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Author Topic: Knights of the West - PS3 Gang *RECRUITING*  (Read 674 times)

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Knights of the West - PS3 Gang *RECRUITING*
« on: October 05, 2013, 05:31:10 PM »
We are a small gang created for one purpose. Bringing chaos to land of the Red Dead Redemption! The gang is open for recruitement for every PSN member out there who wants to join our spectacular gang! We usually hang out around Tall Trees/Cochinay because its a highly populated area with savaged animals.
- Must me at least 12+ years old. For a lot of reasons. (Including squeakers)
- Must know how to work together as a team.
- Must have a PS3 (I dont have an X-Sh1t 360 so dont even ask)
- Need to speak English, Greek and Portugese-Brazil (Any other language is not accepted because i just know these three)
Co-operating Skills:
Stealth Skills:
General Skills:
Hunting Skills:
Favourite Weapon:
Play Time per day:
- Free Roaming (Most Common)
- Hunting
- Free for All
- Having Gang Wars
- Fighting the law
Advantages of Joining
- We can train you to become a better gunslinger.
- We can train you at throwing explosives.
- We can train you at hunting.
- More things (Feel free to suggest me some things that i may be able to help you with)
- We don't shoot at gang/posse members!
- We don't shoot at members' mounts!
- Have no mercy on attackers/enemy gangs!
- Racism is highly prohibited!
- Have fun!
Gang Media

None yet :/ sorry!

If i missed some important information, please let me know!
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