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Site Suggestions & Bug Reports / GTA V Online (IMPORTANT)
« on: November 12, 2013, 04:15:09 PM »
Hello Rockstar, I hope you give this information to yours coworkers of Gta V because this is important, the Gta V is perfect in the individually mode, but the Gta V needs important improvements in the online mode. The main problem with the online mode is when you start a match, mostly nobody is joined, waiting a lot  with the auto-invite for nothing (too boring and I have a normal internet connection) even that happens often with the best matches and all because the Gta V can not FUSE MATCHES, the Gta V needs to fuse matches like the Call Of Duty game does it very well, also in that video game is possible to join and play instantly in all started matches and it has host migrations to avoid stop a started match, no wonder that the Call O. D. is right now one of the best online games. A online game is online only when it gets fastly connection with others public users. Secondly it is not necessary to have a "host user" controlling a public match setting the time, weather and others unessential things, all settings of ALL PUBLIC MATCHES MUST BE AUTOMATICALLY CONFIGURED BY ROCKSTAR, 10 min is ideal to play a match and the weather can be random. Third, organization, the funniest online modes must be in the first positions, and is really necessary to put back the mode called "POLICE AND CROOKS", this mode have a great potential to be even the best online mode, the mode of police and crooks has a lot of game you can do the target of the police catch the crooks and for each catch the police can get new powerful weapons or vehicles as bonus, and the same for the crooked if they get escape of the police. I hope you use this information to add the mergers of matches improving so the online mode to release a new and successful update.

All users that are agree to improve the online mode, please do a new post asking about fuse matches, so Rockstar will listen us and they will improve it.

This was the opinion of a prodigy 3d animator. Thanks for listen, goodbye.

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