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The bounties will start to repeat after you beat the game... so if you completed them all, they will show up when you beat it... as "????" mark bounties...

Entertainment: Movies, TV, Music, Sports / WORLD CUP!!!!!!!
« on: June 03, 2010, 09:57:35 PM »
I bleed orange! Lets go dutch!

I am from england/holland... So I will support both teams, but I am rooting for holland over anyone else!

Who is your team? How excited are you?

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Quote from: 'PrivateJoker IV' pid='36977' dateline='1274398317'

I have almost every animal on the list besides a bat and a seagull. I have over 30+ animals and im going crazy trying to find the ones that i dont have yet.

My mistake on previous post. They are just called buffalo.

Seagulls are found at blackwater down by the pier on the east mostly during the day and there are 100% definetely no bats.

Thanks for the help guys I got 100% in 1 day 7 hours =)

There are bats mate, they are just not needed for the trophy...

Ive killed them, so have others.

Not sure, might as well try it... and see.

It might be that it counts the outfit percentage, only when they are all done.

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Quote from: 'MrMcFlurgan' pid='64054' dateline='1275525491'

In-game press start, go to stats and it's at the bottom of the score section. You need 8 in New Austin, 8 in Neuvo Pariso and 4 in West Elizabeth.

I have gotten all locations in New Austin and West Elizabeth.  I have 7 of 8 in Mexico.  However, for *seven* straight times I have been given a bounty in the same location: Barranca.  I am beginning to think that something is gliched.  Hopefully, waiting to do this later will get me a different result.  I would hate it if one location were to keep me from 100% completion.  But right now I have done everything else but complete the story line.

You have to complete the game before bounties repeat them selves...

So you have probably missed that bounty location (like started it, and not finished it, or died or something)... So you wont be able to try it again, until you complete the game :D

Updated the GUIDE!

Added a "Commonly Missed Things" section.
Quote from: 'Nedy08' pid='63918' dateline='1275520183'

Would anyone mind telling me which locations these are because nothing happens when I put the cursor over it...
(Image removed from quote.)

Lol, I also do not get anything when I highlight those 3 posters.

Check your stats, how many locations do you have in each section?

Quote from: 'Melonhead' pid='62800' dateline='1275488384'

there are more then 9 in game outfits
Shoot them both for being more twisted then a pretzel
Does anyone know the other 4 challenges?
Other then:
may take much longer then a mission
But yeah, other then that

You should learn the difference ScarletLady.

"THEN and THAN: not the same." is not a complete sentence...

So were even. I could care less about grammar, if enough people get annoyed with a small "a" or "e" being in the wrong spot, then I guess I can ask my editor to fix it. But I would rather focus on completing the guide.

Yeah man :D

No problem, that is a commonly missed one haha

Quote from: 'Alekz'lo' pid='62047' dateline='1275443523'

Quote from: 'Lycan' pid='62029' dateline='1275442760'

I don't know if this has been confirmed yet, but the last bounties I'm getting for Nuevo Paraiso are counting toward the 100%, and they are all "?" faces.

Yeah I think it's the locations that are important. I did all the Nuevo Paraiso bounties today, most were known criminals but I also had 2 ? bounties that did count towards my 100% Plus I had to capture Ramrio De la Torre a second time half an hour after the first time in another location. Pfft, Mexican prisons...

Yep, exactly :D

Its confirmed that all you need is the locations, ill try to make it more clear in the guide, so people don't get confused

Quote from: 'MrMcFlurgan' pid='62036' dateline='1275443173'

Just wondering. Do you need to just do 8 total in New Austin no matter where you are or is there set locations you have to go to? Or can you just do 8 in Armadillo then another 8 in Escalera and then 4 in Blackwater?

Its not about how many you do, its about doing every single place that a bounty could show up...

So if your stat has 8 bounty locations done in new austin, then you are done with bounties there. I am pretty sure you DO need to do ones in both parts of new Austin...

Quote from: 'Lycan' pid='62029' dateline='1275442760'

I don't know if this has been confirmed yet, but the last bounties I'm getting for Nuevo Paraiso are counting toward the 100%, and they are all "?" faces.

Yeah :D

Pretty confusing for most people, but all you need are locations, not names, so you are correct.

Quote from: 'XxSKELETOxX' pid='60354' dateline='1275378705'

Found a few minor spelling errors in the OP:
[align=center]"Guide to 100%" Section[/align]
[align=center]- (Under "Jobs" Subsection) MacFarlane not 'Mc Farlen' , Chuparosa not 'Chuporosa'
- (Under "Player's Houses" Subsection) Rathskeller not 'Rathskellar'
- (Under "Stranger Missions" Subsection) Gaptooth Breach not 'Gaptooth Breech'
- (Under "Survivalist Challenges" Subsection) Wild Feverfew not 'Wild Feverlow'
- (Under "Rare Weapons" Subsection) Escalera not 'Escalara'[/align]

Very minor mistakes, I know, but I'm just trying to help make this guide perfect :blush:

***I'll update this post in the future***

Added you to thank you list, and made the changes :D

Congrats mate :D

You guys would be surprised at how low my percentage is, haha...

General discussion / RE: Favorite Custom Songs While Playing
« on: June 01, 2010, 08:35:43 PM »
Accidentally choose

"Ambitionz of a Rida"
by 2pac...

And it actually went amazing well with the game, and it sounded like pac was rapping about my playing... It was the gangster theme song to this game haha

Sorry if this is common knowledge... but everyone knows that for "friends in high places" your bounty does not go away if you die right?

I saw a few people had trouble with the trophy... And I got all the way to 10,000$ and died, and thought I lost it (was being to cocky) and it all stayed there...

Just making sure every knows, though i am sure most people who played an evil career in the game, know this all ready, sort of makes the whole "biggest bounty" thing pointless, cause all you gotta do is never pay off your bounty...

Quote from: 'mtwr24' pid='60891' dateline='1275405888'

Wondering if anyone can suggest anything I'm missing/may have done incorrectly.

I have done all 57 missions, all 18(19) stranger missions, completed all challenges, won every minigame (-$760ish overall on gamling though), all 5 rare weapons, all hideouts, all bounty locations and Ive captured all of them, all 7 hideouts, all outfits except the 100% completion reward and I have completed 5 job locations.

That has left me at 99.5% complete. Unless I'm being very stupid here I should have 100%, no? I can not for the life of me figure out what I am missing. It's incredibly frustrating, if anyone can see what I've missed please put me out of  my misery and point it out!


Are you on a ps3? If so there are 8 hideouts for you to do for 100% completion. Not sure which ones you have done, but the extra one on ps3 is Solomons folly

Quote from: 'theycallmejohn' pid='61387' dateline='1275421563'

just wondering, is the walton gangs outfit not necessary then? it's not on the list.

Not 100%, but I don't think it is needed... It was the first outfit I went out to get, so I dont remember if it increased percentage or not...

It would be for ps3 only of course tho

haha, ill try to fix those tomorrow mate :D

Off to bed now :)

GOT a 10,000$ bounty pardoned in one life! fun times... like 3 hours of stake out

Quote from: 'KommandantKerr' pid='56324' dateline='1275187468'

Not sure if this matters, but in the 100% Game Completion Check List it states buy all horse deeds. They didn't put my game % up, making them rather irrelevant. Not sure if they're there for the guide, or just because you want them there; but they don't increase game percent. At least, they didn't for me.

As for the mini games, I believe you NEED to win at them all anyway; I'm sure each outfit requires you to win a mini game, or do a job. I personally got my 100% this way.

For example, the US Army Outfit took forever since you had to WIN at Poker, by making the other players go bust. That is winning.

Blackjack you just have to make a profit. Win the first hand, then quit.

Five Finger Fillet, just bet the lowest each time and then beat ALL the players until you stand up and leave yourself (do not quit!)

Arm Wrestling, again just beat everyone and don't quit.

Liars Dice you need to bet an "ante" and then beat the player(s), if you make a profit by winning, this will count towards the completion stat. Otherwise you got to keep trying.

Horse shoes is the same as above, just bet as low as you can (makes it easy) and then you can win.

That clears up the mini games a bit better, hope it helps.

House deeds :)

Not horse deeds :)

Gameplay / RE: Stuck at 98.2% completed
« on: May 29, 2010, 07:26:43 PM »
You can click the guide in my sig for a complete list and any help you need

Gameplay / RE: X-Files: Red Dead Redemption
« on: May 29, 2010, 06:16:59 PM »
I just have to say...

If there was a house or ranch, called the Peacock ranch...

I would quit this game for ever...

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