this freakin posse is killing me for no damn reason! I didnt do ANYTHING and there all saying "dont revive that guy he's a f**** and shit like that" its pissing me off so much so im just politly asking them through messages what there deal is. no answers yet. i've muted them because i dont want to here their bitching. its just.. ugg.

has this happened to anyone yet? i really want to post there names here but i'd feel thats rude..

Red Dead DLC / Undead Nightmare. Billy goats
« on: October 27, 2010, 10:37:47 AM »
As i roam around doing quests for the new undead nightmare pack i notice there are alot more goats then usual. and there everywhere! plus they dont look like the normal goats you see in chuparosa or the big horn sheep. what i think is that this may be a reference to the devil or something because the devil is often associated and depicted as goat like right?

what do you guys think?

edit: i should probably specify what i mean by they look different. there horns are alot curvier and longer and they have longish beards.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Expert targeting
« on: October 22, 2010, 11:19:09 AM »
so im trying out expert targeting and decided to go to hardcore freeroam to test my skills. i did alright. i was slow but i was ok. im not the best and i still need alot of practice. especially for PvP stuff. killing a player in expert is different from killing an NPC. during my hardcore ride i manage to kill one player but thats it.

do you guys have any tips on how to use the expert targeting? i could really use em and i want to get better at it.

Multiplayer General Discussion / Epic Battles
« on: October 17, 2010, 10:23:26 PM »
This is my first time posting here so i hope im well recieved! Im not sure, but am i allowed to post stuff about multiplayer here?

Anyways today i was down at beecher's hope on multiplayer of course and i broke into john marston's house and was just chilling out there. I leave the controller for a few minutes then come back and find a whole posse consisting of four guys (all with their mics on) surrounding the house trying to get in. I left them alone (i only shoot pple who shoot me) and just watched them try to get in the house. They soon through dynamite through the window and i was a little too close and, well, i died. i figured they did it on accident so once i respawned i ran back to the house and tried to get in.. but.. well they dilebretly shot at me with that cheap ass high powered pistol.. I kept trying to come back, trying to have fun with them (i didnt shoot at them once. i wanted to get on their good side and have fun!) and they kept insulting me and shooting. so i gave up and decided to go, sending a not to the leader saying "i was there first, and i wasnt shooting you, but w/e.."

now i could've gone to another session but i admit i was curious to see if they would follow me.. and they did. this time i was at blackwater in the bank. they come in saying "hey u dumbass this is ours too" and shoot me.. i then got fed up with them. im too stubborn to go to another session so i stayed and joined up with a posse to do some gang hideouts in mexico. for a while we had fun i even became friends with the posse leader and we talked. then we moved on to some hideouts in america.. we went to solomon's folly. right when we were about to beat it the jackass gang from before followed me and starting shooting at my gang. they were yellin insults and stuff. my friend the posse leader also had a mic and he was confused and i told him they were following me. So we then decided to have a big battle on Rio Bravo.
I have to say.. WE KICKED THEIR ASSES.
srsly, i use the expert targetting mode sometimes and i decided to use it on these jackasses to show how much better i was. I kept headshotting the one who was insulting me the most. in the end i killed him about 6 or even 8 times (expert targetting, springfield and bolt action rifle) and he killed me 3 times (normal targetting i assume and a high powered pistol)
so i was pretty satisfied with my revenge on them! trust me they we're being pretty terrible

So guys do you guys have any interesting, satisfying posse battle stories?

sorry for it being TL;DR..

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