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Posse Recruitment: Xbox 360 / AMERICAN ARMY 23rd BRIGADE
« on: July 12, 2011, 08:37:26 AM »
[/b]I am making a new clan called the 23rd Brigade of the american army u will go through your basic traing which will let me know if you can be in the clan. then once passes basic training you will pick a positiin in the army, the possitions are Infantry,calvenry,recon and specialist. (specialist is learning how to lead you must be a seargeant before you can uphold this job in the army.          the ranks are  NCO- private-private first class- lance corpral
-corpral-sargeant-staff sargeant-sargeant mayjor. officers- lutenant -conol-curmal-mayjor-cheif-master cheif- geaneral.                                      

do not replie to this post send me a message my GT is Q DANC3

rules and conduct
1. do not kill any team mates or civilains
2.respect each other as you are expected (read below)
4.obay the higher rank that your self
5.have fun as this clans job is for u to have fun

you are expected to get in parade properly. use equipment u are asked.  do all tests and training procedures. when you have passed basic training u will then train to do your job.   send msg if u wnt to join and you have to be over rank 20 before you can join.

send me a msg of your rank,specialtiy experaince and then you will have ti wait till 5 mins to 5 days to be taken through your basuc training.   our main objetive is protect the incocent and wipe out the outlaws gangs bullys and modders        

MSG ME ON     Q DANC3         thank you

Posse Recruitment: Xbox 360 / RE: Read Dead US Army
« on: July 12, 2011, 08:20:43 AM »
Quote from: 'Dizzletron' pid='422289' dateline='1309749761'


Who is a part of Read Dead US Army?

General of Army - RunicIneuz
General - Dizzleron
Lt General - VikingsFan16
Major General - Stokes420
Brig General - defiantdiaz777
Colonel - Beaver602
Lt Colonel - DerpLlamas
Major -
First Lt
Second Lt
Soldier - Bigmorroco
Soldier - xASKxFTWx
Soldier - Brashars
List incomplete/unfinished.

Are there any rules or restrictions to being in your Platoon?

-We do not kill other platoon members or members of the platoon’s alliance
-We do not attack other players unless attacked first
-We do not use any sort of mods or glitches to enchance our gaming experience
-All high ranking officials must have their golden guns complete, as well as have the Super Black Bull
-All members must wear American Amry apparel and also must change their XBOX motto (see Generals for details)
-We have a lot of fun, so haters need not apply

Okay, I’m convinced! Where do I apply?

If you send a friend request to either of the Generals or send an e-mail to our facebook group!

Gamertag - Q DANC3
Age - 15
Residence - scotland
Favorite Gun - rolling block rifle  bolt action rifle
Any prior experience in clans - had 3 clans been in 2
How often are you online - all the time
Do you have room to add 10+ players - yes
How you heard about Read Dead US Army - red fourm
What kind of online play you would like to do most -
dont know

Any other notes you may incldue:

Please add any other information you would like for us to know about you!

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